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Death – Page 3 – Waflay Post
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Hacked to death for unconfirmed allegations of being a devil worshipper member

The old man in his late 60s broke down uncontrollably as he gave out a testimony of how his wife was hacked to death on suspicions of being a devil worshiper. He could freshly remember like it was yesterday and coming into terms with her demise was proving to be too hard for him. The old man accompanied by his two daughters and a son-in-law were in a forum to share an incident that happened to them as a family. This is what happened; His wife and one of his daughters present were suspected by fellow villagers of being behind the sickness of the daughter of one of the villagers. According to them the constant convulsions that the girl was experiencing was due to the satanic activities of two. Then his daughter’s first born girl was a friend to the sick girl.

So one Sunday when they were in church the said girl passed out and was hurriedly taken to his daughter who was asked to walk out of the church as tension among the faithful was building up. Then a friend accompanied her home and advised her to run off to her parent’s home as there were plans to attack her anytime. She did as she was told but the said attackers who were her fellow villagers followed her to the parent’s home baying for her blood but she was saved from their wrath by the police. Though everything cooled own, she left the village and joined her husband in town for fear of being attacked in future.

After about 3 weeks the same villagers regrouped and at about mid night went to his daughter’s homestead and torched their entire house. Then they went ahead to her parent’s home where they took her mother and took her father hostage leading him away from home. Efforts for the families to get help from the police failed and her mother was hacked to death and their house set ablaze for being suspected of being a devil worshiper yet there was no evidence but only misplaced rumors.3 years had passed since the ugly incident yet the family had not got justice for the murder of the wife/mother even after having endless trips to the concerned authorities.

So they wanted to relieve their bleeding heart for all those years, and then get answers why the murder yet no had even come out to accuse her. Her daughter greatly regretted that she would have saved her mother if she had known she was exposed to any threat since all through all the loath was directed to her but not the mother. All this was in the national radio and the family agreed to forgive those who killed the beloved mother/mother but only if they came forward and asked for forgiveness. The old man with a heavy heart said that there is no way to repay for the love of life and it was hurting that he could even recognize the culprits.

What Else After Death?

Polski: Fiołek ogrodowy

violets  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By the time you bid bye-bye to this world, what do you want the remaining earthlings to remember about you? Where I come from, I should say, the most stupid thing people do is to eulogize education and other unimportant stuff.

Personally, I would prefer something written about my achievements on earth. Talk about change I initiated and became a success story. “All these are vanity,” the bible says this about riches and educations in human life.

Why do humans value things that are not that important, as a legacy, to the departed person? Not many people like being associated with ‘little’ society right! But is it worth it to say all about education achievements and at the end say nothing what he or she did for the society. How many people he or she assisted into dreams come true and why the person will be missed in the society.

We fail to see the reality about life! For many of us, life is just a gift given to us as an experiment purpose. We see it as a way to move comfortable life, after this life. That is why we have regions whose solo responsibility it to try to make change in people’s way of life. The promise of eternal happiness serves as the only way to create a room in hearts that can’t be changed easily. That is, we have people who are ready to do terrible things. To put them under control, the religious teachings helps them realize what they will miss if they go by their desires.

In my lifetime on earth, I have only heard one account where a negative eulogy was read before the people. This was necessary because it acted as a warning to others who had desire to pick up from where the deceased had left.

In my opinion, a legacy should be something positive that remains behind after someone has passed on. We do not have to value personal achievements that add nothing to the society as whole.

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How Insecurity In Kenya is Partly Linked with Corruption

The ‘time to run’ has nothing to do with the circumstances behind the actual action-running, but is has something to do with what we missed or a failed action, a warning sign that we ignored before becoming too hard for us to handle, that is when we have to run; either to save time, or away from danger.

Likewise, we have other issues that haunt our lives because of failure to take care of them during there initial stage. We all know that in every action, there is always a reaction part of it, which we have to deal with before recording a positive progress.

In Kenya, things are not good security wise because we knew we have a problem with corruption but we did not take necessary measures to curb this vice that is now haunting us dearly. In fact, we can’t win war against terror if our own people are helping the enemy gain on our weaknesses.

When Kenya started an incursion in Somalia, the enemy of peace- Al-Shabaab terrorists- vowed to take their war into our country. Obviously, we brushed off those threats believing that we are capable of handling the running Al-queda affiliates based in the war torn country, Somalia. But now, we feel vulnerable because those threats have become the reality.

Does this mean we are unable to handle our own security for our people? I guess not. But the fact that we are still nchi ya kitu kidogo (a nation of something small) we have a long way to go.

Recently, intelligence reports said that six Kenya police officers received bribes to allow suspected Somalia militants to cross into the country. Furthermore, the al-shabaab terrorists are carrying out deadly attacks very often that citizens have started to question the government why the assailants have not been arrested or killed.

The group is said to be moving a lot of its fighters and weapons along Kenya-Somalia border to wage an unending war with Kenya. What I fear the most are the corrupt officers who are busy collecting bribes from al-shabaab to let them access the country at their will.

So sad that we are now running instead of fighting these vicious animals. We made one mistake! We let corruption take control of our lives, now we are paying for it.




When The Dead Has a Say During Transportation and Burial

When one is dead it’s obvious that those left are responsible in the preparations of the dead for their final resting point.It may be up to the expectations of the relatives and friends the send off ceremony to go through as planned but there unique incidents whereby hitches will occur. Such incidents occur when the corpse is being ferried home for burial.

There is this one incident whereby the relative claimed that the deceased had refused to go home to be buried.This is something unusual as the vehicle that was carrying the deceased developed some mechanical problems despite being initially in good condition.The journey resumed after the relatives pleaded with the corpse.

But there are reports whereby the corpse won’t heed to their pleas and so what they do is confusing the corpse by turning the coffin and thus making it believe that it’s being taken back into the initial location and the rest of the journey goes uninterrupted.

Another incident is whereby a corpse that was safely tied to the vehicle’s carrier and the coffin fell off facing the opposite direction from that of the destination.In this case,an older man intervened where he talked something to the corpse and then saying a short prayer.

I don’t how all this is true but there reasons that are given for the behavior of the corpse.Some say that there may be someone who had wronged the deceased long before death and his/her presence in the entourage provokes the corpse.And so since the deceased is unhappy no wonder the turn of events to sabotage the final journey.

May be there is something to all this or may be just theories that people want to believe in.Whatever the case the most important thing is for the relatives and friends to be able to bury their loved ones in peace.


Seeking For The Truth Behind Senetor Otieno Kajwang’s Death

seeking the truth

seeking the truth

The cause of Homabay Senator, Otieno Kajwang’s death is a hot topic that most of us are dying to get into the bottom line -truth and nothing other. But as we understand, main stream  media houses are also scrambling for any news worthy information to report to the general public.

As we keep listening to ‘hullabaloo’ surrounding the Senator’s demise, let us start pinning some part that might -at the end- give us a clue about the the whole issue.

Starting from the long forgotten history; the Cabinet of then President Mwai Kibaki of Kenya formed a committee to foresee the conduct of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in Kenya- The Cabinet Sub-committee On ICC.

The six member committee comprised of  the late Hon. Pro. George Saitoti, who died in a plane crash, late Hon. Mutula Kilonzo who died mysteriously in his home and Hon. Moses Wetangula -now a close ally of former Prime minister  Raila Odinga- from the Party Of Nation Unity (PNU). Others included the late Hon. Otieno Kajwang’, Hon. James Orengo and Hon. Amason Kingi from the Orange Demogratic (ODM) Party.

It is sad to say that three of the members in that committee are dead. And worse, all of them facing the same fate -questionable death. Yep! You have a rigt to smell something fishy, but do not jump into conclusions, sometimes things like these happens for a reason. Let us wait for God’s hand in discerning the hidden truth!

According to media reports, the late Homabay senator, Otieno Kajwang’ died of heart attack. However,other local media houses reported that he succumbed to cardiac arrest. These are two different heart conditions. Something that leaves a question, where is the truth?

By now the truth about his death is not yet known. It is not even clear for how long he had been suffering from heart related complications or whether he picked his death from the last moments in his journey fro departure from earth. We only have to rely on what is already on the table- the humorous ‘Bado Mapambano’ composer is no more among us. So sad that we have to accept this fact and move on…