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Corruption – Waflay Post
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Why Kenya’s Economy Is Drying Up

Almost all government systems are not here to make Kenya great again.

–The judiciary, works for its lords, the parliament is here to make special individuals rich and make the law that only works in favor for the selected Kenyans, and the executive is there as a safe-house for the looted Kenyan resources and to make quick avenues for new corruption scandals.

Since jubilee government took over the office from the coalition government led by President Mwai Kibaki and prime minister Raila Odinga, there is nothing to celebrate about. The country is going through lots for problems and corrupt individuals are making sure that they cause maximum damage to the economy of Kenya.

In fact, we are experiencing a game where by people from TNA and URP are as if competing to see who are the notorious thieves when it comes to looting Kenya’s national resources.

You wonder why there are so make cases of corruption in Kenya. Here are reasons…

The EACC which should work against the looters has made it very simple for corrupt individuals to walk free. This commission works closely with the executive and does almost everything upon consulting with the man on the hill.

Look at it this way,

The EACC which was created by the constitution of the republic of Kenya has no powers to confirm the charges and sentence someone.  This is a loophole that some smart individuals have taken to remain free.

The Judiciary is here to make things so difficult for moneyless community, but when it comes to those with lots of cash there seems to be a quick exit.

The corrupt judiciary has made it very easy for a few individuals to go scot-free even when the evidence against them is sufficient enough for someone to face the walls of the prison facility.

I just wonder when the saviors will come for our rescue…

As Kenyans Fight, Looters Go Scot-free

Because of political fights, Kenyans might lose a chance to bring back the money hidden in the foreign reserve banks.

In Kenya, almost everything has a political inclination that has amounted to failure of certain institutions to be responsible for frauds and corruption.

It is not a wonder to see the recent petition by Kenyans to the US government to have the US Attorney General act on their behalf to bring back the money hidden in the US banks, fail because the people affiliated to Jubilee Alliance are reluctant to know the truth.

This simple misunderstanding and stiff-headedness in Kenyans makes everything harder as truth to come out about corruption in government institutions.

Kenyans being driven by ego and ethnicity have lost focus on what entails the struggle to bring sanity in public offices. People should learn from simple mistakes and try to solve mysteries rather than to sit there and laugh at those struggling to make things right.

We have lost a lot of money through corruption and illegal deals, but since politics is the key to everything, the tribal lots seems to enjoy watching as things go bad to worse. In fact they laugh on top of their voices until the day they are got in the mix— when payback time for looted money comes begging for every living Kenya.

Kenyan from all political divide should learn to work together instead engaging in political fights that ends with the looters being so happy.

What is the gain for these fights anyway?

The only people who gain from this divisive politics are the people in high offices while the people down here suffers equally, irrespective of their political affiliation.  When people who support Raila Odinga are suffering, the same goes to those who would die for Uhuru Kenyatta.

I hate to say that we are all fool! Tools that could be manipulated easily for a certain goal— for this case, we bark at each other as the looters smile and says, “Let dogs take on each other. We love Kenya because of this easy loot and smart walk away.”

Suspected Eurobond Lost Money Slated For Campaign

Kenya— The Coalition Of Reform and Democracy (CORD) team led by Raila Odinga is worried that the lost Eurobond money has been slated for campaign for 2017 general election.

With such kind of money in campaign the CORD leader knows that he has no chance to compete with the sitting president even when he has a good chance of winning this coming elections.

This comes barely a month since Eurobond scandal involving the treasury and other political leaders appeared before the EACC and confirmed that no money was lost and that the whole Eurobond money were spent on different projects in the country.

So far, the CORD team has been categorical that the central government is lying and that about Kshs10 billion are still unaccounted for. This is a reduction from once reported Ksh140 billion that were suspected to have gone missing.

The government defended itself from these allegations saying that records are that to proof that not even a cent has been unaccounted for.

Now, the opposition is worried that with those billions in campaign the ruling Jubilee government under President Uhuru Kenyatta is capable of anything, including buying votes forcefully.

In 2013, days before elections there were reports that people were buying voters cards from poor people are destroying them to keep them off from voting.

Raila said that he would not allow people to use their power to manipulate the out come of 2017 general elections. And that he will fight until the lost cash is recovered before the d-day for political campaigns.

Kenyans are people who are easily won over by handouts. If it is true that Jubilee government has set aside billions for campaigns, then we expect nothing but the waste of time and the same people in government to continue what they do best— spinning the wheel of corruption into position for looters.

To take 2017 elections seriously, Raila’s team is pushing for BVR kits to be in every polling station. This is to make sure that no one rigs to win.

Chicken Scandal Resurface To Haunt The Escaped Lot

The chicken gate scandal is back haunting those concerned after a UK firm was fined for bribing Kenyan officials in order to win a printing contracts. But for the situation of Kenya, the case is far from being concluded or more so has already been forgotten. So the UK firm officials have been found guilty and heavily fined but their Kenyan counterparts are free and for how long nobody knows.

IEBC officials were long grilled concerning the corruption allegations yet Kenyans do not even know the findings or having clues if guilty parties were identified. But this situation tells us more about the judicial service in Kenya, a body which is mandated to make sure that case files opened are concluded in the shortest time possible. I think we are losing trust here as a country because if this office has a lot of fishy things going on, then how can we trust it with our election issues.

Sometimes back the opposition was faulted for calling for the disbandment of IEBC, but looking at such a scenario where millions of money was lost then we are better off without the then officials. If in the UK, an irregular awarding of the printing contract has indeed been identified so what are those in Kenya taking care of the case doing? May be there is more than meets the eye like an upper hand or better still untouchable individual is the incognito beneficiary.

But then there is a big chicken that was eaten somewhere by individuals in Kenya who are not yet known according to the relevant authorities. So we are still waiting to get the truth bearing in mind that taxpayers’ money was lost.

If the UK court has unearthed the corrupt deal, then I think things has been made easier for the Kenyan court which is only supposed to name the guilty individuals now that it has come to be known that there was indeed a scandal.

Corruption is like cancer, it’s slowly killing us

English: https://www.transparency.org/policy_re...

 https://www.transparency.org/policy_research/surveys_indices/cpi/2010/results (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When we talk of cancer, most of the people see it like a sure death and still that’s how many of us view corruption in Kenya, be it the leaders or  even among the common people.

Funny enough, the same leaders who have been branding corruption as the cancer of Kenya’s economy are doing nothing to completely eradicate the vice.

Corruption here in Kenya has seen those in the current government taking side as far as it is concerned. Okay, you are leader elected by Kenyans and in the ruling central government yet you cannot allow your allies alleged to be corrupt to face their own consequences!

Even as the opposition is  keeping the government on check by raising a red flag where there seems to be something brewing more so as  far as corruption is concerned, funny enough there is a lot of reluctance by these leaders in the government.

Then the question is, what other cancer like killing disease are the same leaders looking forward to eradicate? Like for the past one week, the opposition leader has been the centre of controversies concerning his claims of billions of money lost in the Eurobond. As usual the same leaders have turned to the media for publicity pushing for the leader to give evidence that he has to the relevant authorities or else keep mum.

But looking at the turn of events in the news, it may seem like they know something about the ongoing Eurobond saga and are thus out to keep the secret as it is. Thanks to the opposition they have eyes that see above the high tower of the government arm.

Let’s not see any more pretence  from these leaders, as they already know the cancer before it spreads everywhere and so time is now not tomorrow STOP IT! These leaders ought to be good ambassadors of our beloved country Kenya.