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What is The Difference Between Me and You?

There was this  boy was in a primary school and having being raised by his single mother as his father had long passed on when he was a small child, his mother was being assisted by close relatives to educate her son.

So one day, he was given a short note requiring him to give it to his mother as it was a monthly reminder that her son had a balance to offset for his smooth earning.

Then in the evening the boy’s uncle came visiting the family to check on their progress. Before leaving, he asked the boy’s mother if the boy had any balance in terms of school fees to be paid.

She told him that the school fees had already been paid in full due to the fact that she had earlier used some cash meant for school fees but would not own up to tell the boy’s uncle. But the boy being keen on the reply after sometime asked his mother if there is any difference between the two of them.

He went on and told her that she had lied to his uncle concerning having any fees balance and so this made them a match as liars. He quickly pointed out that she has always been insisting that he should always speak the truth but after this incident, it left him with more to wonder.

The above incident is a challenge to parents today with this question; am I a good example to my children? Let the answer be a ‘YES’ to avoid situations where a child will be an embarrassment to either the father or the mother. For example, you cannot tell your children to avoid using abusive language yet you are always abusing them.

Be a good parent and mind your style of parenting lest you raise your children in a lot to be desired manner.

In The Mind Of a Child

Rubber band (Elastic). Deutsch: Gummibänder

Rubber band (Elastic).  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Children are always deemed innocent in their way of thinking or even in the actions that they do. I have even heard people saying that if people would behave just like kids then the world would be just fine. This is because children fighting one moment easily forget their quarrels very first and still move on as friends the next moment. Children look up into their parents in anything that they need and it’s obvious to hear kids praising what their father or mother has done for them.

Just yesterday, I was just basking outside my home and just nearby a number of girls were playing a popular game that involves tying of rubber bands where two girls are expected to stretch them on both ends. I was at least able to grasp that any girl jumping would lose by what they branded ‘burnt’. Before the starting of the game, one girl ran to her mother and sought help to ask the girlfriends to allow her to be the first one to play.

Being a small girl, it became evident how she knew that her mother would be of great influence of having her wish granted. So I think children ought to be treated right in their tender age. Remember as children are growing up, their day to day experiences is what determines their life of tomorrow.

At times, when I get an opportunity to have a chat with my son and he truly has many things to talk about. But one thing if a child asks to be bought something maybe even a toy, he/she expects to get it. Let’s say that if as a parent you say that you have no cash to make the purchase, the child will always point out he/she has seen your lots of money. It may just be a few coins but the child thinks that its just a lot of cash.

What it means to parents as children are now at home

We are almost nearing the end-of year festivities and so children have already closed schools and so for about one and a half months, they are gonna be home. But then I overheard a group of women chatting and each getting to know how the other was fairing with her family. I could hear one say her children have really grown big and all in upper primary classes, then another said that she had one who had just graduated in pre-school and the conversation was on for some time as each woman updated the others with what’s going on in her family.

But there was a change of topic and all the regrets concerning children being at home. One woman said that there was nothing good with having children at home since it meant that more responsibilities come by as you now have to watch over them and they sometimes make one to shout. Then another one said that she can’t imagine the increase in expenditure right from breakfast, lunch and supper as she was used to her children being away in boarding schools. She quickly pointed out schools come in handy as you only pay cash and leaves everything else to the schools administration. Noise making was also part of their predicament since children always involve themselves with all kinds of games and these cannot be done quietly.

I found the conversation interesting since there is a no way children can go schooling for 365 days in a year yet I think such parents wouldn’t mind that. The truth is teachers have done their part of being responsible to the children at school, so now the parents ought to be responsible for them at home. It’s good for parents to spend time with their children and make this moment enjoyable. Parents ought to accommodate the presence of their children in the family.


Hacked to death for unconfirmed allegations of being a devil worshipper member

The old man in his late 60s broke down uncontrollably as he gave out a testimony of how his wife was hacked to death on suspicions of being a devil worshiper. He could freshly remember like it was yesterday and coming into terms with her demise was proving to be too hard for him. The old man accompanied by his two daughters and a son-in-law were in a forum to share an incident that happened to them as a family. This is what happened; His wife and one of his daughters present were suspected by fellow villagers of being behind the sickness of the daughter of one of the villagers. According to them the constant convulsions that the girl was experiencing was due to the satanic activities of two. Then his daughter’s first born girl was a friend to the sick girl.

So one Sunday when they were in church the said girl passed out and was hurriedly taken to his daughter who was asked to walk out of the church as tension among the faithful was building up. Then a friend accompanied her home and advised her to run off to her parent’s home as there were plans to attack her anytime. She did as she was told but the said attackers who were her fellow villagers followed her to the parent’s home baying for her blood but she was saved from their wrath by the police. Though everything cooled own, she left the village and joined her husband in town for fear of being attacked in future.

After about 3 weeks the same villagers regrouped and at about mid night went to his daughter’s homestead and torched their entire house. Then they went ahead to her parent’s home where they took her mother and took her father hostage leading him away from home. Efforts for the families to get help from the police failed and her mother was hacked to death and their house set ablaze for being suspected of being a devil worshiper yet there was no evidence but only misplaced rumors.3 years had passed since the ugly incident yet the family had not got justice for the murder of the wife/mother even after having endless trips to the concerned authorities.

So they wanted to relieve their bleeding heart for all those years, and then get answers why the murder yet no had even come out to accuse her. Her daughter greatly regretted that she would have saved her mother if she had known she was exposed to any threat since all through all the loath was directed to her but not the mother. All this was in the national radio and the family agreed to forgive those who killed the beloved mother/mother but only if they came forward and asked for forgiveness. The old man with a heavy heart said that there is no way to repay for the love of life and it was hurting that he could even recognize the culprits.

Parenting, The Missing Influential Part

Parents with child Statue, Hrobákova street, P...

Parents with child Statue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Style up! Where are your manners? This is not from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, but the reality of life that happened to revolve around someone I know. As a child, he was brought up as a naughty child. He was ever in the wrong and in most times he could do something so embarrassing that his parents would feel ashamed of him. But all in all, his parents loved him so much.

How much is too much love for a child? Personally, I grew up in a no-nonsense-family.  My mother was tough and she could not tolerate any kind of manner-less behavior. If it meant marathon, she was up for it until you’re securely in her hands. Then a beating that followed meant for rectification of that thing that keeps you from going astray.

Well, as for this friend of mine, he was the lone child and almost everything he did was tolerable in his parent’s point of view, even if it meant total madness. In one memorable moment, he picked up a stick and actually whipped his mother in the presence of other people who were in a family function. Too late! His mother tried to beat him back but people were against it saying she was the one to blame for her son’s naughtiness. She lived with that!

Peers become important in middle childhood and...

Peers become important in middle childhood and have an influence distinct from that of parents. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Then it happened that the society shut its doors and stayed inaccessible by the boy. We were actually not allowed to play with him and a punishment followed anyone who went against this directive. Great that while at school, we used to have it all and only to back into family laws cocoons in the evening.

Later, the bay had to change his manners and blamed it all on his parents for being too good to him. The needed advice and guidance, something that his parents failed to provide since their love for him shielded everything before their reach. Oops! Is this how parents fail in parenting?

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