Oops! It Was A Wrong Number

Just a few days ago, I came back from my evening walk only to find a missed call from a number unknown to me. But then going by the fact that a lot of other things follow after calls from anonymous persons, I did not bother to call back. So after sometime I actually got a call from the same number and on picking it up, the unknown caller on the other end mumbled something I could not comprehend.

So the caller was a man and I used the ‘Kiswahili’ language telling him that we are not communicating because he is using a language that I did not understand. The caller thus switched to ‘Swahili’ and asked me if I was ‘Edward’ and according to him, he had business with the owner of the number which in this case was mine. I told him that I was not Edward but he quickly asked me if the number was really mine since he was given the number by the’ Edward’ for contacting him later so that they could furnish the business idea together. But I told him that maybe he had my number due to an error of one digit but he read my number aloud to confirm that he was really having my number as that of the aspiring business partner.

He still could not believe that he was talking to the wrong recipient and confirmed my number for three more times until he realized that he may have been dubbed by the other guy. I didn’t get to know what the two had discussed in order to attract for later follow ups but I could notice the uneasiness in his voice as he apologized and then hang up.

Advances in technology have its ups and downs but we ought to be careful when dealing with strangers since the society has all sorts of gangs and you never know what it in store for getting involved in doubtful deals.

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