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Death – Page 2 – Waflay Post
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An Appeal Against ICC Cases, Dusk To The Victims Of 2007 PEV

English: International Criminal Court (ICC) logo

 International Criminal Court (ICC) logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Starting today was when the Deputy President (DP) was scheduled to appeal against the case implicating him of crimes against humanity withdrawn, claiming absence of credible evidence really making him guilty. But then several governors, senators and Members of Parliament (MPs) had travelled hundreds of kilometers to show support for the DP in The Hague. Now that our dear politicians were showing solidarity to the accused DP, what about the victims; who is there for them?

Listening to a number of politicians who were interviewed airing their views, it was obvious PEV aftermath victims were out of the whole picture yet they bore the wrath of the disputed elections.

The politicians have always said that they have the Kenyans at heart but I only think they are there for the individualistic characteristic of the unfair political arena.

For someone to say that this court is not of the required standard for justice to prevail, one wonders whether they have an alternative court that can definitely pass their meaning of standards.

Another politician went ahead and compared the proceedings that this court has been behaving like those minor cases that are taken to a local chief. But I think that they ought to know better that with the power vested on this international court, its systems are well laid to deal with crimes that human rights are infringed.

Even as they say that those in charge of this court are only there to protect their salaried jobs, the best thing that they can do is to wait for the outcome of the appeal.

This court deserves to be respected and I know Kenyans are confident that no matter the hurdles that have been experienced since the case was opened, a fair judgment will still come to pass. The best thing so far is that no amount of political manipulations can interfere with the final decision of this court.

But why commit suicide?

Incidents of people committing suicide especially the youth have been happening at an alarming rate that makes one wonder the reason behind it and why anyone would wish to give himself or herself a sure death. They are those who leave a suicidal note but others just take their own lives not even leaving a clue as to why they came to such a decision. But whichever the case, the family is left agonizing as they try to come into terms with losing a loved one.

The questions arising from such situations are; did he or she had no one close to talk to if there was any problem? Or was taking his or her life a solution to anything? No answers can ever make anyone feel better that there was a reason why the deceased took his or her own life. But anyway death is something that we cannot all change.

So just yesterday, I heard a mother who was asking people to remember her and the family after the son had just committed suicide. But then just a few days ago, middle –aged man who had been a teacher in a certain school took his life by hanging and left a note and with instructions how his funeral should be conducted. He then gave the names of the chairman, the secretary and treasurer of his funeral arrangement committee.

According to his proposed chairman, they both had been long time friends with the deceased who had also given him the mobile phone number of his best man during his wedding with a message that he wanted to be relayed to him. The deceased also gave put the name of the pastor that he would prefer to conduct his funeral service. It was also the wish of the deceased to be buried before the New Year kicks in. In his note he urged them to keep time and continue living in peace.

It was an extra ordinary thing for anyone to leave behind well laid plans for his funeral but then the question still remains; why commit suicide?

Creepy News Before and After 2016

PVC tube with rat poison warning

PVC tube with rat poison warning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As everyone else was in celebration mood in my residential place, one family was mourning the sudden demise of one important family member. A lady in her youthful age passed on after an alleged suicide. According to one family member, she was well this morning and that she did all house chores before collapsing. She was rushed to a nearby hospital when she was confirmed dead.

People who had a nice chat with her this morning are still in shock, not believing that death could be such cruel. They are still wondering why she chose to end her life on the 1st day in the New Year, 2016.

There are speculations on ground that maybe she expected a lot to happen just at the beginning of 2016 but because the day was just like a previous routine, she called it quits.

Apparently, she consumed rat poison that ended her life journey on earth. The body was transported to the city morgue awaiting the final report from the government pathologist.

In another story, a man a father of two was found dead in his farm in Moran’ga county days before the New year 2016.

His suicide letter was in his coat pocket detailing why he had taken his life and how the family and friends should take care of his body.

According to the deceased’s brother, the victim had already arranged for his funerals and all the proceedings before his death. In that later, the man had insisted that his body should not stay passed 31st dec. 2015 and that there should be no eulogy in his funeral. And that his family should be peaceful with one another and avoid quarrels that might divide them.

The letter, however, could not tell the main reason why he chose his death. This only left some speculations that he was not happy with how his kins treated him for the whole time he was alive. Of course no could confirm this as the families and friend only said that the diseased was a quiet fellow who hardly divulged his plans to anyone. The body was laid to rest just the suicide letter dictated.

A Country Where Your name Identifies OR Betrays You

English: Head portrait of a Kuria woman from K...

Head portrait of a Kuria woman from Kenya. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have been talking loudly about how our leaders should in the forefront of shunning out tribalism so as to be able to move forward as a country as a whole. But even as we call ourselves the digital generation, this of course puts the social media users in the spotlight. I have seen this number of times where chatting in most forums depends on which tribe you are from to get some sort of support.

Politics is what brings about this issue of putting too much value on ones tribe whereby you comment on a certain maybe FB update differently from the rest from a certain tribe, you definitely get the ‘your name betrays you’. Now why do we allow such a vivid tribal thinking to overshadow our own self? So we only support something due to our tribal mentality not due to it being correct thing to do.

Remembering during the Post-Election Violence (PEV), there are incidents where children were attacked only due to belonging to a certain tribe. The other problem is our tribal blindness which makes us want to believe that our leaders should determine our stepping stones towards one another. But do the politicians live with our other brothers and sisters from different parents in other tribes in our residential estates? The answer is a simple ‘NO’, so the action starts with us as we interact with one another.

Let look at it this way; if you encounter any problem you will first go to your neighbor irrespective of his or her tribe because depending on your relationship, you know that you will surely get the assistance that you need.

Then for a wider audience, let those in the social media stop thinking in terms of tribe and let them fight to bring about a changed Kenya where everyone is proudly a Kenyan. This means we should see one another as one tribe Kenya. We should not also allow the politicians to manipulate us

Deaths that could have been stopped

Just the day before yesterday, two families were mourning the deaths of their children. It was alleged that the two children were in a group of others playing when they met their deaths. Although no one can question death when it comes calling, at times it becomes what if this was not there, that death could not have happened.

A member of the county government initiated the digging of deep trenches by excavators to prevent water from getting into people’s houses since we are now experiencing very heavy rains in most parts of the country. But then the deep trenches were just left open with no one seeming to take note of the dangers now that they were full with water.

So as the children were playing unaware of the danger that they were exposed to, the two children accidentally fell. Nobody was there to save them as even as the children ran home to report the incident, it was too late. A parent of one of the children though sad for the loss of his child said that it was a good thing to try and control the water but the project should have been completed. His only prayer was only for the open trenches to be taken care of to avoid any further deaths.

This is not the first times for such deaths to occur due to manmade factors but too bad that those concerned never learn from mistakes. With children they can even play with fire not even thinking what might be the result because it’s like they are always on experiments. Like for this case, the children had one thing to do and this was playing and there was no way they would have thought that it was dangerous to play in such an area. So where children are concerned, let the adults take charge otherwise regrets will always be there.