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Death – Waflay Post
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Is it a must for anyone to own a land?

Just a few days ago, it was there in the news of a young man who was injured by his uncle (his mother’s brother) with a hacksaw all due to a piece of land. According to this young man, there has been constant conflicts concerning this land which he claimed that his mother had bought from his grandfather (the mother’s father), something that was echoed by the area county commissioner.

So on the supposedly day of the attack he was heading home in the evening with his dog when he heard the dog scream. Before he could realize what was happening he saw his uncle armed with a hacksaw aiming for his neck but he was able to shield himself but was left with head injuries counting himself lucky from his uncle who was out on a mission to finish him since being the only child, he has been having the task of following up with this land, something which seemed to really have angered his uncle.

But this incident represents others out there because the truth is land has been the source of hatred for many families. But then people need to know that owning a land is good but it’s not mandatory because this is just an earthly ownership meant to just add more comfort in our lives. The sad part most people are ready to do anything even if it means killing just to have the land all to himself or herself.

It’s meaningless to put so much weight in owning a piece of land because in death nobody is buried with his or her land but what happens even if you own a land ,you will still die one day and leave it behind. So make your life better and that of others by living in an assumption life as far as land is concerned and you will surely have all the peace that you yearn to have.

Do they even care?

Drunk Father

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just last week we were treated to the most inhuman acts as far as domestic violence is concerned. According to this couples neighbors, they were always arguing most of the times but nobody thought that anyone of them could choose death as a solution to their marital problems. So on this day, this woman pored paraffin on her sleeping husband, set him ablaze and then left after locking the bedroom door. Neighbors who heard children screaming for help that their father was burning managed to gain entry into the house. The couple’s two children were in the sitting room unharmed but their father was already dead. This woman died two days in hospital with reports that she had taken a lethal poison. Nobody wants to be trapped in jail. But when you don’t have a reliable and affordable solution for bail for domestic violence in CT, it may feel like you have no other choice. That’s why Connecticut Bail Bonds Group believes in fast service with a range of payment options that make it easier to cover costly bail expenses.

It is such an emotional torture to these kids who watched their father die and even more that they no longer have parents. Looking at this incident, one wonders what this woman thought to achieve by killing her husband and then taking her own life. I looked at the girl who is nine years of age with all the innocence may be even too young to comprehend anything.

Even if the woman is dead, I know most people who heard of this incident really branded her as the most evil woman with a very stony heart. May be her relationship with her husband was headed for the worst and she felt that saving the situation was impossible and she could not stomach failure was written all over for the two of them as a couple. Her actions are summarized of not even being a caring mother to her two children because did she even stop to think of them.

But then how many families does this sort of incident represent? There are others out there who do crazy things that make one wonder whether they really care about the welfare of the families. Let couples sort their differences in a sane manner

Sometimes being able to deal with the loss of a loved one can be quite challenging

Most of us always liken death with a monster that comes to snatch away people that we love and at the same time in a mysterious way that no one can explain. Then when I was going about my online reading, I came across a lady lost her only son and coming up to terms with this painful loss was quite challenging to her. But I admired the strength in her to really open up and share her experience. She had a blog where she shared her life with her son and even after his demise.

It was a painful loss that marked the beginning of a difficult path for her but she didn’t allow this to make her go down. First she put it clear that no amount of consoling or comforting words can make anyone feel better when death comes striking. Even if you tell anyone that you can understand their pain yet you have never lost a child.

Then friends will even tell you that there are there for you and you can call them when you feel you need anything. But the truth is they will only stick around for a short time leaving you alone in this shadow of sorrow. She knew that she is the one who was experiencing the pain and so could not understand some people telling her that she would overcome the grief in no time. And for sure there are people who mourn such a loss for years and I think it’s unfair for anyone to think that you will definitely be able to go easily about it.

Its true death can destabilize anyone mentally and if not ready and strong on how to accept and move on, this can definitely negatively affect one’s life. You will mourn but not all the days of your life because it can be a bad moment in your life but you still have hopes of also having betters days.

Wrong Accusation For Causing Death

This man had been in pain and distress for close to ten years due to a misunderstanding in the family that led him and his brother not talking to one another for such a long period. He had a painful testimony that was evident at how he hesitated between his conversations. This is his testimony;

His brother’s son (nephew) came to him asking for help to start a butchery business and so he gladly accepted to give him the capital as he viewed him like his own blood child.

Since the butchery was not far from his home, the nephew one day brought some meat and requested his aunt(this man’s wife) to prepare some food that he would join them for dinner after the close of business. This man said he was not home at the time but came later in the evening and got to know about the planned dinner visit. So his nephew and a friend joined them about 7 P.M in the evening and since everything was set in the dining room, they sat down for the meal.

His nephew did all the serving and they really had a great evening, he and the friend bade them goodbye and went home. But the following day when he was at work and in a meeting, he got a call from his cousin that his nephew had been admitted to hospital and is in a serious condition. So he immediately dismissed the meeting and took a cab to the hospital where he found his brother and his wife. He got to know that his nephew was in the ICU in a bad shape and the reason for his condition was due to food poisoning. His then comment that he was with his nephew the previous night and enjoyed a meal and so he wondered where he could have eaten poisoned food.

His woos started right there since his brother’s wife pushed her husband aside, they mumbled something and walked away and from then they refused to talk to him again. So he had no option but to go home because he felt that he was unwanted. What’s more word went round that he had poisoned his nephew and so the villagers also rejected him and the worst of it all, the nephew passed on after two days and so he was immediately branded a murderer.

To date he still maintained that he was not responsible for the death of his brother’s son and he gave accounts that show his nephew still went out to unknown areas the day they had dinner together. According to the guard at the gate where he was living, he at first came, took a coat and then left. Then he came later in the night and since he was living in his aunt’s compound, his cousin revealed that he had heard him mixing something in a glass in his room. What’s more his brother’s son, he had approached his aunt and told her that they ought to forgive him for he had taken some poison.

With all these instances that show the young man may have been responsible for his death, it did not change anything in the way his brother’s family felt. Trying to talk to his brother bore no fruits for he said it still remained that he poisoned his son for being jealous of him for having many children, this man in this case has only one child, a son. It’s true that his brother’s saw the glass that the deceased may have used to take poison but they said it looked like he had mixed in it an egg maybe after feeling uncomfortable from the poison he may have been given and so the glass was thrown away in the pit latrine.

So this man took this opportunity to tell everyone including those in his village what may have happened and prove his innocence. He regrets that had that glass been taken for further analysis, may be this would have shed more light on this difficult incident. He was wanted to relieve pain that has been eating him for such a long time. This is a sad incident that only represents situations where innocent people may carry a cross that may not be theirs.

If Someone Resurrects From Death, What Could Be Your Reaction?

Once a member of our family is gone, it has never been anybody’s wish for him /her to resurrect because such a situation has never been heard and is even associated with the scary case of a ghost or even the devil exercising his evil powers. People would rather cry bitterly for his/her demise than be faced with this resurrection scenario even if they loved their own dearly.

It was in the print media of a man who disappeared about four years ago, and then his family got wind of his death and after confirming his identity buried him only for him to resurface seven days later armed with shopping as he came to visit the family. So those who came to his sight had no otherwise but to run away screaming in fear of having experienced the very rare incident of resurrection.

So in today’s radio forum, the listeners were put to task on their reactions if they came across such a scenario. Someone pointed out that if anyone of his dead family member resurrects, then he would never talk to him/her and would only be okay if he/she dies for real.

Then another listener said that people fear the issue of resurrection and remembers an incident in a funeral that he once attended. It so happened that a gazelle was passing in nearby bushes and on coming to the sight o many people, it started running and in the process hit the casket which in turn fell down. What followed were people running in all direction imagining that most o the people did not know why the casket actually fell down. So he went and said that one can only imagine what would have happened if the deceased just threw open the casket.

But then if people might have come cross incidents where the dead do resurrect, may be it would have been easier to accept everything.