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Cheating – Waflay Post
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What’s the difference?

Illustration for Cheating Français : Illustrat...

Illustration for Cheating  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just last week on Thursday, the K.C.S.E results for the last year’s form four national examinations were released and the results of thousands of students involved with cheating were cancelled. The students were wrong to cheat but they were instantly penalized by having their results cancelled and this means a lot for any child who sees his or her four-year period studies going down to being nothing.

But I found myself comparing this issue of cheating exams with the corruption cases that are seemingly getting out of hand. Imagine a situation where the affected students are not given an opportunity to say something but for those alleged to be involved in corrupt deals they have all it takes to defend themselves from corruption allegations.

So the corrupt individuals and the cheating students are no different in any way because their integrity is questionable. For the case of the national examinations, cheating has been there though even the examinations council body has always been adamant that claims of exam leak are misplaced. So the best this body can do is to address the issue once and for all because this may make us to one day feel the pinch of condoning this bad habit.

What of the corrupt guys? I think we ought to see the same instant penalties to our corrupt guys because they are also cheating using the taxpayers’ money. The results are cancelled as a way of curbing this practice in the future but I think corruption is a vice that is blackening the country’s future day in day out yet it seems like controlling it is becoming practically hard because so far no serious measures are taken into effect.

So the affected students’ future is already unsecured but corrupt individuals have nothing to worry because there are systems that allow them to secure their continued say in the name of court orders to even stop investigations. So the treatment for birds of the same feather should concur because cheating is bad whether for students or for other individuals.

Cheating in National Examinations Still Rampant

In this year’s K.C.P.E results a number of about 35 schools in Nairobi and Muran’ga counties had their results cancelled due to alleged cheating. In the entire country a total of 2709 students were involved in cheating. This is a blow to the affected students and their parents on the other hand since they have nothing to show for their hard work of eight straight years.

Teachers have been blamed to have an upper hand in cheating because they are responsible for looking for the papers that are being sat for in a given examination. They do so to ensure that the children in their school will pass and this in turn increases popularity for their schools.

Parents have also been blamed for supposedly aiding their children to cheat in the national examinations. This is because you will hear a parent bragging how he or she was able to land on an exam leak and thus gave the daughter to do ample revision. So this means that if a parent encourages his or her daughter to cheat, then such an action only shows the child that cheating is normal and the example is right there with the parent.

Then the other issue   is the government neglecting most schools in terms of the resources hence the cheating as the students hope to join the favored schools. For example, national schools are often visited by quality standards officer for inspection while like the day schools rarely get such visits maybe after several years or so. But then if students are sure of getting the best in all schools, then no one would go about cheating in examinations.

Then as far as cheating is concerned, if the C.S is serious about completely curbing cheating, then he ought to start cleaning the mess right in his office .This is so because there are some loopholes somewhere since exam cheating also involves some senior officials in the Ministry of Education who sees this as an opportunity to gain in monetary terms. This means that for any examinations to reach to the general public, and then there is definitely money exchanging hands.

Would You Fight Someone Because The Person is Having a Love Relationship With Your Lover?

The love of my life

The love of my life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Would you  fight someone because the person is having a relationship with your lover? At one point in my ugly love life, I came face to face with these two options. Whether to fight a guy who was having a ‘thing’ with my only girl I had known for two years or to walk away and let fate take my love course. I chose to leave her because I thought she was the one who was cheating on us both, not the guy who seemed so happy with her.

The journey into loneliness may be frightening. Plus a heart that keeps skipping a beat whenever you see you former lover. But you have to make a final decision even when it means killing your heart. Oops! This does not mean committing suicide because of someone’s foolish mistakes, it means moving on and forgetting all about love.

Physical fights may result into nasty endings. What if the person you’re fighting for truly loves the other person? What if you get a beating from the two of them—with the person you thought would stand for you staying neutral or worse joining the other force? Hello! Love life means so many things; let those who think that walking away is cowardice go ahead with a fight. At the long run, if someone does not love you will just leave you when you least expect it.

What about the situation when you are married?

It hurts, it really do. However, taking the law in your own hands is not the best way to approach the matter. Talk about it! But hold your anger from bursting into love disastrous flames. If you can’t control it, then try not to talk about it… pretend that you don’t know anything and let life to continue. That way you will at one time be courageous enough to ask why the person is doing it.

As usual, fighting does not solve anything in real life. It may postpone something but it is not the final solution. If the person you love is going to leave then there is nothing you can do about.

Love hates reality, and love hurts in reality…

When A Loving Heart Face The Rocky Way-out

English: Two candles in love. The flame is inv...

Two candles in love. The flame is inverted heart shape. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you love someone, you expect the person to love you the same way you do. It is sad love when you love a stone heart. A heart that can’t change for you or worse, the heart that is so chameleon— ever searching for true love but can’t find one (cheating).

In a sad incident that happened in one Nairobi suburb, the cheating boyfriend paid with his life after he was got with message deemed from another lover.

There are speculations that the two engaged in a heated verbal and physical fight before the boyfriend was killed as the girl admitted in hospital, suffering from multiple injuries.

If love truly means something on earth, then why do people cheat? There are several reasons. However, the consequences that follow are never that good for anyone.




People cheat in love relationships because of either:

  1. They are not satisfied with love for each other.
  2. Seeking for adventure in love relationships
  3. The person they love is already having someone else, hence tit for tat.
  4. Peer pressure from friends are relatives
A heart being used as a symbol of love. Photo ...

A heart being used as a symbol of love. Photo modified by author using Photoshop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It hurts torealize that the person you love is going out with someone else. Being a victim of a cheating love relationship is so hurting. It makes one feel like he or she is a lesser lover and that life is not that important anymore. These negative feelings can force on to commit a crime he or she never indented to.

The cheated heart never trusts anyone after the first love. It might fall in love again but it will never forget its first love.

Building the much needed trust to someone is not easy. It takes a while, if not forever to have someone fully trusted. The heart is so naïve when falling in love but it takes a while for it to heal and move on.


She Chopped off His Vitals, Termed It As ‘Natural Contraceptive’

Violence against men is not something read or heard very often but when it does pop out into media it carries news headlines like any other breaking news. Of late, we have been hearing such reports that men are becoming endangered species after the rise of the breed of women who likes seeing men’s tears.

At first the majority of men thought that starting an organization to cater for the bartered men was a wrong idea but nowadays, the organization has gained popularity since the reports about men being assaulted by their dear wives, girlfriend and even their own sisters has been on the rise.

Recently, a woman was arrested for allegedly chopping off her husband’s ‘vitals’ in what neighbors said was an unlikely incident since they have never seen the two quarreling. The incident that happened somewhere in Mt. Kenya region has hit airwaves in Kenya but as usual, Nyeri women are known for such dangerous assaults against men.

During her court case hearing in a Nairobi, she pleaded guilty of that offense but she added that it was necessary natural contraceptive and a way of avoiding children born out of wedlock.

According to the accused, her husband is someone who can’t keep his ‘vitals’ intact for one person only. In her statement, she said that she warned him several times against his behaviors but he could not change. So she was forced to take that action to prevent future sexually transmitted diseases into her house.

When she was asked to explain why she did not just leave her cheating husband, she said that he was her first lover and that she could not think of letting him go for her love starts and stops with him. And that she has tried all ways possible to change him but it seems adultery to him is in-born and a trait he can not do away with.

Obviously, upon recovery the man will leave her to face his damned sexual future. The presiding officer was left with no option but to sentence for one year in prison.

The chairman of the organization that rescues abused men said that men suffer in silence because the society expects them to, but if they choose to speak up the world will change for sure.