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Parenting, Should they Emulate Everything About You?

The small portion of life I have spent on earth means a lot to me. It defines my ability to survive different situations in happiness even when I have no reason to smile. However, this is not a kind of life I wanted; I used to think of my future from an elevation that I can only refer to as an illusion. In that state, I could see things and even had dreams to fulfill that thing that kept changing from easy to difficulty to worst choice of dream-chase. Finally, I learned to sail free and be who I am without any hindrance and backlashes.

Yep! I have to admit that I do enjoy my freedom of choice and likes. However, I have a habit that I can’t beat. And that is, inability to plan well and execute my will into tangible outcome.

This little ugly habit is something that I am not proud of. It makes me feel like I am something without value in life. In fact I always have a funny feeling that life isn’t as easy as it seems to be.

Okay, why did I choose to spill my rot in the public?

Today this morning, I overheard two guys chatting about family life and how they wish their children to emulate them in the near future. According to them, children, especially sons should emulate what their fathers does. This should include behavioral abilities and other parental habits. Oops! No one is perfect on this world and everyone has a choice in what that feels right—- not to just follow someone’s habits blindly without thinking over it.

If I have my on children, I would train them to be who they want to be. And if anyone tries to emulate my behaviors and that ‘don’t care personality’, then I would guide him or her how to be on their own, stand their ground for change—-just to avoid having another me in future.

What about you? Have Yours Say!

Parenting: Toddlers Needs a Lot of Care

Giving birth to a child is one thing and being able to raise the child is another even more wanting task.

Parenting is a full time responsibility that should be given a lot of attention it deserves. Bringing up small children may be okay for parents who are able to dedicate their time to their children with no other responsibilities elsewhere.

But this may not be the case with career mothers who have other work related commitments and may still not be able to abandon their jobs for the sake of their children’s care.

So for such mothers, they will definitely need the services of a house-help to take care of their child in their absence. But then as a mother it’s good to know what is a good environment for your child’s growth.

Don’t keep changing house-helps for your small baby under the age of five years. Also remember this age bracket forms the basis of your child’s growth.

This is because the child needs time to get used to a new entrant in his/her life so getting only one house-help throughout that age bracket the better. This is a good nurturing environment to your child that will give no room for any confusing element to your child about what is happening in his/her life.

Another thing, don’t leave the entire responsibility of your child to your house-help. Try as much as possible to be there with your child whenever you have your free time.

This is because one is able to know if your child’s growth is headed towards the right direction since it’s determined by some sort of stage.

This will help you as a mother to be able to respond to your child’s sounds and interests. You will also be able to know at what point your child needs play things to handle, bang, and drop.

So as a mother you should always identify any deviation of your child’s growth towards the negative way.

This applies to fathers too..


Responsibilities To our Children as Parents

Raising our children to be responsible citizens of tomorrow is supposed to be a full time job for us as parents. Spending a lot of time with our children is the main aspect to ensure that we are part of their everyday life. This way we are able to know any pressing issues that may be affecting our children one way or the other. It is important to have a meal together as a family and at the same time share out daily family chores.

If you are not at home most of the times, it is important to be friends since they will be able to tell you any incidents that they have experienced. By this I mean, your children will be able to tell you of anyone who can try to may be harass them sexually. This is because by being your children’s friend, they know that they can trust you and thus have a shoulder to lean on in times of any difficulties. You can also set limits in order to monitor and guide on what you expect of your children. At least your children know that you care as their parent.

Do not leave your children’s responsibilities to anyone else and so you should be able to know things about your children so as not to lose your authority. Then always take note of what your neighbors’ have to say about your children since they may have information regarding your children that you may not know. You should try and get the truth of the matter at the same time avoid holding discussions with your children concerning the same neighbors’ as this may make your children to be disrespectful.

Then you should know who is surrounding your children since this affects his/her brain development. Good nurturing is a rich ingredient to your child’s growth.

Parenting Skills That You Must Have Inorder To Be a Good Parent

1. Know where your child is,where he/she has been and with whom and when you expect him/her to be back.

2. You should get to know your child’s friends.It’s always good to ask your child on any reports that you get from may be the house-help of him/her having friends who visited him/her during your absence.Don’t chase away your child’s friends so as to get to know them better ,their names and where they live.His/her friends tell you more of your child’s company-is it good or bad?

3. Make sure your child has a healthy diet to avoid the risk of exposing him/her to lifestyle diseases due to unhealthy feeding.

4. Limit television watching and video games watching.Let them know that they ought to engage in other responsibilities like assisting in the family chores.

5. Make sure that your child makes a studying timetable and then follow up to ascertain that your child did some studying for the day.You can insist to see the notes that they made while studying and this is good as it shows accountability to you as a parent.

6. In case of end of term and the school has been closed,insist to see the report form.For the school that have their report forms sent via post,follow up with the class teacher to know by when to expect the report form.

7. Be radically consistent.This means that you should not change what you say since this can create a room for your child’s intimidation.

8.Prepare your child for adulthood.This means that it’s good to talk on what is expected as they are growing up in order to be responsible adults.Make them understand the changes that they are experiencing in their bodies.

9.Sit and look down at your own life as a parent.This means whether you are a good example to your children or not.It can be like do you keep any appointments that you have since this can be a positive note that your children can have from you.

Siblings Hatred

One may always think that all that is prevalent among family members in a family is their love for one another and the concern for one another.But there is a trend where family members will hold some sort of grudge among themselves for a long time.

Parents have been blamed to fuel such hatred due to their favoring of the child who they see as their favorite.This can make the hatred to even last forever.Like in this scenario,a lady confessed that she hated her sister so much since she got favored by their father when they were young.And to support her reason of holding the grudge after several years,she claimed that her sister was even taken to very best schools.

Some will even have grudges due to ones physical appearance like for this woman who was hated by her sister because she was more prettier than her.This hatred was so rooted that she is a single of a ten year old girl thanks to her sister after she branded her a gold digger so breaking her relationship with her would be suitor.

Hatred can also be due to friends like for this man whose brother has held a grudge for so many years due to his former girlfriend.When he was dating the lady,she was a frequent visitor and so they got to know each other more with him and unknown to him,she got to like him more than his brother.So she started avoiding being with hi brother who became so nagging and could go looking for her at her home even when it was not necessary.To keep him off she had to reveal to him that his brother was better off than him.

This was the source of their grudge that he said that has lasted for so many years and his brother cannot even talk to him.

But I think parents should be careful on how they bring up their children to avoid hatred being rooted among them.Then for them who hate their own brothers or sisters for reasons known to them,it’s good to know that there are people out there who don’t have any siblings of their own.