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Christ – Waflay Post
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Girl FACE-Off Her Ex-boyfriend In Church

Counselling / Pixabay (mending the broken heart) 

This is why she never stepped in that church again, how did it happen?

A month and two weeks earlier, she found her boyfriend in bed with someone else. Things did not end well that she cried for days until someone suggested to her that she needed a relationship counselor.

Having nothing else she could do to end her darkest moment in her love life, she accepted the offer to join counselling classes.

Things were turning great. Every moment meant something in her life. She learned to accept herself and to move on with life as is. She even started attending church services, draw herself close to God and to experience first hand life in Christ.

Well, with lots of activities in her life she almost forgot her heartbreak and this was good for her healing process.

But one day, a Sunday, the pastor was preaching about perseverance and why the people — Christians— should not be ready to give up easily.

In the middle of the sermon, the pastor’s message was sinking in so well in the minds of the people that the whole congregation found itself so enthusiastic with the word of God. Then the pastor, said

Tell your neighbor, “Neighbor! It is not yet over…”’

As she turned to her neighbor, she found out that he was the same person who broke her heart. An ex-boyfriend whom she ad decided to avoid for the rest of her life.

Why could she you have done?

She looked at him and said,

Satan, it is so over with you…”

Unfortunately, she said this while in that awkward moment state. Damn! When everyone in the church was seated and the whole congregation was so quiet.

Obviously, everyone heard about it. All eyes were on two people, her and her ex-boyfriend, who were still standing staring at each other.

Yep! It was time to walk away. Fly away and never to be seen again.

How to Make and Accomplish New Year 2016 Resolutions Successfully

Are you looking for the perfect formula for New Year 2016 plans? Then you are on the right page. Here are important tips on how to make a successful plan for 2016

Why You Failed Before

For now, I guess you have tried several times to keep working within and beyond your plans but all have, by one way or another, gone without trace. At times only to realize too late that your plans were a big failure, why? The only reason I can give you is that you have so much in mind already and adding anything more on top of that is just like directing an important email into spam account, rarely will you remember what you need to do.

What to do in 2016

Now the simplest thing that you have to do is to start focusing your mind on important things first before allowing anything else to corrupt your plans. This is not simple because it might need you to adjust your lifestyle into another way of life. By example, if you have been spending a lot of time on the internet chatting and making friends from all over the world, then try turning already made progress into an income. This can be possible if you keep engaging with your new and old friends like before, but instead you have something you are gaining from the same. In simple terms, don’t waste time!

Why responsibilities are important in planning,

In life time is very limited. This gives YOU a challenge to measure yourself what you can do at a given short period of time. Well, I know that some people have too much time to spend doing nothing. However, it comes a time when you just have to do something for yourself or for someone else. Tough it might be for beginners, but if you have a plan then things will just go accordingly… just by squeezing something within your plan.

Keep a reminder,

A simple diary will keep you on track. Oops! It only works for a serious person who is ready to adopt a new way of life. In this case, you have to be very disciplined in following your timetable unless there is something very urgent needing your attention.

Well, that is it for now and I wanna wish you a prosperous year 2016.

Some Odd Beliefs Ever Seen On Earth!

In this life, we can at least say that most people have a belief in something. Let’s say like Christians will say that they have a belief in Jesus Christ and God. So I remember some few years back, it was all over news as Christians in a certain church refused to bury two of their leaders and maintained that they were yet to complete their work here on earth.

The two had passed on after a road accident. The Christians of this church said that their leaders were just sleeping and so it was their work to awaken them through prayers. The prayers were conducted for a number of days as curious onlookers waited oblivious that a miracle would happen.

But then the two pastors did not rise again only for the presiding pastor to say that it showed that the two had really completed their mission here on earth. Even as it seemed that their prayers were not about to be answered, they still carried on with claims that some prayers are not answered instantly.

Then only recently, a man in the Western region who claimed to be God Almighty and Jesus as his son made headlines after it emerged that he had really died though no one could come up with very confirming reports. Nobody really talked of his death rather they preferred to brand their ‘god’ as missing and what’s more nobody ever mentioned of him being buried. He had a church in this region and had about 1000 followers who believed that he was their god.

Looking at the two incidents, both of the Christian faiths are determined to stay put with whatever that they belief. Just like Christians put their trust in God, it is the same for the above though there are just odd beliefs. But anyway anybody is entitled to his or her belief.

The three words ‘I LOVE YOU’

Most men have of course used these words as a way of showing a partner that she is special deep down in your heart. And to be frank anyone being told these words feels good. So in an early morning radio show, Kenyan men were put to task by being asked if they can tell their wives the above words may be when they are together at home or even in public. The presenter then went ahead that you can tell your wife that may be twice or once in a year.

The first caller, a man said that you cannot expect any African man as dictated by culture to just express this way to a special one since it’s more a Western way of doing things. He added that this is not acceptable at all adding that there other ways of making your partner know that she is loved or appreciated.

Then this other man called and said that he once said those words to his wife of about five years. She in turn told him that she is beyond that age of ‘I LOVE YOUs’ since there is a lot to life than always thinking of love. So he added that he was embarrassed by her response but he has always felt that urge to make her feel appreciated but after such a rejection then he has no option but to grant her wish.

I think the three words really have value in us; it’s a way of expressing true love and it’s true that may be there are those who may dispute their significance. May be if you ask a lady how she  feels by hearing the three words, getting a real life experience testimony may change some men’s way of thinking. Then I think most women feel happy about what they are told.

Christmas is Here!

English: A neatly decorated Christmas cake.

A neatly decorated Christmas cake. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since the beginning of December I have seen preparations as most people look forward to maximally cerebrate Christmas. This is a period of significance to especially Christians who believe that it’s day when Christ Jesus was born and him being the head of the church, the day has to really be cerebrated. But then of importance, Christians are supposed to lend a hand to the less fortunate as a way of showing that Christ has really been born in their hearts. This way some Christians have considered visiting children’s homes and even homes for the aged to share with them Christmas goodies and even make them loved even if they have no homes.

I truly the vibrant breath that has filled the air, Christmas Carlos it is, Christmas songs and its wow! People have really prepared for this day. Even radio stations and T.Vs stations are not left behind as they have a countdown of Christmas songs playing for the best part of the day. Then going to churches decorations have already been put in place, balloons, colorful large words as ’HAPPY CHRISTMAS DAY’ written in the front and at the top and so far so good. You can only imagine how the D-day will be like and that is tomorrow.

I remember when I was little; this was a day that we expected to wear new clothes and new pairs of shoes and it was the best day that one would really show off what your father or mother has bought you. Then meals had to be different from what we were used to really bring out what this day really meant and so as children we had a lot to enjoy.

I don’t know what it is for each and every one of you in this site but I am taking this opportunity to wish all of you a happy holiday and a happy Christmas day.