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Daughter – Waflay Post
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A Play: Parents and Their Daughter With a Heated Argument

It is in the morning when this lady who has just completed her secondary education enters the house and finds her parents having their breakfast. Their daughter was furious about something that nobody knew about as she said that she no longer needed to be associated with any of her parents. She further added that she was considering scrapping off the name of her father from her national Identity card (I.D).

So her mother pleaded with the daughter not to talk bad of her father since he loved her but she cut her short and told the mother that she was also in the same boat with him to make her life miserable and unbearable. She could not listen to her mother and went discrediting their role of raising them up as their child. All hell broke loose after she said that she was leaving after feeding their crops to the animals and her mother filled with anger started beating her up. She screamed a little and then started laughing, which made them wonder if she was okay.

Then her grandfather heard a commotion and came in to see what was happening and the lady said that she has problems with her parents who do appreciate things she does and do not listen to her. As the old man tries to calm them down, her mother tells him to go try talking to her because it seems that they relate together too well. Then the old man tells to go and wait for him in his compound and she leaves shouting that he needs to talk to her parents whom she knows are up to no good.

So the old man tells them to be very careful when it comes to their daughter because they can lose her forever if she continues to feel unwanted. This play is a reflection of what transpires between parents and their children; it shows they should be ready to listen to one another.

A Play; Featuring a Father And His Daughter Who Is Seeking Help

ZIPFY - in action - father and daughter

ZIPFY – in action – father and daughter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So the daughter entered in the house and asked to talk to her father about an important issue. Out of curiosity, the father starts by guessing that maybe she has finally found a suitor, being the reason why she needed to discuss things with her father.

Then the father jokingly tells his daughter that maybe she was heavy with a child and he reassures her that he is there for her parental support including anything that she would feel that she needs.

But then his daughter tells him that he may be good at guessing and she would prefer to have them seated at which he obliges. Then she clears her throat as just about to say something but suddenly becomes hesitant and her father encourages her to speak up as he is all ears open.

So she starts by telling her father that she has finally decided to vie for a parliamentary seat come the next general election.

With opening remarks, the father tells her that being in the political arena calls for a lot of personal sacrifice and asks her if she is really ready to face hectic challenges that come.

The daughter on the other hand tells her father that she knows that she has what it takes to serve as a political leader. So she continues and tells her father that she is giving him the task of selling her political agenda to his old peers and she trusts that they will listen to him.

Her father gladly agrees to be her mouthpiece and then she tells him that she was meeting the county’s Women Representative to discuss something with her and would thus be on her way.

On reaching outside, she points to men standing a few meters away and informs her father that they were part of her security detail at which the father surprisingly tells her that he can already see that she is well prepared for the task ahead. He then bids her goodbye and wishes her well.

This play reflects our present actions towards our children and on whether we are ready to listen to them.

The pain of losing attachment with ones child

This woman was out to pour the bitterness of her heart something that has been a pain for the last nine years. According to her, she was taking care of her first-born daughter as it is the norm and pride of every mother. She took her through primary school education and proceeded taking her to a secondary school.

But after the completion of the second term in secondary school things took a new turn after the daughter’s aunt (the sister to her husband) came into the picture. This is due to the fact that the aunt without asking the parents took custody of the child and started taking care of the child’s needs even paying for her school fees.

Things went on well for the family even though their daughter moved on to live with her aunt. She then completed her secondary school education and proceeded on to the college level. Then after completion of the college, she got herself an attachment for the sake of the on job experience. All this while her daughter was okay with the arrangement and her family didn’t take notice any problem for the long that she was residing with the aunt.

Then her daughter approached her parents and told them that she was in the dating zone and as it was a healthy relationship, she was thinking of taking it to the next level and get married to her lover. But as it is the culture as per the community that the family belonged to ,her husband had to pay dowry to their daughter’s mother before they can allow the daughter to proceed on with the plans .This was not taken well by the girl’s aunt and an elder uncle who said that even though they are the girl’s parents, they have no business in her life since they have not been involved in her educating. Now what seemed to be a goodwill gesture on the side if the aunt now turned to be something with other motives.

Now this woman said that they are already pushing on with the wedding scheduled to take place on this coming Saturday yet she feels that she has been sidelined as the biological mother. What’s more hurting her husband’s family has been making comments that her daughter has other parents no wonder she was not invited for dowry negotiations and so she does not know anything about the family where her daughter is getting married.

So she said that she has no problem with the wedding pushing through but hoped that things ought to be done with some light on the issue. What’s more nobody ever approached them as her rightful parents and so they have been treated of people with no say for being poor. Let her husband’s family own up their mistake, and make sure that there are consultations because she is supposed to be happy for her daughter but not sad.

Respect For Women in The Society Starts in Her Family

Choosing: painting by first husband, George Fr...

Choosing: painting by first husband, George Frederic Watts, c. 1864 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Having a daughter is a blessing from God.

Women as whole should be respected because they are the source of life on earth. In fact, we should appreciate them for what they go through in their daily life just to bring continuity of life, give support, and be the leaders we wish to have in the man’s life.

I hate unfairness against women, and this goes to the parents who expect too much from their daughters. What I read in the news recently just shocked me. A thirteen-year-old mother of one was married off to her rapist because the parents thought it was wise for them to get wealth through her untimely marriage.

At thirteen, a girl should be in class getting educated on how to handle her future lifestyle. In fact, it is children’s’ rights to get education and parents or guardians have the responsibility to provide just that.

A girl married at that tender age is like sending her to her deathbed. Her young body is not yet ready for home responsibilities.

Good that she was saved from that marriage but what do we learn from this incident— one of the reported because the area chief was involved-. We find that some parents see their children only as a source of wealth and nothing more. It is sad that people who are doing this to their children are protected from the blind law by the communal beliefs and customs.

What about the dowry thing that runs in our societies? I heard a man say, ‘her suitor should pay for all damages she has caused in the family… if not, she will not get married.’

Okay, I do understand how hard it is to raise a girl in our current world. However, I must differ with this list of shame as a way of changing ‘ownership’ of a well-bred daughter during her dowry discussions.

The society needs to understand that a woman’s happiness is how she is treated by the society. If send off in the wrong way to her marriage, the now would parents expect her to be happy in her new home?

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Feeling Secure In Father’s Hand

father's baby

safe in his arms

This a story about a small little girl and her father who had gone for a walk as a way of passing time.They had walked for about half an hour when they reached a river that they were supposed to cross and it was the only route that they were supposed to use.This is because there was no other way that they could use instead.

But what’s more to cross the river,it was only through a trunk of tree that was put across.So the father asked the little girl to hold his hand so that they could cross safely together.The girl refused and told him that she couldn’t do that.The father insisted that it was the only way to be safe but the little girl was adamant that there was no way that she gonna do that.Her father stood there wondering why the little girl could not heed to his calls.

Then he sought to know the reason why the little girl was deviant about holding his hand but she told him that in this way she was not safe because anything can disrupt her and make her loose grip of his hand and fall into the river.She then told him that he is the one who is supposed to hold her hand because she knows that there is no way that he can loosen his grip no matter what.The girl felt that there was a difference between holding her father’s hand and having her father hold her hand.

This was a sigh of relief to the girl’s father who was running out of options to convince his daughter any further.So she felt more secure with her father’s firm grip and so as he held her hand they both safely crossed the river.

This story teaches us the security that is always associated with the father figure around just like the same way the  little girl trusted her father to secure her safety as they crossed the river.