Does Your little Girl Deserve a Communal (public) Beating Just Because She Has a Boyfriend?

violence against children

Children’s rights are infringed each time a child undergoes corporal punishment, be it, from the parents, teachers or any other person out there.

In this generation, we have to adhere to the laws. However, human rights should not be sidelined. And this is also applicable even in times of war.

Kenyan law is very clear about children’s rights. In fact, corporal punishment was abolished in schools in Kenya and so far, those who are found to have committed the offense have paid dearly for their mistakes.

It is so heartbreaking then to see a girl child undergoing torture. The main reason being, she is spending too much time with her boyfriend. Just last week we were treated to the most inhuman acts as far as domestic violence is concerned. According to this couples neighbors, they were always arguing most of the times but nobody thought that anyone of them could choose death as a solution to their marital problems. Nobody wants to be trapped in jail. But when you don’t have a reliable and affordable solution for bail for domestic violence in CT, it may feel like you have no other choice. That’s why Connecticut Bail Bonds Group believes in fast service with a range of payment options that make it easier to cover costly bail expenses.

Well, the parents argue that she should be studying instead of running around with boys.

The ugly truth is,

When the mother found out what was happening behind her back, she decided to dispel the kid from her house at 9 in the evening. That was the first mistake!

Of course, the 14-year-old girl had nowhere to go except to her boyfriend’s house where she spent a night.

The next day, the worrying mother went around looking for her daughter.

With tips and clues from her spies, she landed to the door, the only barrier between her and the hiding daughter.

With her two accomplices, they forced entry into the house and found the girl.

It took the neighbors’ effort to calm her down and let the daughter go. However, the trouble did not end there.

Another mistake followed sooner than later,

According to another story, which I cannot verify, the mother dropped her daughter in the hands of strangers who humiliated her for hours. They beat her up saying she was being punished for being a bad example for young girls around there.

Taking matters into her hands, the 14-year-old took the first chance and disappeared from home.

Worried about her whereabouts, the mother thought went around asking for information about the missing girl.

With slim chances, she decided to contact the girl’s boyfriend.

Oops! He refused to talk about it.

A few days later, the girl returned back home.

Where was she?

Why did she decide to end up in the hostile house?

And who, besides the known boyfriend, could host the runaway girl for all those days?


Inflicting pain to your child, does it have a positive impact to your child’s behaviors?

Well, you may have your say!

Parents watch your words

As parents we tend to exercise our authority when it comes to the expectations that we have for our children. It’s obvious for our children to make mistakes but we ought to act responsibly and be their right guide and monitor. Then once a mistake is done, don’t overreact and even scold your child, remember anger controlling you can affect your child negatively.

Then it’s always good to keep quiet and listen to your child and this you are set to build your child’s confidence and thus it becomes possible for your child to confine in you in case of any problem that he/she experiences. So be a good listener and you are sure to become your child’s best friend.

Just yesterday, I had the opportunity to listen to a lady who was giving a testimony of her life that has left her with all the regrets. She said that the relationship with her mother was negative and this was the reason why her life is now messed up. When she was a young girl, she was always accused of any mistakes done in the house even if it were her brother’s fault and ended up being punished. Then her mother could not even listen to her innocence pleas and even scolded her to very unpleasant words most of which she could not understand then. Now that she has come to understand the meaning of the abuses, she now blames her mother of planting seeds of misery in her life by the use of her mouth. Then her other fear is that her daughters may experience the same problems that she has passed through in her life.

Though her mother has always been very unwelcoming on the few visits that she had gone home, she said that she still wanted to make things right with her mother. She has regretted enough and so it was time to make things better for herself and her family.

Child Abuse, Ugandan Maid From Hell Torturing A Toddler

child tortured by the maid

child tortured by the maid

One thing that has kept me thinking for a while before putting my thoughts in writing how many kids suffer in silence in the hands of those people that parents trust the most -the maids or house helps.

One question to all parents out there, how well do you know your house-help? Without a doubt, we have good people, sent for heaven, who are mature enough and treats other people’s children well. Their professionalism is beyond doubt and they represent humanity in everything they do. However, we happen to trust them so much and sometimes they might turn into beasts without us being aware of it.

Like in a viral video from my neighboring country, Uganda. The house-help is seen beating up a two year old kid. Slapping her so hard as if the baby is a staffed animal. It was scene that usually happens in movies but it sad that the child went through all that in reality. The woman in the video was later arrested and now facing assault charges. Thanks to God that the toddler survived. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can represent yourself.  The biggest mistake you can make is appearing in front of the DMV or the Court without experienced counsel, especially if your case involves prior convictions or aggravating factors such as excessive speed, children in the vehicle, an accident, an injury (even minor injury), or an angry victim.  Don’t just accept a negative outcome. Go through for the best DUI attorney.

It is not clear why she chose punishment as the way of handling the the little girl. But the way she did it shows much hatred to the family and willingness to do more harm to the child than to care for the child the way she was supposed to do.

As a parent, I felt for the girl and pitied for the parents who let their daughters to go through such torture. Children have a right to live well on earth… the house-help broke a dozen rules by her evil act. Thanks to God that the law finally got her red-handed in the act.

To the parents,

You child is a precious gift from God. You should be there for it to grow knowing that you care and ready to defend it from all kinds of evil. Be careful when letting someone else take care of your child.

The maid from hell is just a tip of all evil happenings behind closed doors. Some would even kill or maim children and leave a dent in a the family forever. It is better to learn and accept your fate as a parent or be sorry when something goes way out of hand.

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