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chances – Waflay Post
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A Chance Where None Exists, Is It Possible?

grab a chance an move on (pixabay image)

grab a chance an move on (pixabay image)

Do things happen for a reason? For some of us, this is a wild believe but according to those who understand s life much better, things happen with true meaning being hidden beyond our reasoning.

From the story of small kid who ran away from home to the streets of Nairobi where he was discovered by a well wisher, we only conclude some happenings are hidden opportunities just waiting to be exploited.

While some chances might be easy to be acquired, to some of us we wait like forever for an opportunity to rain on us.

Believe in happenings,

On earth, almost everything comes with both an opportunity and agony. It actually depends on where one was standing before the happening and how to live a life after it is gone.

For example, during the time of chaos and unrest, we have people who face all that come due to lawlessness. To them, they have nothing but to curse the day they were born. However, they only seek for means to save their lives and hope for a better day in the near future.

Explore and find an opportunity,

To others, they find it so great moment to showcase their ability in that situation. Here we may find business persons doing everything possible, to save their lives and also to gain from those chaotic situations. This is how big fishes sail through smoothly.

When faced with a damning hard situation, it is good to look for the best way to emerge clean afterwards. Having a good plan or an emergency plan is the only way to remain positive in your endeavors.

Living with an outcome,

Forge ahead! It has already happened so the longer you think about it negatively the higher the chances that you would fail to see an opportunity to start living a new life.

The best things one should do is to accept the current situation as is and to move ahead in life anew. This will enable one to see other chances to make it….the harder the push the better the outcome.

Happiness only comes in when the heart and mind are at rest. So, it is up to you to look for means to be happy. Even in the darkest moment in your life, happiness exists… just seek for it and you will be amazed by the outcome.

It Is a Security Concern, But It Starts With an Individual To secure One’s Safety

Sometime last month, there have been cases of women accused of being indecently dressed being forcefully undressed. This attracted a huge public out roar with even demonstration held in solidarity with the victims.

The Deputy President also gave a stern warning to those responsible for such uncouth acts with a strong statement that nobody should dictate what women should wear. But I think one should look at it this way, how secure are you from such people even with your slogan ‘your dress your choice’

Even with all the negative publicity, that this had it was not to stop any sooner with the latest incident being experienced to a lady who lost cash and valuables. This incident has seen two matatu (public transport vehicle) crews being jailed, charged with robbery with violence with evidence being in a video that was uploaded in the social media something that may attract a death sentence according to the judge in charge of the case. Let us hope this ought to be a lesson to others out there who may contemplate of repeating the same crime.

But for you to make sure that you are safe, don’t dress in a scanty manner to avoid giving the culprits to do their thing. I consider such men, as sadists who think that undressing women is like fun and makes them feel good about themselves. Remember to be in the right dressing in the right place and by this I mean a bedroom dress should be left to the bedroom and not to a public situation and so one should not have a dress meant for other situations. By this way you are sure to secure your safety since it’s obvious that the police officer cannot always be there to protect you.

So don’t give the culprits a reason to humiliate you, however, I think the law in place will surely mend their evil minds.

Parenting Styles

Parenting is a full time job and one should be ready to embrace it once you have a child to raise. A child should be brought up in a well nurtured or supportive environment. It calls for a parent to raise a child in a disciplined,firm,fair and friendly ways. Demonstrate respect as a parent as this helps a child to grow knowing that it’s important to respect others. Social and emotional learning (SEL) enhances students’ capacity to integrate skills, attitudes, and behaviors to deal effectively and ethically with daily tasks and challenges. A physical active environment is the ideal place to enhance these skills. Whether achieving a personal best in the mile run, competing on a successful team, or dropping a catch during a key play – these are all situations where social emotional learning come in to play.

Styles of parenting:

1. Authoritarian/Dominating parenting-

In this case parents expect their children to do whatever that the have been asked to do.The main aspect here is ‘Because I say SO’. The parents in this style of parenting are low in respect and have very high expectations when it comes to their children.

2. Authoritative/Positive parenting-

Here the parents raise their children in a well nurtured environment.Parents give clear rules while giving their children the independence to also give suggestions thus encouraging them to make decisions.

-High expectations that is children are expected to do well in school and also do their chores.

-The parents have high respect for their children and other people.

-The parents provide limitations on anything that they do.

In this style of parenting;

-Children do well in school

-Have lower rate of depression and stress.

-Have better social skills.

-Are more respectful.

-Are real better when dealing with conflicts.

3. Permissive parenting-In this,there is inconsistent enforcement of rules.

In this style of parenting;

-There is high nurturance.

-The parents have no expectations like may be the children will have the chores given to them or not.

-Moderate respect

-The parents will declare that they want to enjoy parenting their teens.

-Children have no limitations and children can have what they want since money is there and no one can question them.

-Parents feel that they get along better that with or without rules.

4. Engaged parenting-In this parents are not present in their children’s life.You may find that the children are left in the care of the house-help and the parent never bothers to create time and be with the children.

In this style of parenting;

-Low nurturance

-There is no respect

-There are no expectations

-Children are let to go off with the reason that they are now teens and can take care of themselves.

Now, which style would you prefer in your family?

Have your Say!

Motivation For Success In Life

planning is what makes your target easy

planning is what makes your target easy

What is happening to me? That was a right question for my brain. I have seen and heard a lot in my life. People make mistakes that later become a burden in their life. I being one of them should admit that it is hard to live with a burden that you can not put aside.

Why Choose To Live?

Sometimes it becomes even harder to believe that every tide has its ebb, but being focused on your goals will lighten up things for you to sail through. Just one positive move can change anything into a stepping stone for your future. And do not allow yourself to sink so deep into life problems that might derail the only chance for a better tomorrow.

At one time in my life, I thought I was a ‘nobody’ in this world. My purpose in being alive was something I doubted but I held on believing that someday I will have a say about it. Years down the line:

Responsibilities and Future Plans

One thing that changed my ways of life was the fact that I found myself surrounded with people who needed my help. That was the moment I realized my worthiness and why I chose to lend a hand where necessary and to work harder for more.

I laid out a foundation for my future plans. I blocked my mind from accessing the dark past and to focus on ‘Now’ and ‘tomorrow’. I realized that the past does not count in my present life, neither doe it predict or dictate my future.

Moving on

For every downfall, there is that moment when you need to rise up, shake off the dust and move on. One way of doing it is by having no time to think of why you fell but focus your mind on why you can use that part for your future.

In life it does not matter how hard you fall, however it matter on how strong you rise.

Being Busy

By busy, I mean having short intervals by yourself. This helps in letting your mind webbed in your plans. Resting is not bad, but over-doing it is what creates downfalls. Success is when your goals meets the desired outcomes.



business investment

business investment

An investment is a way of committing finances with an aim of getting positive returns after a specified length of time. It should have a motive of changing your life and the life of others surrounding you.

When you want to invest,you need to look in your passion side of it or that thing that you love to do.You also need to know what you have in order to do something that is you don’t need to go looking for new things and yet you have something in hand that you can first exploit.

Remember business makes you bring about ideas and your way of executing them leads to success.

Factors to look out for when investing:

1. Know your financial wealth- This involves deciding to add this or reduce this when it comes to finances. Business fail because we fail to execute our plans.You have the road map and this means you ought to know what you want to achieve and which is the easier way to accomplish your achievements.

2. Think long term- You should know that from wherever you start your investment,there must be room for growth and so there should be expansion. All long-term decisions have long term consequences like there can be adding of skills or knowledge and still this is a way to diversify.

Stay disciplined and invest.

Don’t use your health to find wealth.

Don’t be obsessed with many things and so invest in a relevant opportunity.

3. Avoid quick money for this is greed.- Everything is supposed to be gradual and so once in  an investment opportunity,you must have a formula to get money.

4. Do I know where my opportunities are? -You need to know there challenges that are facing people in your area,then look for answers to those challenges to make money. For example portable toilets can be a way of making money since people will have a way of relieving themselves in areas where there are no toilets.

Also an entrepreneur can see hunger as an opportunity by coming up with the idea of irrigation of land by use of boreholes.

A business is supposed to solve problems.