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Christian – Waflay Post
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Girl FACE-Off Her Ex-boyfriend In Church

Counselling / Pixabay (mending the broken heart) 

This is why she never stepped in that church again, how did it happen?

A month and two weeks earlier, she found her boyfriend in bed with someone else. Things did not end well that she cried for days until someone suggested to her that she needed a relationship counselor.

Having nothing else she could do to end her darkest moment in her love life, she accepted the offer to join counselling classes.

Things were turning great. Every moment meant something in her life. She learned to accept herself and to move on with life as is. She even started attending church services, draw herself close to God and to experience first hand life in Christ.

Well, with lots of activities in her life she almost forgot her heartbreak and this was good for her healing process.

But one day, a Sunday, the pastor was preaching about perseverance and why the people — Christians— should not be ready to give up easily.

In the middle of the sermon, the pastor’s message was sinking in so well in the minds of the people that the whole congregation found itself so enthusiastic with the word of God. Then the pastor, said

Tell your neighbor, “Neighbor! It is not yet over…”’

As she turned to her neighbor, she found out that he was the same person who broke her heart. An ex-boyfriend whom she ad decided to avoid for the rest of her life.

Why could she you have done?

She looked at him and said,

Satan, it is so over with you…”

Unfortunately, she said this while in that awkward moment state. Damn! When everyone in the church was seated and the whole congregation was so quiet.

Obviously, everyone heard about it. All eyes were on two people, her and her ex-boyfriend, who were still standing staring at each other.

Yep! It was time to walk away. Fly away and never to be seen again.

Most Religious Leaders React to the Proposed New Laws But We Agree Some Control is needed

Even as the new laws were put forward by the Attorney General (AG), most religious leaders are not a happy lot with the new laws as the government comes in to tighten the nuts for the pastors. Maybe the leaders ought to have been consulted but to some extent the laws are better in place because we have been having incidents where the faithful are suffering by following the pastor’s words.

There are many people who have run into unending debts all in the name of sowing a seed to get plenty of blessings where some have gone to an extent of taking hefty bank loans which they eventually are unable to pay. These is after promise of getting everything in double as a blessing for giving fails and are left with nothing after banks come in and auction their property in order to recover the accrued loans.

So the president was categorical that the government was after those pastors who use the faithful for their own selfish gains of acquiring wealth and riches. Though it’s not good to judge some upcoming churches raise more questions because the management alone consists of the family members’ right from the chairman, secretary and treasurer. So why not say this s a family business? We have heard some pastors selling blessed water to their followers; so to say some churches just do the opposite of their initiator Jesus Christ.

So even as some church leaders have greatly rejected the proposed new laws, those who are frank will tell you that a percentage of the new laws are better off to bring sanity in the religion. I heard a pastor who was being interviewed saying that 80% of the new laws are okay. He went ahead that as pastors, they cannot pretend that there are no rogue pastors among genuine men of God.

Why is Christmas night so important?

Our Christmas tree at night.

Our Christmas tree at night. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In my search for a good place to spend my time this Christmas, I have come to notice that those people who are affiliated to Christianity or to other religions are spending big for Christmas night. This night calls for every kind of performances and those who frequent for these parties just can’t miss out. Why?

Dec festival just started,

For those who knows better, public civil servants and those in private sectors break for December holidays just before Christmas day. And because most of them have been working so hard for national building, this is time they just come out and relax their minds. And this calls for a party time! Something readily available because like minds works for the common goal. And night time is the perfect moment for that.

Availability of Cash to spend,

Think about this! You had that good time with your family during the day and they appreciate that. You know you have all the money you need for a perfect party away from home— somewhere to forget about family and other responsibilities for a while. Well, how about to go out for a while and party like never before? This is the feeling that drives people from all walks of life to Christmas night parties.

Seeking for identity,

They say ‘birds of the same feathers flock together’, and people too seek for ways to mingle with others who feel left out in festivities. Such people do not like being seen in day-crowds but they are very active when it comes to night ones. In such a case, some people would skip Christmas day hoping to go out at night to party hard.

Well, there are other factors that makes Christmas night a perfect time for celebrations. One only needs to be himself or herself and let fate take its course. Oops! Whether it is day time or night time, Christmas time is celebrations time.

What is a good life?

This question was posed in a church forum and those present were free to contribute and give their views. One attendee said that he thinks that a good life is being married happily to a good wife and what’s more being wealthy. Then another one said that a good life is when one has everything that one has ever yearned to have in life thus enjoying life to the fullest. There were several of the attendees who gave their views and it was obvious a good life to them meant to be comfortable by all means.

Then the pastor stood up and said that he had to make a few remarks before giving his side of what a good life meant to him. He first talked of a street person who had no home and yet he/she also has a life. Would such a person say that he/she has a good life in the streets even in the harsh weather conditions? , the pastor posed this question. He further said that imagine this person would still consider this a good life so long as his/her life is moving on.

He then asked what of a convict serving a life sentence in a jail. So the question was if this scenario would still fall under a good life or not. The pastor then said that sometimes circumstances will always determine how one felt about the life that he/she is leading.

Finally, the pastor then said as Christians we have to always put God first in everything that we do. So as Christians a good life means being at the right place at the right time and what’s more doing things as per the will of God. Then don’t let the earthly take control of your life and though even though you need them they are just part of what we posses in life.

Revealing Her True Past in Illuminati

Artistic representation of the Devil.

Artistic representation of the Devil. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A young girl shared her life and experiences as a devil agent out to recruit as many people as possible. According to her, men and particularly pastors were her victims of the secret recruitment to the cult. She was already reformed thus the courage to let the world know what she had undergone in the past.

She was introduced to the cult as a teenage girl too naïve to comprehend anything by a certain pastor known to her but by then didn’t know his real intentions.

She was taken underground to the sea where she met the master whom she was to learn later was the top most agent in the cult. She said that they did rituals on her that would change her real self and thus do things as directed to do and keep everything a secret.

By then, she was still at school and would at times travel to the sea but was able to duplicate herself and leave another girl resembling her in class so nobody could suspect her association with devil worshiping. She said that she was responsible for a number of road accidents so as to quench her thirst of blood.

According to her,  the devil rewards his loyal agents with wealth and like her case she owned a very expensive car which was always changed into a Bible once she approached her home so as nobody else could see it. But on leaving home, she would just blow the Bible with her breath and it transforms it onto a luxurious vehicle.

But her main agenda was to recruit pastors and make them renounce their faith. On one occasion; a pastor fell into her trap. This was her joy and thus made this pastor to undergo problems on his day to day life and eventually took his life.

She now looks back and regrets that she was once transformed into an evil person to cause harm to other people.