Failed Parenting: Mom Accompany Son To Cause Havoc At School

Teacher in primary school in northern Laos

Teacher in primary school in northern Laos (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are living in a sorry parenting state! First, we train our kids to disrespect everyone in the society and then we love accompanying our notorious kids to the scene of their crime to add an insult to an open wound.

In a certain primary school in the beautiful country Kenya, the standard five (5) boy was asked by the teacher why he failed to do his homework. The teacher punished him for that and was forced to do the work before break time.

Unlike usual school stuff, the boy sneaked out of school and came back later accompanied by his two friends.

The teacher realized too late that he was the target. He tried to avoid the trio but it was too late. They boys ascended to him with stones. The teacher was left in agony as the boys were subdued by other pupils.

The mastermind of the crime was later given suspension and went home.

The following morning, the mother to the boy went to that school and caused chaos to the school administration. She accused the teachers for mistreating her son. She claimed that her son has been complaining on daily basis how the teachers victimize him.

The mother even said that his son did whatever he had to do to tell the whole village how he was tired with that school. She later said that she was going to sue the teachers who have had a rough time with her son.

The disrespectful mother insults touched on everyone in that school. She left afterwards.

It was such a sad incident that left the whole village wondering where they went wrong. The parent in question happens to be an important person in the community…. the untouchable person who has deep channels in the community administration.

The boy has already been transferred to another school. Meaning that the assault he carried out against his class teacher has been long forgotten.

Well, that is how we roll nowadays hu!

Caning at Home and At School…

parenting and responsibilities involved

parenting and responsibilities involved

Do you support caning in schools and at home? I understand that in western countries, children rights are observed in a way that caning or any corporal punishment is considered as a criminal offense. Nevertheless, in Africa, most African countries we grew up being victims of caning. I personally went through the same and I have two views about it,

  1. Positive views:

– If the cane is meant to correct, not hurt children.

-If dialogue and counseling seems not to work.

-To make sure the child never repeats something again.

All that is needed is to limit its use until necessary.


         2. Negative views:

-Beating up a child for fun

-Being abusive to children

-Making it as stress reliever

-if someone has a grudge with a certain family.

There are circumstances where a parent will be forced to use a cane on children. Nowadays, I see children who are actually adults in mind because of their ways life.

-The use of abusive language has become daily norm.

How would you feel if your child insult you or use an abusive language on someone in public? I guess you will feel hurt and people around will judge the kid’s action to you failure as a parents. So what to do then if counseling, timeout, and every form of disciplinary measure seems to fail?

I sometimes remember those days and appreciate that my mother never let me get away with it.

-Disrespectful behaviors:

It sometimes happen that the child in no longer respectful to the parents and everyone in the society. The child doers whatever that pleases him or her. I guess if you are a caring person, you will not allow your child to go beyond a point of no return. It is either you spare the rod and spoil the child or use the rod and straighten the child.

I am much against using a cane for person pleasure. I hated those days when Teachers from Hell would cane one for no reason at all. I do not want anyone to go through something like that.

Okay, Have your say!


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