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Marriage and Having Kids Was Not Meant For Everyone

There are reasons to believe that marriage and having kids was not meant for everyone. It is not bad to lead a celibate life, but we have those people who are already married or have kids of their own, however, they do not have all it takes to be parents— leave alone parenting values that might undermine their scores.

It is not that such people do not have resources necessary to bring up a healthy kid in a good parenting environment, but just because they feel that a child is a hindrance for something else. And they prefer taking other responsibilities as their first priority over their child or children.

In this era, where everything is bought by money, the search for money has taken over people’s way of life. In news today, there was a report that a two-year old boy is yet to start talking because his mother is ever out. Which is insane, considering the amount of resources available online to even teach kids how to write synonym.

According to the neighbors, the kid is always indoors and rarely see the sun because his mother is ever busy for him.

The concerned neighbors usually let him out when his mother is not around, feed him and allow him to play with other kids before sending him back to his den.

The mother who works both day and night is said to be a friend to the local police officers that this has shielded her from being arrested for negligence.

The last time that neighbors reported her to the police, the male police officer who was sent to deal with the matter ended up sleeping with her. This made the concerned people to mind their own business.

When a parent do not have means to bring up a child, the state should either force the parent to exercise his or her duties or take the child to children homes.

Why work the whole of your life while your child is suffering at the other end?  Parenting involves giving your children that much-needed love. Or if you know you can’t deal with parenting stuff, employ someone to take care of your child.

What That First Time Contact With The Child Means To Him

When he comes to see the baby for the first time, what does he do?

This is one question that women do not have a right answers for. But to us men we do understand perfectly well that this is the only moment to confirm if our genes were passed on well to the kid or someone else contributed to the fatherhood of the child. Oops! That hurts but this is the reality..
When a man holds the new born baby for the first time, he checks to see some similarities between him and the child.  To feel that unusually special urge to be with the baby and to confirm things that no woman would understand…  Hey, all these take seconds in his mind and means a lot for time to come.
To some men, the first contact with the child skin wakes up his most important side of a man— that feeling of broadly happy daddy come alive. But if that inner sensation doesn’t happen, then a doubt will emerge in his mind and forever will he remain suspicious until the DNA test is done to convince him to accept the reality.

Why some men easily accept responsibility to a child who is not theirs

Well, I know some women think that they are too smart that they can easily force someone to take up responsibility for a child even when she knows that he is no the real father to her child. Okay, sometimes the plan goes through but this does not mean that he is so naïve to know he is being taken for a ride. Taking that responsibility is just a way of being close to the main target— you, and if other expenses comes along, then so be it.
Only a mother knows the paternity of her unborn child, right? But things turn into reality when the child is born. So, don’t be amazed when his happiness turns into a frown when he holds the new born for the first time. It only means the communications between them is repulsive. But it is difficult to tell a man’s happiness because some of us would look happy when we are actually sad and vice varsa.

Now I  guess you know!

Couple Jailed For Killing Child

There is time for humans to joke around with life and time to be serious about it all. Why would you kill a child just because you suspect he it was born out of wedlock? This is animosity that should be condemned, and the people involved in cruel act face the law.

A couple in Nyando, Kenya was sentenced to life imprisoned following revelation that they strangled their two-month-old child after the husband doubted the fatherhood of the child.

Apparently, the man in the house refused to accept the kid because he suspected that his wife cheated on him and got pregnant by the unknown man. They two, husband and wife, decided to kill the child and secretly dispose off the body.

It took the neighbors involvement to unravel the mystery and the couple arrested and charged with murder.

The two did not even confirm that the kid was actually the fruit of another man. DNA test was not carried out to determine the paternity of the deceased. This only confirms that the couple was not ready for parental responsibilities.

We know that life is not that simple because of financial reasons. However, this should not be a reason fit to kill an innocent child just to avoid parental responsibilities.

Personally, I know of a person who became so violent after he suspected that his wife cheated on him. It got so nasty that the elders from his side and those from his wife to discuss the way forward. Eventually, the two separated but good that the child was not harmed.

Why not just give away the child for adoption if you think the child is not part of your family? It is not worth the chance but for sure, the child will someday have a bright future.

I hate evil!

How To Deal With A Child With Eating Disorder…

Annaprashana ceremony Image

baby feeding time (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why do they refuse to eat for no good reason? I am talking about these kids who are below seven years. They are the naughtiest kids when it comes to having something for the stomach’s sake.

To these children, the most important thing to them is playing with toys and sometimes they like high tech gadgets to waste time with.

When it coming to feeding time, the fight will determine how much food goes down their throats. Something I have never understood why they do this.

Snacks, sweets and junk food are their favorite. Children below seven can live on these simple consumable food stuffs if the parent is not careful enough…

What to do,

If you have enough with these children you will be able to understand their habit, their good time and those moments you just need to leave them alone.

Angry children tend to be choosy on what food they want, this is a tactic they might you to manipulate you into giving in into their demands.

First you need to know the reason why they are behaving like that. Then draw a line on what to do and want not to do.

For a good parent, your child comes first in almost everything— if not everything according to caring mothers.

A child with some kind of eating disorder needs constant reminder why eating is very important for their own health. This will, at least, give the child an appetite or force self to take a few important bites. This is all you need.

Changing their diet very often is important too. This will ensure that the kid is taking in different food stuffs and this, in most cases, leads to identifying the kind of food that might be his or her favorite.

Another thing that might help out is training him to share with other children. These can be family members or his friends. They will encourage the kid to keep going. And this can turn out to be the perfect chance for your child embrace eating just like any other family member.

Well, you may have different opinion about this. Lets chat about this in comment section…

Father Harms His Child In Unknown Circumstances..

Nairobi Kenya… Just the previous day, we awoke to the sad news of a father who allegedly cut his one and a half-year old son with a knife causing him bodily harm.

According to the emotionally depressed mother of the child, she had left the child under the care of the father as she went to work for a night shift in a nearby Export Processing Zone (EPZ) plant in the area. They have been living together as a couple so there was no way she would have any suspicions of any bad ills from him.

The mother said that at around 4 P.M in the night, she called her husband asking to know if everything was alright and he told her that the child was already asleep. She went on and asked him whatever it is that he was doing and he replied that he was preparing to retire to bed. Oblivious that everything was okay, she went on with her work.

But in the dead of the night, she received a distress call from a neighbor who informed her that her husband was butchering the child in the house. She said such news were unbelievable and she left the manufacturing company in a hurry, took a taxi in order to reach her home the soonest. As a mother she couldn’t persevere being in the sight of her child’s blood and so she opted not to enter in the house.

Though her neighbors had tried to save the child, her husband disappeared in the darkness to an unknown destination. It was then that the lady received a call from a referral hospital where the child is currently admitted and fighting for his life having been taken there by the same father who had attacked him. There emerged other reports that this man had also turned the knife on himself and so was also admitted with stomach cuts.

Now for a father to turn against his child with him he has lived with for quite some time, it becomes very hard to understand why such a barbaric attack. Is it possession by the devil or the case of superstitious spirits? Nobody knows but this is such a sad incident.