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Christianity – Waflay Post
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False Prophet Cause Harm On Family Ties

The Bible talks of the rise false prophets in time when Jesus is about to descend from Heavens for his reign on Earth, what it does not say is the year and real time when this will happen.

Recently, a family was evicted from their ancestral home after their relatives accused them of indulging themselves with devil worship.

According to their say, the jealous relatives were mad when the family started running a small shop in the nearby shopping center.

It was then that they enquired for more information from a prophet who spilt venom in the family’s ways of life.

From then, the relatives started hitting on this family for almost everything that was happening in the whole community.

At one time, the man’s brother came into the homestead in readiness to kill because he believed that his brother and his wife were devil worshippers—- the issue of human sacrifice seemed to be the cause of all fear and anger.

According to his story, the father of two said that he almost lost his wife because his people believed that his wife introduced him to  illuminati.

Then he said that one day, the extended families broke into his shop and took the family album as they thought that he and his wife had taken the family pictures to a secret society for sacrificial purposes.

To them, the prophet was right in all aspects. Their brother and his family were villains in the society and they should be eliminated.

Fearing for their life, the family ran for safety in the in-laws place. However, this only made things worse because threats followed them all the way.

The family was forced to relocate to another place, far away from the beastly men and women— their relatives.

They have been living in fear because they still receive threatening messages on their mobile phones.

This is just one story where a false prophet has broken the family bond. These people are there, and in most cases they only say things that you want to hear.

The Bible admonishes Christians to stay away from such people. I hope people will take extra care when in presence of a false prophet of prophet of doom!

Let the Children Learn to Behave Responsibly

Even as we parents say that the children of today are difficult to deal with, we need to be cautious with our style of parenting. I have known this family for quite some time now since the daughter and my son are classmates. So on a certain day, the head teacher was moving around the school compound and on reaching my son’s class, the children were in chaos running all over. So the head teacher jokingly pinched all the children in the class but this particular girl told her father that she had been sad the entire day for being beaten by the teacher.

So the following day, her father accompanied her to school to question the teacher as to why she had beaten up his daughter. The head teacher calmly explained everything to the parent and it turned up that the girl had just overreacted since they were not really painfully pinched but it was only to scare them into being silent.

But one thing is for sure that parents should let children know that any wrong done has to always attract some consequences. Let the children know that there are school rules that no one has the mandate to break not even their parents. The question here is how will any parent their child to be respectful if they are not a good example at all?

Parents are their children’s first teacher and so most of the times; they will do what they have seen their guardians do. Let children be children as they are in the stage of growth and development because today they may seem innocent but nobody knows about tomorrow as they may grow to even question you as the parent. So if you show your child that their way is always the right things to do then you have to blame yourself if they ever disobey you in any way.

Some Odd Beliefs Ever Seen On Earth!

In this life, we can at least say that most people have a belief in something. Let’s say like Christians will say that they have a belief in Jesus Christ and God. So I remember some few years back, it was all over news as Christians in a certain church refused to bury two of their leaders and maintained that they were yet to complete their work here on earth.

The two had passed on after a road accident. The Christians of this church said that their leaders were just sleeping and so it was their work to awaken them through prayers. The prayers were conducted for a number of days as curious onlookers waited oblivious that a miracle would happen.

But then the two pastors did not rise again only for the presiding pastor to say that it showed that the two had really completed their mission here on earth. Even as it seemed that their prayers were not about to be answered, they still carried on with claims that some prayers are not answered instantly.

Then only recently, a man in the Western region who claimed to be God Almighty and Jesus as his son made headlines after it emerged that he had really died though no one could come up with very confirming reports. Nobody really talked of his death rather they preferred to brand their ‘god’ as missing and what’s more nobody ever mentioned of him being buried. He had a church in this region and had about 1000 followers who believed that he was their god.

Looking at the two incidents, both of the Christian faiths are determined to stay put with whatever that they belief. Just like Christians put their trust in God, it is the same for the above though there are just odd beliefs. But anyway anybody is entitled to his or her belief.

What is a good life?

This question was posed in a church forum and those present were free to contribute and give their views. One attendee said that he thinks that a good life is being married happily to a good wife and what’s more being wealthy. Then another one said that a good life is when one has everything that one has ever yearned to have in life thus enjoying life to the fullest. There were several of the attendees who gave their views and it was obvious a good life to them meant to be comfortable by all means.

Then the pastor stood up and said that he had to make a few remarks before giving his side of what a good life meant to him. He first talked of a street person who had no home and yet he/she also has a life. Would such a person say that he/she has a good life in the streets even in the harsh weather conditions? , the pastor posed this question. He further said that imagine this person would still consider this a good life so long as his/her life is moving on.

He then asked what of a convict serving a life sentence in a jail. So the question was if this scenario would still fall under a good life or not. The pastor then said that sometimes circumstances will always determine how one felt about the life that he/she is leading.

Finally, the pastor then said as Christians we have to always put God first in everything that we do. So as Christians a good life means being at the right place at the right time and what’s more doing things as per the will of God. Then don’t let the earthly take control of your life and though even though you need them they are just part of what we posses in life.

No Regrets For An Effort Well Sowed

English: A picture of Hapoel's Vincent Enyeama...

A picture of Hapoel’s Vincent Enyeama, while kicking a penalty shoot. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is everyone’s wishes to live a happy live. It is this longing for a better and comfortable life that drives a man to be who he wants to be.

Growing up somewhere in Kenya, this guy had this feeling that one day in life; he will come around and be what he had envisioned for. Some years later, he is still waiting for that magical moment to come down on for him.

Wait! Not just sitting around waiting like a soccer playing when waiting for the referee’s whistle to kick the ball during penalty shoot out, what he is doing is keeping vigil like a ready Christian waiting for Jesus to come down on earth, literally, but that is how serious this guy is

Someone said that ‘when seeking for happiness then forget about the effort you are putting up but focus on what future has stored as a reward for your effort.‘ Yep! If you ask me about it then I would give you a direct answer that whoever said those words was right.

Another guy had to say these, ‘at the time when waiting for a fish to swallow your bait be patient and always be optimistic about your target and don’t let the long wait deter your initial dreams.’ I came to think about it for a while before confirming that he was talking from long time of experience. This person was the greatest fisherman in my home area and people actually respected him for his talent, or whatever it was that kept him going until he became a professional in that field. No wonder, those who start up small ends up big.

Resilience in bad times and capitalization on one’s strength are two things that bring about great ventures in life. The spirit of a winner walks tall in presence of every failure you stubble into, just like a good hobby you don’t have to feel bad about it in fact such downfalls should be your strength as you take the next step. It is always one more step in life. Then if things go right then you will reach there. Just like my guy’s winner spirit.