When Is The Best Time To Start Dreaming Big?

The journey into greatness starts with the first, or an initial stage that determines what you want in life. The thought about your later life, what yo want at the appropriate time and when you wish for it to happen will definitely be your values that should be exploited fully for your dreams to be realized. The thought about tomorrow should always be your driving force. The moment you start dreaming of something means you are ready to make things change in your life. Now, nothing should deter you from becoming who you want to be.

The fear of dreaming big is what brings people down and beyond chance of them coming back to reality of life.Those people who fear being different from what they are ends up being who they are now ten years later. No change,no nothing except their aging facial and physical reality. This is not good because life itself is a challenge that needs constant decisions, constant ideas for later years and making up great fights just to accomplish this.

In every second that passes on, life ticks closer to its terminus. The secret about life realizing what you want and making plans necessary to accomplish it. There is no short cut that can make someone great. Just a putting in a good fight, having relentless war against yourself and creating chances for the better good is all you need. Remember, these endeavors are all you need to make your life roll into the right direction. The more effort you put in, the higher the chances of reaching for your next target.

It is good to put up a good fight for things that makes you great. There is no perfect time for you to start dreaming, to start looking for that next catch, to start an advantage that will end with you being a victor in that symbolic war. You know what? It feels great to build something for yourself, by yourself. Oops! This is why dreaming is the best thing to do in life.


Dreams, How Valid Are They?

A dream can be described as a series of happenings in anyone’s mind that take place when one is sleeping. I have heard people saying that no normal person can experience a dream till it’s finished since it so happens that one will always wake up when a dream is halfway. Nobody knows how true that is. There are people who claim if they dream that may be one was in attendance in a funeral, this becomes in real as they receive a message of a relatives death. Such people thus believe that sometimes a dream comes to prepare someone concerning a future happening.

Other people believe that there are dreams that act like a premonition of one’s life in future. I remember like this friend of mine who once told me that he dreamt of his life being in marriage with a certain lady whose and they both had a baby boy together. He also said that in the dream, he got to know the names of his wife and the son. He said that the dream was of significance to him because his life turned to be the same as he had dreamt of.

A dream can also be described as an ambition. It’s obvious to hear many students at school sharing about their dream jobs like robotics jobs or occupations that they would wish to venture in, in their future.But then most of us do use the term ’dream’ regularly like anyone can talk of the dream house or more so the dream car and so will definitely work to make it happen in real.

When someone is told that their dreams are valid to mean that it may after all be logically possible. So if a dream can really come to be in real then this is where we talk of achievements or rather a dream come true.

Chasing Shadows

He kept up chasing after me as if he and I were having something in common. Believe it not, we were from different worlds, with different ideas in life and without usual link or any attraction.

Personally, I like going marathon but as for him, I never knew how long he could go. Therefore, my pace was right, my energy was on constant drain, and my mind was focused on the finish line. Anything that came along was just an addition of what I already had. I was just in my game!

Through mountainous routes and down the hills—- my chest cavity was well accustomed to that of treat. I felt nothing because that was just what I do best. Running was my game and nothing invigorated me more than consuming a distance on the road in that short time of even more.

Looking back, the person was sweating, and seemed to have had a hard time keeping in my pace. Roadwork was just not for him but he was working up his muscles too much.

I wondered why he had to punish himself for something he cannot do. Whether he was a good sprinter or a joker, one thing was certain; he was not good in marathon—just not his thing.

At the end of the race, I took what was truly mine from the beginning. As the crowd was celebrating for my victory, the person was having hard time breathing. In fact, he was being assisted to survive by wearing an oxygen mask.

Okay, this did not happen in real life but this short story has a meaning in people’s ways life. We have those people who are always moved by what other people do. They can go an extra mile to be just like someone else.

Business-wise we have these like dirty competitors whose only reason to enter in what you have invested your much of your effort is because they wanna take some of your customers or bring you down. Vision-less they maybe, from the beginning to their downfall—, they only believe in; if he can do it I can do it much better…. That is so wrong!

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