Kenya State Of The Nation 2016; The Covenant

Yesterday’s president’s speech concerning the government delivery of services and development for the three years that the ruling coalition has been in power

The president had for some hours read out his speech touching on various issues as far as the governance of the country is concerned. I had the opportunity to listen to the speech thus getting some few outstanding points. The president talked of the national covenant which is sacred and encompasses all the population of the country of about 40Million.He went on and said that even when leaders disagree; the national covenant does not change and has always been the same even when our forefathers first adopted it.

Then he also said that we are a nation on the path of progress and in the move for a better tomorrow. He further added that he hopes in delivery in the promise of prosperity for every Kenyan, a commitment that his government is looking forward to achieve.

Then he turned focus on the achievements of his government in the last 12 months. He recognized the fact that we have heard of positive milestones from the Deputy president and the Cabinet Secretaries and assured the nation that his administration will continue to transform the country.

Then he also noted that Kenyans persist on working hard for a better tomorrow and so he said the best the government can do is to reciprocate this is by walking with the people by ensuring that the country is transforming with the people. He then said that the government is determined to combat poverty, ignorance and diseases and to achieve this, people are required to make an honest living. For example, he quoted that it’s now easier to register a company whereby the processes required have now been simplified.

He also said that Kenya has been named as the most improved country in the world as per the ranking of the World Bank jumping several positions to reach here. He further added that Kenya is a promising developing market that has room for potentiality.

He also touched on roads that have been fully constructed in different counties and even upcoming projects on the same. He also mentioned on plans to change the country’s education system.

The achievements he mentioned are good but it’s the hope of everyone that he does something to curb the problematic corruption that seems to be undoing the developments already done.

Top Leaders Gun Blazing Over Graft in Kenya

As the wave graft hitting airwaves very often in the east African country, the president Of Kenya is busy shying away for the reality.

Recently, while addressing Kenyans and other business persons in Israel, the president said that Kenyans love politicking and looting public funds for selfish ends.

These words angered many Kenyans. As a result they attacked the president Uhuru Kenyatta for not focusing on matters that are affecting the country’s growth and political stability.

The president has been targeted several times for setting the country on auto pilot and doing almost nothing to fight corruption in his administration.

Last year, he talked tough about corruption and this led to suspension of a number of CSs in his cabinet. However, the president could not touch on people who were close to him.

Apparently, the commander in chief is not just fighting corruption but he also fear that if he pushes so hard he might lose his presidency come 2017.

It is a tough go for the president. The opposition has made it clear that it would do anything possible to clinch the presidential seat… and save Kenya from those who seek to destroy the fruits of Kenyans’ sweat.

Yesterday, the leader of the opposition said that Jubilee administration is using close allies to the president to loot tax payers’ money.

Speaking at a certain function in Nairobi, the Coalition of Reform and Democracy (CORD) leader, Raila Odinga, said that he has evidence that the big boys are using close friends to steal public funds that will be used in campaigns come 2017.

This statement has angered the president’s supporters saying that the leader of opposition in turning corruption into political wars.

Already, a few people allied to the president and his deputy, William Ruto, have been mentioned in graft scandals in Kenya.

Now it appears that Kenyans are losing faith in the country’s leadership but as it is now, they will have to wait until next year to make necessary changes in the country’s leadership.

Kenya Graft Scandals Keeps Revolving Around Jubilee Alliance and CORD

The ball on corruption scandals in Kenya keeps rolling between two main political parties, Jubilee Alliance and Coalition Of Reform and Democracy (CORD).

In the twist of events happening in Kenya, we can only see people from the two main political parties being in the spotlight over graft sagas in the country. Oops! And someone is ready to die for these corrupt leaders?

In Jubilee, we have Anne Waiguru who is allegedly in the center stage in NYS graft scandal that saw Kshs791 million looted under her watch. But to clear her name from the mess, she went ahead and blew an anti-corruption whistle.

Now, the former CS in devolution has come out clean claiming that her politics rivals and enemies are scheming for downfall.

Other people allied to Jubilee Alliance but have been mentioned in graft are, Deputy president William Ruto, the leader of the majority in the parliament and the member from Garissa Township, Aden Duale, among others.

When we come to CORD coalition, the Nairobi governor leads the park of those named in corruption scandals. Moses Wetangula has also been in the list of shame, Hon. Anyang’ Nyong‘o and the list goes on and on.

Well, Kenyans being so lenient to those involved in corruption cases are very much willing to continue supporting looters of public funds in the name of giving support to the political party they are affiliated to.

Come 2017, the money that was looted from taxpayers will play a vital role for dirty politicians to get in power and remain there guarding their ill-acquired wealth.Common Kenyans will always remain shading tears hopelessly as the hyenas enjoy fighting off those who snoop the most.

Kenyans should be concerned more of reasons why the main leaders are so quiet about their dirty wing-men. If they do love Kenya and ready to fight against corruption, they president Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga should distance themselves from dirt or else  this only shows that they support looting too.


The Opposition That We’re Missing in Kenya

In any country, it is a good thing to have the opposition to put the government on check to ensure that promises in the party’s manifesto are accomplished. Kudos to our opposition for doing what it’s supposed to be doing as far as the country’s governance is concerned.

But then the opposition being the alternative government, I think there is something missing and this has to do with its structured system in place. I remember in the former ruling government, the main opposition had in its place shadow Cabinet Secretaries (CSs) or ministers to represent the real CS working for the government. By this I mean, we had for example a Transport minister in the government and the opposition on the other hand had a shadow Transport minister.

Let’s say for example, the Transport Cabinet Secretary may lay out plans that the government is considering the construction of a certain road but then the opposition’s shadow Transport Cabinet Secretary may also add a voice by giving an alternative suggestion concerning this project. So even as the opposition is standing hard on issues of corruption, more ought to be done to assist in development. The opposition is surely the alternative government, so let’s see them giving new suggestions or ideas as far as development projects are concerned.

That’s why we have the opposition in any country since it gives a better platform under which the country’s affairs are run. We have heard the president urging the opposition to come forward and work with the government for the betterment of this country. Even when things seem to be going wrong, it’s good for a government that considers a dialogue with the opposition which is an opportunity to get to know what ought to be done to rectify the situation. Then there are always alternative undertakings that the government can take into consideration.

Director of Public Prosecution Speaks Out About Graft..

While thousands might so interested in making it to his current position as the Director of Public Prosecution, the man in this office is not happy about his job… He has been working so hard to deal with naughty Kenyans but not everything has been well because the public in not willing to let go of their own.

According to a close confidant, the prosecutor is getting a raw deal from the public but again the same public wants him to do something to show that he is still in control. Actually, this is his worst dilemma…

There have been many corruption scandals that need his attention, however, with no evidence given and masses defending the corrupt individuals, this make his work very difficult.

In another cases of incitements, the DPP wonders why the police are not doing their job as is should be… He argues that the police who are law enforcement agent should be in the look out for these people who incite the public and arrest them before the case if directed to him to go ahead with duties pertained to his job.

Then he said that the law of the republic of Kenya should not be selective. While the police officers are quick to arrest minor law offenders, the big fish have ways of evading this because thy have the masses backing them up.

According to him, people of Kenya should avoid being included in matters that do not involve them. Moreover, if we let our leaders face their own demons; it will be easier for him to handle cases that are brought before him for the sake of public interest.

He said that those critiquing his ways of handling these cases are not being realists. These cases are so sensitive that a simple mistake can cause political unrest in with country.

Oops! The DPP maybe forgetful but he is doing a nice job. By the way, he never said any of these…

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