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Christmas – Waflay Post
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Relieve The Bitterness in Your Heart This New Year

This being a new year, I have heard a number of people talking of setting aside new year resolutions like one may talk of looking forward to being an owner of a new car. But for such a situation, this is more o a personal oriented achievements. With all the excitement of being a real achiever for the better part of this year, its true most people look forward to accomplishing their resolutions. People are always talking of New Year with new things. So what is this thing about a new year?

But then how about your relationship with those people around you? In this case, few people even bother to ensure that they have a healthy relationship both in the family and with neighbors. Imagine a situation where you had an argument with your neighbor sometimes last year and you are still carrying on with the grudge this New Year. May be your neighbor even forgot the incident but for your case, you do not even want to meet or even talk to him or her. So with all the bitterness in your heart meeting him or her means you even turn back at his or her sight. One can say that it’s okay that you do not need the other person in your life but you never know what may happen tomorrow and show you otherwise.

I think such an action means that you are burdened with hate but this is not good. Just relieve the inner bitterness to really show your new you. So as long as we took time to plan for our New Year resolutions, then let’s furnish being in good terms with our family and with those around us. This way you are set to be an achiever and a good associate with others because it’s not only about you since you also need others as this is part of your life.

By God’s grace

It’s true that the year is still fresh and only a few days are gone and it’s the hope of everyone to have a fruitful year. May be some people were not able to meet their last year’s resolutions but life has to move on despite the challenges one has gone through for the past year.

So yesterday being a Sunday, the pastor’s message was the God’s grace is upon us no matter what we have gone through during the past few days of this year.

She quoted this; may be some of us who had children who didn’t perform well in the class Eight examinations, or may be the passing on of  dear ones or more so the unpredictable situation surrounding the jobs because one does not know whether they will be available or not.

She added the above is not a good way to start a new year but still God is on our side. She also said that just as God was the comforter of the Israelites, the same is for us to know that all is well by God’s grace.

But on the midnight of 31st December people were waiting eagerly to welcome the New Year with style. Some opted to go to churches for a night vigil; others went to various entertainment joints to really experience and usher in the New Year.

So when it was 11.59 P.M, one could hear people counting at the top of their voices numbers representing seconds in descending order and on reaching zero, bursting of fireworks, blowing vuvuzelas signify the entry of new year.

So the pastor went ahead and urged the followers to just feel encouraged that God is on our side this New Year. The pastor further said that it is enough to move on smoothly this year.

This Was So Embarrassing: Drunk Wives Publicly Demands For More From The Polygamous Husband

One family in the neighborhood celebrated the 1st day of the year 2016 in style. The polygamous man took his two wives at the nearby pub where they drink themselves silly. The man who is used to drinking did not get drunk but his wives did.

To his surprise, happiness turned into his worst nightmare when both demanded to know who, among them, is his favorite…

The man whose has plans to run for an elective post in the area was left speechless. His big mouth was, for the first time, cut short by the two women who were curious for his answer.

The first wife, who is always a quiet type, could not mince her words either.  In the ‘eye and ears’ of the public, she said that she can’t take her loneliness anymore and that she wanted him there are then.

Feeling the drama going too far, the man tried to force the two of them to go to sleep but they did not listen to his commands.

“My husband, today I’m ready for the ride… I am gonna surrender myself to you for the whole night ride. “The second wife was heard saying.

Another one was like, “You were with me before her, so you’re mine tonight. It has been years since I felt  this way for you. You better choose wisely.”

The man was left with nothing but the last option which was to take one to a forced sleep. What he did was simple; he dragged her into the house and closed the door from outside. The mother of two talked to herself for minutes before she went quiet. Yep! Asleep maybe.

Well, the drama did not end there! The first wife who saw it as a big win could not hide her happiness. She said that she has won back her lover and the father of her children. Of course, she did.

Oops! People are still talking about this… the two women in the story can’t remember.

What If Chickens Start DEMONSTRATIONS Against Human Holidays

A small flock of Easter Egger chickens

A small flock of Easter Egger chickens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kukus in Luhyaland have decided to go back in time to rectify where their forefathers went wrong. According to chickens’ spokescock, someone made a mistake by allowing chickens to be on the menu for Christmas and in other occasion. He said that generations after generations, chickens face the fate of the treaty that was signed by Luhya people and then leaders of the chickens’ family. And that this has resulted into heinous killings of their fellow kins.

Yesterday, chickens committee came up with a solution to there problems. The leaders suggested that they should travel back in time and make sure that treaty is not singed. They agued that humans do not really care for them and that guinea fowls and other birds of the forest live better lives that how they thought live could be.

Chickens also accused the Luhya people for failing to honor an agreement that they would not allow other humans to take a bite on chicken products. As a result, many chickens have faced a knife in the hands of illegal human activities, endangering the future of chicken population.

What infuriated chickens so much is the recent statistics that confirmed that this month of December alone, about 10 million domestic birds were slaughtered in Luhyaland. And that the number is still rising steadily until the peak of December festivals that will be held on 1st January 2016.

The decision to go back in time was voted unanimously by all domestic fowl community. Some suggested a ban on chicken meat processing by Luhya community.

Now a date has been set for the willing chickens to make that trip back in time to save the situation. What they did not say is how they are planning to do it when technology that might help them has not been invented. However, rumors have it that chickens have an inner ability to leave their body and travel in spirit form to, either the future or back in time. Of course, no one can confirm this… let’s wait to see what will happen next.

Why is Christmas night so important?

Our Christmas tree at night.

Our Christmas tree at night. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In my search for a good place to spend my time this Christmas, I have come to notice that those people who are affiliated to Christianity or to other religions are spending big for Christmas night. This night calls for every kind of performances and those who frequent for these parties just can’t miss out. Why?

Dec festival just started,

For those who knows better, public civil servants and those in private sectors break for December holidays just before Christmas day. And because most of them have been working so hard for national building, this is time they just come out and relax their minds. And this calls for a party time! Something readily available because like minds works for the common goal. And night time is the perfect moment for that.

Availability of Cash to spend,

Think about this! You had that good time with your family during the day and they appreciate that. You know you have all the money you need for a perfect party away from home— somewhere to forget about family and other responsibilities for a while. Well, how about to go out for a while and party like never before? This is the feeling that drives people from all walks of life to Christmas night parties.

Seeking for identity,

They say ‘birds of the same feathers flock together’, and people too seek for ways to mingle with others who feel left out in festivities. Such people do not like being seen in day-crowds but they are very active when it comes to night ones. In such a case, some people would skip Christmas day hoping to go out at night to party hard.

Well, there are other factors that makes Christmas night a perfect time for celebrations. One only needs to be himself or herself and let fate take its course. Oops! Whether it is day time or night time, Christmas time is celebrations time.