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Crime – Waflay Post
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NYS SACCO Scandal Cause Youths To Go On Rambage in Mathare Kenya

over the missing Sacco money

demo over the missing Sacco money

Today, Mathare youths engaged in running battles with the anti-riot police officers after a demonstration over the missing NYS SACCO money.

The youths who were once the beneficiaries of the disbanded NYS and Kazi Kwa Vijana program of Devolution Ministry, blocked Juja Road as they lamented for the missing SACCO benefits.

It is clamed that the money that were deducted from their weekly pay was never given to the worker and that no one is taking responsibility to explain why.

Apparently, the officials who were involved in creating the controversial SACCO are nowhere, making it so difficult to locate the money.

Today’s demo was planned to act as the reminder for the Devolution Ministry to do something for youth’s predicaments and make the money accessible for those who deserve it.

However things got out of hand when the demonstrating youths started engaging in illegal activities, whereby forcing the law enforcement agents to act.

The idle youths hijacked a peaceful demo started robbing innocent people on the road and hurling stones at vehicles that were got up in the mess.

Female demonstrators were the worst day light robbers who targeted anyone—-leaving the community with questions whose answers are only found in guesses.

The police lobbed teargas and shot in the air to disperse the angry youth. In the process, one person was shot and seriously injured. He was rushed to the nearby hospital for first aid, before being taken to another hospital by MSF- Doctors Without Borders’ ambulance.

The most affected area that was badly affected by the demo was Mathare Number 10 and its environs. People lost there valuables in those three hours of running battles.

The main beneficiary during the demo were local criminals who took advantage of the situation and turned lawlessness into a save heaven for crimes.

Youth leaders and civil society activists did whatever they could to calm the situation and lastly, the area is calm.


How Kenyan Youths Were Robbed By Corrupt Officials..

While she was the CS for devolution, Anne Waiguru fired two people and replaced them with the two naughty ones that later made it possible for millions of money to disappear under her watch.

First, it was Gor  Semelang’o who faced the pen. The man complained that he was fired by a facebook post and never did he receive a termination letter.

Rumors went on to say that the CS did have secret feelings for the guy but her intentions never materialized.

Another story had it that, Gor Semelang’o was so close to the presidents that the CS saw it fit to terminate that close relationship.

Whatever the cause, it was just a way to make a way for a bigger goal… and that was to employ new people who would later be her pawns in her ‘war against genuine money’

Months after his sacking, Anne Waiguru appointed a person of her choice to head Youths Fund kitty— Now it has emerged that the same person is sitting on 155 million shillings unaccounted lot.

Another person that faced the whip was the former NYS leaders. His position was taken over by the man who is now considered to be the king maker in the looted 791 million shillings from the NYS and Kazi Kwa Vijana  program.

One thing that stands out from these two multi million shillings saga is the fact that the youth’s money were the one targeted by the aging fellows.

This is so absurd because youths are suffering on ground. The issue of unemployment runs so deep in youth’s society. Majority of youths  have no channel of income other than to do short time jobs to make a living.

In those months that the NYS and Kazi Kwa Vijana was effective, many youths who were notorious gangsters changed into good citizens. They did a great job for the country and for the community as whole. But now, some are being forced to engage in criminal activities to cater for those who depend on them.

I just wonder why one would enrich him/herself with bloody money on expense of poor citizens. Kenya is just sick!

Parenting Fail: Children Playing Alone At 2 AM

It takes nothing other than the responsibilities of parents or guardians to make sure that children are safely in the house at night. As Kenya runs towards ‘imaginary’ 24 hour Economy, one will be troubled to see children as small as ten running around at 2Am as if they are in there own paradise.

The police reports says that crime rate has hit a higher level during this January busy month and that people should be very careful with who they deals with.

The report confirmed that majority of reported cases involve minors or people below the age of 18. Moreover, criminals are taking advantage of vulnerable kids because they know the innocent children are easily lured into trap, and will not tell if someone means harm to them.

With heinous criminals happenings in Kenya and reported in media channel, it makes me wonder why someone would send out children at the middle of night, or let children out at that time of the night to go and play hide and seek in the neighborhood.

It has been two day in a row; same children same game and noisy like hell… confirming a doubt if they do have parents who care about their welfare and safety.

The society is also to blame because they are allowing this to continue. I guess that in coming days, there will be more children roaming around at night… and if this will not curbed at the right time, these kids will graduate into hardcore criminals who do not have slight fear for the dark or the people who walk at night.

According to the police understanding about crime, they say that only the police on duty and criminals walk around at night. But I guess this category is about to change since small children are nowadays very active and night than anyone else.

Mmm! 24 hour economy coming live, unfortunately this is like courting fire in dry and windy season…

Teenagers Worst Hit By Economic Challenges,

Flashy teens are a pure indication that the country’s economy is not bad. Broke teens speaks louder that an angry mosquito that something is not right in the country’s economy.

Of late, it is not easy to see many youths lining up for a paid concert; you will only see them pushing for a position in free ones, why? Their once deep pockets are torn and can’t hold a cent for more than two hours.

Teenagers who mostly rely on their parents’ income have been worst hit by Kenya’s economic challenges, forcing then to adapt new means of partying and for enjoyment reasons.

The hustle for money has never been this rampant. And majority are ready to do anything for an extra coin.

The internet is a close friend for these youths. Even though they still use most of their time chatting with friends on Whatsapp, Facebook and on other social sites, Google search records indicates that most youths, especially teenagers, are searching for earning opportunities.

Recently, I have noted that most youths are looking for ways to let go of their gadgets for money or downgrade in order to gain something from their personal belongings. Others are looking for means to trade in their phones for laptops.

In recent years, Google released a report that indicated that many youths are shifting from common social media sites to those that are least known. According to that report, teenagers now prefer blogging sites more and others are already working online in freelancing sites for easy money.

Whether this is due to overspending in December or not, the system that leaves the minors with no hope for money other that to hustle for it in all means, is a let down that should be rectified for easy running of the whole nations.

Desperate teens are like a loaded gun, safety off, and ready to fire. No wonder the reports that teenagers are involving themselves in criminal activities country-wide.

Men Arrested For Defiling Minors

English: Marchers with Slutwalk Knoxville disp...

No means no,” and “My corset is not consent.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I sometimes think that a rapist and a terrorist are one and the same thing because they do not value the life of their victim.

In our present society, you will all agree with me that we are moving from the secure father figure that a girl had been enjoying in particularly in the presence of her father. So rotten has the society become that we have been having situations that a father is raping his own blood daughter, something which is not acceptable at all.

Just today, it was the there in the news of a teacher who had reportedly raped a form two orphaned student. He had since been arrested and a case file opened so as the necessary action to be taken against the culprit.

The police who was handling the case said it was their duty to protect the vulnerable children of the society so as to ensure that they are not harmed by the wicked, and in particularly noted that the girl in question had no parents.

What’s more a teacher is supposed to be morally responsible to his student but not being in a position to sexually exploit his student.

This comes after a separate incident where a man was charged with attempted rape of a schoolgirl claiming that he had a religious revelation that he was his future wife.

So looking at these two incidents, rapists’ wicked mind is too narrow to even realize that they are destroying the lives of minors. But then such a barbaric action makes one wonder whether they even take time to examine their conscious self.

So rapist with their heinous acts ought to get what they deserve in accordance with the law for interfering with the life of an innocent minor. A rape means not only brings physical damage but also mental torture of the child.