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children – Waflay Post
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Carefree Attitude in Bringing Up Children

English: Child maid servant are widely work in...

Child maid servant are widely work in India, engaged by their parents to earn extra money, although it is banned by the government. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While some parents struggle to make their families perfect for their children, other parents are there bringing up their young children with a don’t-care attitude. To them, children should be provided with food, shelter and clothing and nothing more. The part of knowing where there children are, what they are doing, and who they are hanging out with is not their problem. If you are looking for natural solutions for androgenic alopecia and hair loss, then you should definitely check out these DHT blocking foods. We have done the research and found the best foods that are nutrient-packed to supercharge your health. These power foods contain vitamins and naturally occurring compounds that help stop the production of chemicals that may be triggering your stop hair loss. And they may even trigger new hair growth so you can have a full head of hair again.

In most cases, their children are perfect the way they are and do whatever they like with little attention from them. It is easy that way to avoid going mad over kids.

As these free-roaming children grow into another stage, they only see life as if without a good direction. These children ends up being misled by the world, and because they is no one to give them the right cause, they end up taking the wrong way that might lead into trouble.

Care-free parents are always willing to come in defense for their children. It hurts them when their children are in trouble but to make things more complicated, such parents are there to make sure that children are protected, no matter what the situation.

It is sad that such children are gang leaders, bullies, and capable of doing anything for amusement. When hurting an innocent child, they only see it as means to have something to smile about.

There are those children who change for better, and come out regretting everything they have done in life. The blame goes direct to the parents who barely know that what they did was bad. However, it hurts when parents realize too late that they are the cause of everything.

As a parent, one needs to understand his or her responsibilities to the child. A happy kid is not the one who has been taught how to live life by the world, but the one who reflects back good guidelines from his or her parent. Training a child to behave well while out there is just one step to family happiness.  A happy child is a happy family.

Relationship, Parents With Their Children

When we talk of a relationship that exists between parents and their children, some will say it fully depends on individuals and others will prefer not even talking about it.

Let’s look at it this way; giving birth is like a vocation which calls for a lot of commitment from both parents. So as a parent, it’s your role to take your full time job of parenting seriously if your children are to grow up into responsible adults.

But then there are some incidents happening around us which make us wonder why all the mess with most children being a thorn of flesh to their parents. I or we ask who is to blame for all this.

Is it the current generation that seems to gradually transform as years advance by or is it the parents who have failed flatly in their parenting roles? What happened to the qualities of a good child who most of all respected his or her parents? I sometimes feel like asking whether most children are becoming the crazier or the more mad or even both crazy and mad.

Just a few days ago, it was in the news of a young man who openly scolded his mother for failing to take him through college. So he first burned her entire house down but the villagers came to her rescue, did a fundraising for her so that she could build another house. After she had withdrawn the cash so that she could buy materials for her new house, the son attacked her hitting her with a blunt object and she instantly died.

This is such a sad incident that just shows the extent of a lot to be desired relationships that may so far exist between some parents and their children. Children ought to know that for their parents giving birth to them is enough reason to be appreciated without even expecting other favors.

The Society That Hates Children

For some of us, children are tangible blessings that God has granted to us. However, it happens that there are people who see children only as a huge hindrance to what they want to accomplish in life.

We do understand that sometimes children come in when we have not yet prepared for a family; nonetheless, they should not be subjected to maltreatment just because of that reason.

In some families in Kenya, children have no time with their parents. In this case, parents would rather be distant than help their children as they grow up in the family. Families use schools as the best recipe in limiting time between parent and children who constantly need parental attention.

Love in the family brings about mutual understanding between family members. If someone takes away this most important aspect, then everything becomes wild or freefall kind of lifestyle.

In most cases, bullies result form lack of family connection. They do hate family lifestyle and they choose to take anger on whose are considered to be inferior in the community.

According to a recent Kenyan report on lawless children, there was a confirmation that most children who have bad manners comes from families where these if no or distant communication between family members.

….the higher the number of wild children in the community, the higher the chances of bullying of innocent children and other kinds of evil in the society…

The sad reality is that, not every parent understand his or her responsibilities to their children. In this case, they are failing to see that children are brought up in an environment that nurtures their inner desires and brings out almost everything that a child needs.

Life in any family setting  depends highly on how parents conduct themselves. Leaving children to choose their lifestyle is just like hating everything they do.

How To Deal With A Child With Eating Disorder…

Annaprashana ceremony Image

baby feeding time (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why do they refuse to eat for no good reason? I am talking about these kids who are below seven years. They are the naughtiest kids when it comes to having something for the stomach’s sake.

To these children, the most important thing to them is playing with toys and sometimes they like high tech gadgets to waste time with.

When it coming to feeding time, the fight will determine how much food goes down their throats. Something I have never understood why they do this.

Snacks, sweets and junk food are their favorite. Children below seven can live on these simple consumable food stuffs if the parent is not careful enough…

What to do,

If you have enough with these children you will be able to understand their habit, their good time and those moments you just need to leave them alone.

Angry children tend to be choosy on what food they want, this is a tactic they might you to manipulate you into giving in into their demands.

First you need to know the reason why they are behaving like that. Then draw a line on what to do and want not to do.

For a good parent, your child comes first in almost everything— if not everything according to caring mothers.

A child with some kind of eating disorder needs constant reminder why eating is very important for their own health. This will, at least, give the child an appetite or force self to take a few important bites. This is all you need.

Changing their diet very often is important too. This will ensure that the kid is taking in different food stuffs and this, in most cases, leads to identifying the kind of food that might be his or her favorite.

Another thing that might help out is training him to share with other children. These can be family members or his friends. They will encourage the kid to keep going. And this can turn out to be the perfect chance for your child embrace eating just like any other family member.

Well, you may have different opinion about this. Lets chat about this in comment section…

Academic Failures Should Not Mark The End of Children’s Dreams For A Happy and Successful Future.

Enough has been done and said for those who excelled in the last year’s class eight examinations. This includes carrying them shoulder high as the celebrations of their success take center stage, giving them a chance to be interviewed in live T.V stations to even say their career of choice among others just to mention a few. But what of those children who failed? Nobody likes to even think of his or her child all because they think passing exams is the only way, yet children have different abilities.

There have been reports that hundreds of last year’s candidates will not get a chance to join a secondary school. We may turn a blind eye but the reality is there for us to deal with it.

For the parents of these children, this is not the time to start blaming one another but the best thing is to encourage them that they can be somebody somewhere despite the failing of one exam. Let this failure not be a source of conflicts among parents because the affected children  need your moral support more than ever.

Then the government ought to put massive effort to cater for those children who fail in academics…Not everyone should be a doctor or an engineer graduated from ms mba. We need goof carpenters who should do handyman’s jobs.

Even though there is future considerations whereby talents are nurtured at an early stage, good education system should at least introduce such activities at early stages in child’s development.

This means that it will be possible to identify what a child is good at and not have a situation whereby children are branded failures just because of not passing class eight exams.

So it’s the hope of everyone that the government will go a long way in trying to shift the mentality of being good because of passing an exam. Remember one exam cannot be a representation of one’s future, try a presentation training experts team, they will give them the confidence they are missing.

But even as we wait for the government to come up with necessary reforms in the present education, let’s start with being there for the children who did not pass the exams.