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Burundi – Waflay Post
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Democracy in Africa is a no-go zone

To really be frank most countries in Africa have leaders who want to remain in power forever. Looking like for the case of Burundi, the current president forced his tenure on the people even when they desperately wanted a change.

In the just concluded elections of Uganda, we saw a lot of political manipulations to the strongest opposition leader for this. An outgoing government it was but had the mandate to use state machinery to unfairly treat the opposition leader. His democratic rights were violated but no one could speak up to condemn this because there was a powerful, upper arm that no one has a right to fault.

Then Kenyans on social media had issues with their president after he issued a congratulatory message to the president of Uganda supposedly on behalf of Kenyans who openly criticized Museveni’s dictatorial way of earning himself victory. Now this is the problem with these leaders, they want to stay in power as long as they feel it’s enough for them and want to even go ahead and choose who their predecessor will be.

Why can’t African leaders leave the people to democratically and constitutionally vote the people that they rightfully want in their leadership? I wish there was a way that for any African country going for elections, the outgoing governments can be made to temporarily vacate office and leave independent bodies to man the welfare of the country. It’s so sad that outgoing leaders have the mandate to still plan and make vital decisions on how to run things even during the voting period hence they are set to influence the results.

But then am here wondering that if no African leader can tell the other that he is wrong at some point, then how can we trust them with an African court to deal with crimes against humanity? So answer is simple they cannot tame one another and so their countries would rather burn due to political selfishness, so let Africa remain being a member of the ICC.

Kenya is expected to be holding the next general elections in 2017 and so let’s see where the country has reached as far as democracy is concerned.

African Leaders Should Arise And Do Better Than Cheap Talks

When I hear of Africa, I still remember that there was once the ‘Scramble for Africa’ due to features that made this continent outstanding with attraction.

But then African countries surely boast of attaining independence and with leaders each with a leadership vision for his or her country. Africa is still dragging its feet in development though the member countries come together in unions and agreements, with the hope of being a better achiever in the future.

Will calls of African leaders threatening to pull out of ICC one wonders if theirs is a reason of outside interference as they claim or is it the obvious greed in order to clinch to power forever. Burundi is burning but no African leader is taking note of what the citizens of that country are undergoing so long as the leader of this country remains to be in force. The ICC should thus remain to maintain sanity in most African countries.

The truth is that Africa as a whole continent may have leaders who think they can be independent but from the look of things, we still have a long way to go as Third world countries. The reason being most African countries economies are registering a slow or no growth.

Let Africa start from somewhere and move forward and this can only be achieved if the leaders are really there with visions for their country.

But then in most African countries we have seen mushrooming of rebellious groups and poor leadership is to blame for this. Then there is still the case of security threats due to terrorists and so as Africa countries, we still need intelligent information from development countries like the USA.

So before African leaders can claim to make their decisions alone, I think they need to pull up their socks only when the world will know that they really can.

Politics of Kenya Going Beyond Its Borders

Whether it is all about mature politics or not, we have seen what Kenya is doing to influence major political decisions in Africa, especially in East Africa.

Kenyan politics is what people in East Africa understand much better, and we have already noticed that some politicians in this country are crossing the border to join other leaders in neighboring countries as they blow the horn for an elective post.

Kenya runs parallel governments, the one that heads the country as whole and the one that people trust the most. The fact that the opposition is equally stronger as the ruling government makes Kenya a mature state in democratic world.

When one politician wants to exercise his or her muscles, he crosses over to a neighboring country to spearhead the campaigns for a certain candidate… this usually results into the government doing counter measures for a rival candidate in the same country.

With politics taking the center stage in Kenya, one wonders what kind of ideologies are being relayed in these East African states. Nevertheless, as long as citizens in these nations are happy with choices, Kenya remains a happy nation for a job well done.

The fact that Kenya’s political influence is being felt beyond its borders, the unity of Africa remains attainable.  This is great for the continent that is usually divided during conflict times.

Kenya has been a big brother for the surrounding east African countries. And the call on Kenyan president, his Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta, to have a say in Burundian politics shows that people in East Africa Community EAC) region knows where to turn to when faced with a threat in life.

By now, Kenya has a very good position to head the formation of one political body in Africa. Create one country out of many, or another formation of United African States.

AU Blindly Touches on Burundi Conflicts, Goes For ICC Instead

Burundians are the forgotten people in Africa. Apparently, African heads of states and governments have nothing else to do but to wait for the man ruling the east African state to have his way.

In the recently ended Africa Union summit in Ethiopia, the heads of states made it clear that they would not send in peace keeping troops in Burundi, but instead they will send in a delegation to chat the way forward for the people of Burundi.

The sad reality on the ground is that, the civilians— especially women and children– are suffering. Men with guns running around killing people because no one is ready to stand up and say enough is enough. It is as if, African presidents do not see these killings as an issue… or maybe they have already seen worse, expecting more before acting.

According to Africa, ICC is an issue that almost every head of state had a say about. This confirms to common citizens that something is not right with their leaders and that they only fear ICC because they have think secrets that only ICC can call them to justice.

ICC with should be a personal issue has been made into a continental threat.  And the more they are willing to match out, the pain they will cause to the innocent people who would live regretting what their leaders did.

Burundi by now needs African people to unite against oppression. The president of Burundi, also a future candidate to ICC, is a happy man because his cronies are fighting hard to have him and other leaders planning to do the same shielded from crimes against humanity.

The ban of AU peace keeping forces in Burundi is a clear indication that he wants no one else to see how his security forces are murdering unarmed men and women on the streets. But because no one among the African presidents could see this, then this silence is a confirmation that Mr. Pierre Nkurunziza is doing right.

I hate Evil.


Who Is Next After Paul Kagame?  

East Africa is slowly turning in a new bread of life for the sitting Presidents. It seems like every Presidents wants a third term in the office or to rule forever and forcefully like the veteran, Yoweri Museveni of Uganda.

Shankbone post - Earth Made of Glass premiere ...

 President Paul Kagame of Rwanda .  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday during the New Year’s 2016 speech to the nation  Paul Kagame of Rwanda declared that he will vie for presidency for the third term, as the results of the recent referendum suggests. But now he has just entered in the foot steps of his Burundi counterpart, Pierre Nkurunziza, who forcefully changed the constitution for Burundi to award himself another term in office amid protests and silent genocide in the capital Bujumbura. I wonder how deaths of people means nothing to this leader….

With three countries going for ‘life time thing’ Kenya and Tanzania are the only remaining countries to adapt that system. In Africa, almost everything is possible when you are the president. One can create a small loophole in the constitution that could allow him to be the president forever. This was the trick that the retired president Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi of Kenya did— and it paid off because he ruled Kenya for 24 years.

With Tanzanians already enjoying the fruits of the new president, John Pombe Magufuli, the biggest worry now rests with President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya. who has a few months remaining to elections day.

The president has been under fire for his cool way of life as corruption takes root in most public sectors under his leadership. Security wise, some changes in his security team has resulted into minimal terror threats to Kenyans‘ life. Nevertheless, still a lot has to be done to end terror menace in the country.

Looking at the lessons from other East Africa presidents, Uhuru would wish to remain on the seat for a very long time but the constitution of Kenya is under watch from all angles of life.

Now, will Tanzania be the next victim? Only time has all for us to see and learn.