Girl FACE-Off Her Ex-boyfriend In Church

Counselling / Pixabay (mending the broken heart) 

This is why she never stepped in that church again, how did it happen?

A month and two weeks earlier, she found her boyfriend in bed with someone else. Things did not end well that she cried for days until someone suggested to her that she needed a relationship counselor.

Having nothing else she could do to end her darkest moment in her love life, she accepted the offer to join counselling classes.

Things were turning great. Every moment meant something in her life. She learned to accept herself and to move on with life as is. She even started attending church services, draw herself close to God and to experience first hand life in Christ.

Well, with lots of activities in her life she almost forgot her heartbreak and this was good for her healing process.

But one day, a Sunday, the pastor was preaching about perseverance and why the people — Christians— should not be ready to give up easily.

In the middle of the sermon, the pastor’s message was sinking in so well in the minds of the people that the whole congregation found itself so enthusiastic with the word of God. Then the pastor, said

Tell your neighbor, “Neighbor! It is not yet over…”’

As she turned to her neighbor, she found out that he was the same person who broke her heart. An ex-boyfriend whom she ad decided to avoid for the rest of her life.

Why could she you have done?

She looked at him and said,

Satan, it is so over with you…”

Unfortunately, she said this while in that awkward moment state. Damn! When everyone in the church was seated and the whole congregation was so quiet.

Obviously, everyone heard about it. All eyes were on two people, her and her ex-boyfriend, who were still standing staring at each other.

Yep! It was time to walk away. Fly away and never to be seen again.

Lucky Man Survive An Attempt On His Life

The man was shocked to a point of panic after he found his loved wife digging a shallow grave in the kitchen. This incident happened somewhere in central Kenya and attracted the government to investigate why the accused was planning to murder and bury her husband secretly.

According to the panic stricken husband, they have been together for many years and in all that time together, she has never gone to her parents because of family misunderstandings. However, she recently disappeared for two days and later came back home without a reason for her missing in her marital home.

Obviously, the guy had to ask her why she chose to go to unknown location without informing him. His questions were never answered—neither did she bother to give explanations nor look at him directly in the eyes. This was a signal that she was up to no good.

The man revealed that he became cautious of her movements in and out of the kitchen and he even refused to eat her food. Later, he heard her sharpening the knife— something that drove him to peek in and see what was happening. But because of darkness, he could not see exactly what was in there.

It was then that he feigned to search for his keys. The man went directly into the kitchen and oops! She wrestled him down before she started chanting in the ghostly voice, as she pulled the knife on him. In his words, he is lucky to be alive.

He said that he is ready to forgive her for that incident, but blamed her for believing too much in prophets of doom. Apparently, his wife has so many head covering that signifies the number of doctrines she has sold her soul into.

The police have launched their investigations but refused to say something about the incident saying it is too early to tell how it happened.

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