Carrying The Blame Alone…

The burden seems so huge if not shared with a close person in your life. This is life! And this makes humans vulnerable to anything that comes their way. Things are not always smooth, especially when you like mingling with people from other sides of life.

While you are careful on how you conduct yourself, there are high chances that a problem will come for your when you least expect anything to turn your mind from constructive way of life.

When it happens, you know very well that you are good, innocent and deserves to free sail through, then what would be your nest obligation?

Here, you better be wise! There is nothing great than being calm and taking the problem head on. Anger hurts, taints your struggle for freedom and ugly that it might turn nasty if you do not control the situation in time.

While you try to maintain your innocence, the better way of handling an outcome of a situation is by entertaining both criticism and praises.  Just do not let the negativity take the bigger share and leave baseless for counter attack.

The moment you agree in your mind that you are in so deep, the situation becomes less worrying and other avenues of escape will definitely show up. That is when you take the better, fine, and enjoyable route to your freedom.

Oops! Do not celebrate yet. Life and negativity in life do not let go that easily. You have to make someone else believe that you are good to go and that you own nothing about the blame.

Well, do not rush for freedom… little by little makes peace than hurry hurry which dooms every move you make. And things may turn out bad if you make hasty moves in a situation that needs slow deals.

As it is, you better stay safe and free from blame… but when the problem finds you, be a human enough and handle it with wisdom.

Customer Service and Business Etiquette

English: Douglasville, GA, October 5, 2009 -- ...

Douglasville, GA, October 5, 2009 — Small Business Administration Public Information Officer Richard Daigle confers with Customer Service Representatives Carol Dueker and Shery Lavelle in preparation for today’s opening of a Business Recovery Center where loan applications, completion assistance, and information will be provided. FEMA and the Small Business Administration are partners in responding to the September severe storms and flooding. George Armstrong/FEMA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A customer is very important when it comes to any business person and so their well being is important. In fact, the success of a business means those customers have to be satisfied with the products and services offered by the firm or business.

The obvious question is how the customer feels about the owner because this means if they are happy with the owner, then they will keep coming back to your business. If the business owner is courteous, friendly and kind then success is right there for his/her business.

Another question is how the customer feels when you talk to him/her. This means that if a customer is comfortable with your communication skills, then everything is okay.

Then there is also the issue of your appearance if a customer approaches. You should be a smiling business owner since a smile costs nothing but gives a lot.

Dealing with rude customers,

When dealing directly with people, you expect to serve both good and bad people. In this case, bad customers. This means, to be able to handle such a customer just be calm and don’t over react in anyway.

If it’s you as the owner who was in the wrong, it’s good to first apologize to him/her. Then listen to such a customer to know what he/she needs and also to be able to guide him/her on the best way that the two of you can do business together without offending anyone.

Also your dressing and cleanliness are also important aspects when it comes to a successful business. This is so because they will come in a long way before earning that much needed trust and confidence in your services.

The mode of dressing gives the first impression to your customers, obviously you do not want anyone leaving your business premises with a negative impression about you.

Customer care service is not only talking properly to your customer but it also means that you ought to keep your time to service your customers. For example in the transport industry, your vehicles should be readily available to ensure that you do not disadvantage your passenger clients.

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