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From childhood to adulthood

This is a rite of passage that is very important as it helps with the transition from a child to an adult.It is an aspect of personal development.

During the olden days,young girls were supposed to spend time with their grandmothers while for the young boys with the grandfathers.In both cases,that is where they got  their advice from concerning what is expected of them as they grow older and older.It was a culture that went on well and was of help.

But for today things have really changed children do not even go to their grandmothers to catch bed time stories.

But for these last few weeks,I’ve heard of something that different NGOs have come up with that is to helping the childhood to adulthood transition.

Such institutions are doing this for a fee whereby it starts with a seminar for both the parents and their children that is both boys and girls.What I like about this is that such institutions are enshrined under the church and so spiritual enrichment  This is a session that enlightens the children about what is expected of them as they move to the adulthood and for parents to know on how to go about being there for their children.

The parents then leave and the boys are taken for their circumcision,are given time to heal before they can embark on their program.The girls at this time are enlightened on how to be responsible adults and what is expected of them.

For the boys it’s the high time that they learn how to become responsible men of tomorrow and this is the time to start acting responsibly.They need to know about the dangers of abusing alcohol and use of drugs which have adverse effects on their lives.

Just to mention a view there is wide varieties of topics that are covered and this will in fact help these young girls and boys.This is because it’s obvious that parents usually avoid talking to their children about important issues affecting them.

What Children Should Understand

what children should understand

what children should understand

They looked like little angels arriving from heavens. They sung and matched into the venue like real warriors ready to conquer life without fear. But does it add up to there expectations?

In my real world, my brothers and I grew up knowing that life is as smooth as the brains of little ones. Almost everything asked for was given to us by our parents— we did not care how they worked hard to satisfy our demands. We had an opportunity and we exploited the source until the day everyone moved out.

Like the children I saw in graduation yesterday, I was there and I felt almost every bit of their happiness. Life was good and education was actually the key to my demands.

Books, school fees and other school expenses were things that ‘arrived from heaven’-parents’ pockets, our duty was to read and write. Short educational trips were luxuries that came by in that system– we just loved it!

Then after the reality, the jig-saw-puzzle was completed. I could see the real picture behind those small pieces. I understood how my happiness was a thorn in there flesh. How they sacrificed their happiness to give me something to smile about. Life is just funny how it plays its games with our little minds.

Then the pastor had to read the Bible in Proverbs— about training your child well in young-age, so that he/she grows up and never depart from good ways…You will spare me for that because I forgot the real chapter and verse… Yes I was touched! I wish I had known all that in my youthful time. But my time is gone… now I have to pass that knowledge to my little boy.

Do you have time for your children? These little angels needs us more than they need education and teachers. If given that opportunity for a brighter tomorrow, they will live happily just as their time in preschool graduation. What is needed is being close to them, let them understand the financial situation or whatever problem facing the family. Just to face reality when young!

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Abortion As a Threat Facing Teenagers

an expectant mother

an expectant mother

Abortion is the termination of pregnancy.It can be induced or a due to medical advice for health related problems.Induced abortion can be safe or unsafe.Unsafe because it’s performed by unskilled person or in an environment lacking medical standards especially in the backstreet areas.

According to recent surveys,30%-40% of maternal deaths are due to unsafe abortions.

Factors leading to unsafe abortions:

-Stigma in the society.

-Lack of knowledge on the dangers involved.

Complications of unsafe abortion:

-Excessive bleeding which can eventually lead to lack of blood.

-Perforation of the uterus or intestines.This can in turn lead to sick abdomen which after all can be hard to treat.

-Infection due to failing to sterilize the equipments used.



-Blood clots in the uterus and this is a health problem.

Unintended pregnancy and contraception:

-Contraception is a sure method to avoid unwanted pregnancy.Other ways are:

-Abstinence is the best option but if you must then family planning method is good.

Family planning:

-Promotes woman’s health.

-Allows one to achieve desired spacing between children.

-Gives one freedom to improve their quality of life.

-Reduces maternal deaths which can be the case if no family planning is used.

But before using any family planning method,it’s good to ask for and receive correct information on those methods.

Why teenagers choose abortion:

They will ask themselves the following questions-

-Do I want this baby or can I afford to raise a child?

-How will this affect my life?

-Am I ready to be a mother?

-What about my education and will I complete schooling?

So teenager will prefer an abortion to be on the safe side of life.

When a teen gets pregnant,she asks herself these questions:

-Where she lives,her religion,her relationship with the parents,her peers or friends,her education,why she didn’t use contraceptive to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Teenage pregnancy is unavoidable though abstinence is the best option to stay safe.

It’s good for a teenager to stay informed on what to do to avoid unwanted pregnancy since your partner can opt to leave you when pregnancy occurs.So do this:

-Don’t give in to pressure.

-Learn to say NO to anything you feel uncomfortable with especially sex.

-Know what to do so as not to get pregnant.

-Understand the effectiveness of the different forms of family planning and this can be through getting advice from professionals in the medical department.

-Follow your own values and principles.


Parenting, What You Need To Understand…

parenting and care

parenting and care

Parenting is the process of bringing up of a child rightfully from infancy to adulthood. There is always a saying that giving birth is easier but it calls for a lot of commitment and sacrifice to bring up a child into being a responsible citizen.

As parents we should be carefully when dealing with our children since its our duty to be there for them. It is sometimes smooth where  our children are concerned but the situation is different when a child becomes deviant. So we should therefore know that kids are different and there can be reasons why a child is behaving in certain manner.

Types of parents-

Authoritarian parents-These are parents who are very strict and they expect their children to put up with their demands with no questioning.Here the children have to their parents but not being listened to.

Permissive parents-These are parents who are friends with their children and so they can both talk freely to each other.

-Authoritative parents-These are parents who have well laid out rules that the children are supposed to follow but there are negotiations.This means that a parent can be expecting a child to do another task but still a child will have a room to give an alternative to his/her idea of thought.

It is up to the parents to know if they are supportive in their children’s growth or if they are of no help to their children.

Parents should also be fair enough when dealing with their children.Take for this scenario,here in my country the form four students are currently sitting for their form four end-of year examinations.They’ve been in the secondary school education for four years,but it so happens parents will expect their children to pass well and so what they do is issuing threats to ensure their children’s success. I think this is not fair since you should stand with your child no matter what. A child who is sitting for his/her examinations needs a lot of support.


Children, What Are They Watching Over The Internet?

children and the internet

children and the internet

Technology has made it easy to access almost everything by the touch of a button. We like being driven in the world of mysteries, watch anything that can be brought to us through electronic means and be satisfied with what we have at this a time of small but powerful gadgets. As we understand, everything good must have the negative part of it, especially when it lands in wrong hands.

With televisions, we have means through which we can control what our children will be watching. We are able to select which channels are fit for them and make sure that they stick to what we offer to them. We set rules that they have to adhere to with or without questions!

However, it becomes too difficult for us to monitor what they do with their phones. Mobile Phones are here to help us communicate well with our close persons. They also give us an opportunity to be part or the worldwide community with the help of the internet.

This simple media has changed the world and it will continue being part of our lifestyle until the day teleporting means will be developed into fully functional traveling option. That is just but me guess! Anyway, we have responsibly for our little ones and we have to do our best to keep up with the world.

Graphic media is so appealing for anyone’s eyes. A good reason why majority of technology companies are making their gadgets favorable to the users who likes playing with videos, images and text. This is where the problem comes from!

The internet is full of stuff, which can educate or derail someone’s mind. I guess we have a task to fulfill as parents or guardians to our children. Encourage conversations about what affects people’s lives and touch on negativities of using sensitive channels on the internet.

I guess one would recommend enabling ‘safe usage’, but they can easily by-pass it or have someone download sensitive materials for them. Sad that we do not live in paradise yet, anything is possible.