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Child marriage – Waflay Post
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When a Man Feels Worthless

that worthlessness, the feeling that can’t be solved easily johnhain / Pixabay 

When she goes out, he desperately waits for her. He knows very well that she is seeing someone else but he has to wait because his love for her comes fast before anything else.

According to him, he knows the person his wife sees very often— two to four times a week. But he has stood firm with his marriage and will never let anything come between them.

Whether her other lover knows this or not, it is not his problem. And that he chose to learn to live with it since he has a problem that only another man can solve for his marriage…

What? It is sad that this is a psychological problem that he has to deal with.  If a man can’t rise in the time of need, then it is much likely to be found in that tight situation. He may be in love with his wife so much but he has to let his mind work straight like a real man.

For some women, they find this as an opportunity to go and get sexual satisfaction outer marriage—as the case with this friend of mine. However, not all women will be in a hurry to jump into bed with someone else. There are other means to do it when that feeling arises.

Men fighting against this problem usually think they are lesser men. They have to make big sacrifices just to make things look great in their marriages. But in within in that silent moment, the world is not that better place for them.

It is hard to come in terms with the reality. It may take like forever for a man to accept that he can’t perform in bed. It is sickening and worrying like hell.

Anyway, there are chances that the problem can just vanish—- but it can’t then one has to accept it a live a happy life.

To get married or not

Just yesterday, there was a heading in the print media that stated that marriage is not for everyone and obviously this attracted views from different individuals. In this forum, the opening remark was whether anyone in the married lot if given an opportunity would consider being single again. This man said he once asked his mother to give him reasons why he should get married and she told him for one is to have children and to have someone to cook for him. But he went on and said that it doesn’t mean that being single has ever made him hungry pointing out that he feels he is okay alone.

Then this other lady said that her partner has made her realize a lot of potential in herself and so she would not hesitate being married to him again and again. She further added that hers is a successful marriage even though they have had their ups and downs but they have still been able to sail through as a couple.

But for a once happy marriage to turn to a regretful relationship there must be a lot that happens to make couples not being able to cope. Couples do not just wake up one day to replace their love with hate but the truth is all this happens gradually. I sometimes think you cannot just let go everything, better put some efforts to save the situation.

Then I don’t usually see it wise to rule out being married due to the experience of your friend somewhere whose marriage failed and so this should not be the element of discouragement. We are all different and no one’s failure should dictate what path that we decide to take in our life. But anyway it all depends your take on all this because there are those who think marriage is not an institution that they can venture in.

Should she just put up with it for the sake of her marriage?

It was in a morning radio show when this lady called and said that before she got married to her husband, he used to drink alcohol but the problem was now that he had become too much. And what’s more he pees on the bed once he is drunk and she has had to deal with this mess for the last four years not knowing what to do.

She went on and said that she has tried talking to him about it but he gives excuses that he is going to get late for work. He once told her that she should consider herself lucky because there are women out there who deal with more than being with a man who drinks too much. He went on and said that he provides financially, does not cheat on her or has never even beaten her up. He further added that this was a small issue and she ought to give her time and she was there wondering how this was gonna continue.

The first caller was a lady who said not unless a man is recuperating, this is unacceptable and no woman should have to deal with it. She went on and said no woman in her sane self ought to put up with this because it’s like you are trying to live.

Then this other man called and said that for the sake of the marriage, it’s only good that you devise a way of making things better for yourself. He suggested that he ought this lady ought to look for a polythene paper and cover the mattress and so she will be left with the easier task of only cleaning the bed sheets.

But then this woman was in a dilemma on what to do and especially that she knew there was a problem and had no idea on what to do. Someone once said dealing with a man even on issues that need medical attention is hard.

Domestic violence to blame for rising cases of violence against children

Grandville : Cent Proverbes

child abuse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Domestic violence is a situation that arises due to constant fighting between a man and his wife. So in most cases a mother in such a situation may opt to leave their children under the care of their father. So incase this man marries again, possibilities of the stepmother mistreating the children are very high.

Alternatively, the same mother can decide to leave the marriage but this time taking the children with her and maybe getting married again and so the step father of the children may in this case mistreat the children or maybe even defiling them.

But even as the cases of violence have been reported to be on the increase, one thing is for sure not all incidents that find their way into the newsroom. This is according to an officer working in a Non-government organization that deals with cases involving violence against children.

She went further to say that so far they have handled more cases as compared to the same time last year So if the boy/girl child if not in a healthy family setting, you will find them very vulnerable to such risky situations.

But then a society as a whole has a role to play in order to ensure that children are safe and let us be more enlightened on what to do when we experience such situations. This means that we should all have our eyes and ears open to ensure that the children within us are safe.

People should thus act responsibly and report any incidents where children’s rights are being violated. I remember an incident of a girl who was living at their home’s doorstep for being considered as a bad luck to the family. Such a girl was saved from the wrath of her father and the grandmother after her plight was highlighted in the media.