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domestic violence – Waflay Post
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Domestic violence on the increase, But why?

Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

Domestic violence on the rise, but why? Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

There has been confirmed reports that domestic violence in homes be it against men or women is on the rise.But the question that arises in such a scenario is;whatever is it that happened to the love that a couple once shared to being replaced by hatred.May be we can keep guessing the reasons behind domestic violence but a couple do not wake up one day and just start fighting but rather its something that gradually starts with minor arguments and eventually growing into the uncontrollable situations. If you or a loved one is in jail because of a domestic violence case, there is help available. The right domestic violence bail bonds company can help you get out from behind bars and able to better care for your own finances and life while awaiting trial. Work with Connecticut Bail Bonds for a superior bonding experience. You can read here about the bail for domestic violence in CT, Domestic violence cases are serious business in Connecticut and governed by a group of confusing laws also . If you or a beloved is thrown into jail on the grounds of violence , there might be bail charges as high as $50,000 attached to the charge. Paying the bail amount is usually the sole thanks to get out of jail without expecting the times or maybe weeks it can fancy bring the case to court. this is often why it’s so important to figure with a reputable bail agent in Connecticut. With the assistance of an honest team, you’ll get out of jail sooner and return to a more normal way of life while expecting trial.

Sometimes domestic violence may be instigated by either of the spouse or even interference by external forces.As it is the norm,a man is the head of the family and as such ought to be given the respect that he deserves and he should at the same time respect his wife.But should there arise a situation where there is no command as to who heads the family and in this case the wife steps into the shoes of her husband,then this may not end all.

Then it is important for couples to listen to one another.By this I mean anything pressing issue is well solved if they both talk about it and give suggestions on the way forward.But if either of the couple decides that his or her way is the best without giving room for other options,then this means he or she dictates things to be done on a way that may not be okay after all.

Then it’s not good to work on assumptions.For example a wife may happen to see her husband in the company of a female but this does not mean that she is his other woman.This is something that happens in most families yet someone has not even bothered to establish whether there is something going on between the two.

Do they even care?

Drunk Father

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just last week we were treated to the most inhuman acts as far as domestic violence is concerned. According to this couples neighbors, they were always arguing most of the times but nobody thought that anyone of them could choose death as a solution to their marital problems. So on this day, this woman pored paraffin on her sleeping husband, set him ablaze and then left after locking the bedroom door. Neighbors who heard children screaming for help that their father was burning managed to gain entry into the house. The couple’s two children were in the sitting room unharmed but their father was already dead. This woman died two days in hospital with reports that she had taken a lethal poison. Nobody wants to be trapped in jail. But when you don’t have a reliable and affordable solution for bail for domestic violence in CT, it may feel like you have no other choice. That’s why Connecticut Bail Bonds Group believes in fast service with a range of payment options that make it easier to cover costly bail expenses.

It is such an emotional torture to these kids who watched their father die and even more that they no longer have parents. Looking at this incident, one wonders what this woman thought to achieve by killing her husband and then taking her own life. I looked at the girl who is nine years of age with all the innocence may be even too young to comprehend anything.

Even if the woman is dead, I know most people who heard of this incident really branded her as the most evil woman with a very stony heart. May be her relationship with her husband was headed for the worst and she felt that saving the situation was impossible and she could not stomach failure was written all over for the two of them as a couple. Her actions are summarized of not even being a caring mother to her two children because did she even stop to think of them.

But then how many families does this sort of incident represent? There are others out there who do crazy things that make one wonder whether they really care about the welfare of the families. Let couples sort their differences in a sane manner

The Guy Just Ruined My Day…

First, I thought that the world was messing around with my tiny piece that I call life. But the far I went, the more I came to realize that, it was not only me who had no idea why things seemed so complicated today. It was all about tipsy ‘nipsy’ of a fine day, the long strand of unwanted ideas that make life more politically interesting.

The word, dream, is a fine term that means the mind is operational and ready to jump into an action. But when the brain runs head on with an unwanted idea, it goes in the state of confusion and wanting a pace to breath. ‘

Oops! This was the state I was experiencing today because someone implanted a wrong idea in my mind.

I was watching someone play his politics to the crowd that was actually very cheerful… chanting his name and whistling, confirming that he was the leader they were ready to follow in the next generation of choices.

But he said something that got everyone flat into their mind. He said that for a man to remain on top of everything in his house hold, he must flex up his muscles very often. Let someone cry to show the world that you are the man. To my surprise, he was referring to domestic violence, to either children of wife. Oops! He messed up my lovely day. The fine day just sprung into the torrents of flooding waters and away it went.

He is a man who likes being on top! And just as he said, he swims in his family like a wild shark ready to devour someone who happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

I wonder why someone would advocate for domestic violence as the only way to be the man he wants to be. I hate such lot and this is why I mad at this day… the day that started so fine turning ugly as time goes.

Why We Still Have Domestic Violence In This Era

The main reason why domestic violence is rampant in the society is because people have refused to use their brains in solving domestic issues.

Human brain performs well if someone directs it to do the best for the sake of better good. However, it might turn to be the beast if the user has no control over what it thinks, sends and decides.

Most domestic violence could have been prevented if the parties involved chose to use God’s gift— brains— instead of going physical in matters so small for someone to get hurt.

Sometimes, domestic violence  comes as a result of one party not being a little bit understanding. In this case one persons wants to go the easy way to solve the problem while another person is pushing for a fight. At the end someone gets hurt in that process.

In other families, we have those who believe that a man should always have a say and hits way is a family way. It is sad that the man might be in the wrong, but because he wants to show the world that he is the head of the house, he raises his hand on an innocent woman or child. Such kinds of people are the foolish lot that should be educated on how to handle domestic issues.

Violence against children something that he society sometimes call, DISCIPLINE… this make it harder to determine whether it is true that a child should undergo punishment in order to make him or her understand something much better. Caning is the most abused practice in the society— with some school using it as part of disciplinary measures or to make a point sink in the mind of students and pupils.

Domestic violence should be  a thing of the past in the current century. One wonders why people still use violence in a family setting when education is effective enough to make someone change his way of thinking.

I hate evil.

Why Men Suffer Silently In Domestic Violence

Is it true that men are the most affected people as far as domestic violence is concerned? The fact that most men do not speak out easily about there predicament, makes this cases go silent as the victims suffer the consequences.

In one video, I happened to see public reaction when a man is seen abusing his lover in the public and  vice versa. In the first video, people reacted quickly when a man was a victim but in the second part of it people just kept watching as the man was being rundown by the female lover. In conclusion, it was confirmed that men have nowhere to run when experiencing domestic violence. This makes them more vulnerable because no one believes that it— even in real life.

Watch the video here….. Would you stop domestic violence? 

In Kenya, abused men have there own organization but still many cases go unreported unless they are highlighted in national media.

Why men do no speak out,

The main reason why men do not have a say about domestic violence is the fact that this action could make them lesser men.

The society requires men to be strong and be the protectors of the family, but if a woman assaults a man, it becomes obvious that he is not a man enough. The sad part is that he might lose a face in the community.

For example, in Western Kenya, a man who undergoes domestic violence is not allowed to speak on behalf of a group of people or to engage in community discussion. This shame can follow him in his entire life unless he finds a way to deal with it.

In other communities in Kenya, bartered men are banished from the society, others called demeaning names whenever they go… this has made it so difficult for men to face the reality and speak out about it.

We live in a society that makes inferior men look unfit to live a happy life. If we advocate for change, then we should base our minds on this reality—Men suffer from domestic violence but we should be ready to accept them, as they are part of the society.