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Business – Waflay Post
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Work hard to be successful

In this  life, you need to  be actively involved in the betterment of yourself in terms of where you live or as far as you are concerned,you are contented to be where you are and with what you have.Success does not just come to anyone,but to those who are determined to reach better places.

But then before anything else,you need to ask yourself what you need to have to really feel that you are successful.Then you need to know your starting point in line with the goals that you have set aside for yourself and at the same time alternatives should be stand-by in case of any deviations from the initial plan.Then if you are set to start your hard work towards success,then this means you already know what to do in order to get there.

You are looking out for success but what is your mission and vision ?For example if you may be hoping to have invested in the real estate in like after a period of five years,then you ought to plan well in order to accomplish this over the said period. Just start somewhere and proceed from there. Waiting for chances to avail themselves is not the better way of going about your plans. Instead, create the much-needed chances that will make you have a starting point, and a better way to make it happen.

Successful people do today what others are doing tomorrow.This means that such people are unique such that once an opportunity presents itself,they are able to grasp it by doing the necessary  verification and if things go well, they invest some resources just to see how they turn out to be after sometime. This means, these people are not afraid of losses. They only have the necessary resources for what they want to become by tomorrow.

It is not good to wait for luck. In fact luck should only come when you do not need it. Great minds takes business at the best of its time.

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A Stranger That She Loved

She said that her husband does not like being close to her or to her children.  She only remembers the past as the most unforgettable moments for their love life but now, all that is gone.

According to her, her husband who is a known business person visits her very often but he is only there as a tourist. Even though he takes care of all financial needs of his family, he is only there to make a home whole but emotionally, he lost it all long time ago.

Whatever happened for him to change from a romantic, caring and loving husband to someone who is only there remains a puzzle that she can’t find a solution for.

She said that it all started when they had their second born… ‘As if it was a trigger for something that was sitting idle in his mind, it is never the same again since then’ she recalls.’

What she knows is that he is not cheating on her. She said she has done a lot of investigations into his life but nothing has come up indicating that he is seeing someone else.

In his other apartment where he stays, he only has a dog as a companion and no one else. He mostly keeps things by himself and nothing more about him.

Amazingly, he remembers her most important dates on their marriage calendar. He sends surprises to her very often. And he denies leaving his family in loneliness. In fact this is why she has never thought of filling for divorce.

When children are around, she makes sure that they do not feel neglected by their father. It is hard because as time goes, the more that everything is becoming so obvious that their father is like a tourist in their life.

Many women are going through such a situation. It is hard for them to act double— as a mother and father— however, with hope for better tomorrow, they hang in there.

Getting a loan and for what purpose

It always happen that we may be faced with situations where we do not have enough money to do something that we may want to accomplish. So one can decide to borrow a loan from a bank or any financial institution. But even when one is taking a loan, one should always remember that it is payable with an interest.

Paying back a loan if well managed is easy but to some extent, it depends on what you did with the loan that you took. Let’s say that the loan was used on consumption on may be paying school fees or for paying dowry this is definitely negative cash flow because there are no monetary gains. However, if the loan was for investment purposes, this attracts positive cash flow because you will be getting cash from theses commitments.

Nevertheless, taking a loan is one thing and paying back is another whereby you may be faced with challenges that may make you to be unable to pay back a loan. When some people are unable to pay a loan, some go to file injunctions to stop the lender bank from following up the repayment for some time while others go to other financial institutions like a microfinance get a loan again in order to repay the other loan. But in these both cases, it is wrong to do this. So instead of filing an injunction, it’s good to use this money to pay up an installment of the loan.

For one to be unable to repay a loan can be due to genuine reasons like not being paid the monthly salary or you have not yet been paid by those whom you have sold to your products. But before giving up to not being able to repay the loan, you should consider reducing expenses. May be you can decide to move to a less expensive residential house or you can cease using your personal car and use the public transport. One can also sell idle assts like incase you have two cars selling one can be the better option.

Then something else, one can also approach the bank to try to consult on what to do for being unable to start repaying a loan. For instant, the bank can decide to extend the loan period may be five to seven years meaning the installments are reduced. The bank can also go for moratorium due to deaths, a business being burnt down or even due to sickness. This means that one is given a breathing space to be able to reorganize by being relieved may be for six months not to pay or even having interest reduced.

What You Need To Do In Order To Be a Successful Business Owner

It is the hope of anyone wishing to start a business to become really successful. First one should have patience of getting real returns after starting a business because the period of time that the business has been in existence really matters.

This means that you cannot start a business today and expect to turn into being a millionaire tomorrow. A business should take three to five years for anyone to expect some positive returns from the business as per the information from this learning center How to Start Your Tutoring Franchise | Huntington Learning Center website.

Then believe in yourself meaning that if you trust your ability of making things done then proceed with the same spirit. Also don’t allow the ‘What if’ scenario getting saturated into your mind this stopping you from following your positive conscious. Let your inner drive determine which path you gonna take as you hope for everything to work out well in your business.

Then your integrity matters a lot as far as the success of your business is concerned. You may have situations where you borrowed money from friends but failed to pay back and this alone destroys your name and especially if you have a good thing business-wise to share with them.

This is so because nobody will trust anything you say as they will always associate you with being uncreditworthy. May be you made a mistake once of not paying money loaned to you but let them know that you are changed from your old self.

Now, remember that sometimes you will need some assistance to get your business where you want it to be, for example, buѕіnеѕѕ оwnеrѕ mау bе іnvоlvеd іn various lеgаl situations such as lаwѕuіtѕ оr rеԛuіrе hеlр wіth vаrіоuѕ lеgаl іѕѕuеѕ. Owners оf bоth ѕmаll аnd large businesses hіrе аttоrnеуѕ from https://www.kellylegalgroup.com/pages/business-lawyer-austin-houston-san-antonio-tx for a vаrіеtу of rеаѕоnѕ ѕuсh аѕ рurсhаѕіng property, еѕtаblіѕhіng a new vеnturе, соmрlуіng wіth lаbоr laws and рrераrіng taxes. Wоrkіng with аn аttоrnеу is necessary fоr ensuring thаt your buѕіnеѕѕ іѕ funсtіоnаl and соmрlіаnt.

Then it’s good for one to have motivation. The question here is what really motivated you to consider the line of business? Going by what was your specific goal that you hoped to achieve through this business, and then it’s only good to follow your passion.

What’s more maximize on your efforts to ensure that reach your planned target or even aim to attain a higher target.

Do Your Work Or No Taxes From Us: Eastleigh Residents Tells Kidero

About a week now, Eastleigh residents and traders said that they will not be paying taxes to Nairobi County government due to what they said, lack of good will towards people living or working in this busy town in Nairobi.

Eastleigh is a business town in Nairobi, having large shopping malls and residential place within. It is a dominated by ethnic Somalis from both Kenya and Somalia. The area is lucrative for any kind of business making it vulnerable to crimes and garbage dumping.

Nowadays a large number of police officers on patrol has made businesses to be very effective since there is no fear to grenade attacks and other terrorism activities. However, there is one problem that should be addressed. The business area is littered with trash and every sort of garbage. This is why they residents and traders are furious about.

Nairobi county government has been so reluctant to solve this issue. The only job it does best is to collect cess tax and other taxes on traders but does nothing for better good for both residents and business people.

If you visit Eastleigh town, you will be amazed by the pile up of garbage along the streets, especially First Avenue, for being the central road that link direct into the business center. The local government has not responded to that problem.

Now the affected population is seeking for means to deal with the Governor of Nairobi, Dr. Evans Kidero whom they have accused of negligence in handling problems in Nairobi.

Garbage collection duty is should be carried out by the County government and failure to do it just pure laxity and should never be tolerated.

In Mathare, the same thing forced residents to chase away cess tax collectors and now things are different since garbage collection is no longer an issue.

By defying paying daily taxes to the irresponsible Nairobi count, hopefully this will force the management to think twice before refusing to perform their duty nicely and effectively.