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Bullying – Waflay Post
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Shocking that bullying is still in some schools

English: Bullying on IRFE in March 5, 2007, th...

 Bullying on IRFE in March 5, 2007, the first class day. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few days ago, it was there in the news of a young man who underwent some form of brutal bullying that saw him being injured in the process. According to this young man, they were about fifteen students who were paraded by the seniors with claims that they were not respectful. He went on and said that they started beating them up but for his case the beating was so lethal that he lost a tooth and another was left hanging loosely.

Though it was hard to establish whether the school management was aware of any bullying incidents in their school, it was obvious that nobody was willing to seriously take up the matter. First, this student was sent away to seek medical attention on his own to at a rather distant health centre away from the school where he was forced to trek for kilometer. Then this student’s mother had issues with the school’s management for failing to notify her of the son’s misfortunes. She claimed to have been called by another concerned parent who found her son in a sad situation.

So the media people got wind of this incident and accompanied the student and his mother to the school but were restrained from getting into the school compound. His mother called out to be let in but the gate man declined to do so citing strict instructions from above. When the gate was finally opened the teachers locked themselves up in the office and the police were called in, in the name of restoring peace. This parent was mad that nobody bothered to tell her that her son had been beaten by other students and on top of that they were still mum even when she came personally came to school. But all in all, she said that they have at least done the sane action of giving her son a transfer letter because from the experience of her son, there was no conducive environment of learning in the school.

It’s so sad that some students in schools like this one still think that they are in school to be seen and heard in their actions yet they ought to know what you leave with after finishing the studies is what really matters.

How Youths’ Inner Drive Define Their Behaviors

As we go on seeking for solutions to the problems we are having in our youths, especially those in universities and in urban high school, we need to understand the nature of these youths. In every human being, there is one factor in their mind that controls what they are and what they will become in future.

The nature of students vary from one person to another,

The obedient type,

Well, these are youths who just follow instructions from his peers without questioning about the out come. These people only want to have a place where they would feel at home— even when it means doing wrong things, just to impress his or her peers.

The obedient type youths ends up regretting everything they have done and this might either lead to self change become worse as revenge to those who misled them— usually, the person would wish to negatively influence other people to go astray just because of guilt.

The self seeker,

In this world, we have people who do not really understand why they are alive. If a youthful person does not know the reason why he or she is alive, this may lead the person to start looking for selfness or self worthy in the society. For this person, everything is all about learning the hard way and those things that the society is against becomes the favorite go. If the situation is not kept under control, the feeling of selflessness may lead to disastrous outcome to this person’s life.

The naughty by nature,

Well, these are people who mislead others just to have fun. They have almost everything in life and they use their power to influence others negatively.

These people may not have been raised in a don’t-care family, but something within them pushes them to do all kinds evil.

To them, being in control is part of life and would do anything possible to stay in that chosen lifestyle.

The conservative type,

Now, these are youths who understand the meaning of life. They can’t fall into traps easily because their minds are always searching for answers. These people think more about their future and would be wiling to go an extra mile to reach for their dreams.

This category of youths hates evil and they have no time to entertain it…

Now I guess you understand youths much better. Parents have nothing to do with how their children would behave in later stages in life. Youths choose their destiny due to that inner drive that makes who they are.

Growing Up With Strict Parents

Just a few days, I came across this hashtag (#Growingupwithstrictparents) and it attracted participation with most people recalling how they were brought up with parents with very strict guidelines.

I have heard a number of times comment from a number of people that this generation has no ears to listen to what the seniors have to say.

On the same note, somebody else had this argument that you cannot tell the difference between parents and their children on the other hand in their way of dressing since in the name of fashion, anything is acceptable.

I remember as I was growing up, I was molded to beware of dressing decently. But I get for nowadays, everything has really changed because everyone wants to pace up with what is in the market.

I don’t know if parents have become lax or are too busy for their parenting role. Imagine a situation where a parent is punishing his or her son who is not even sorry for what he or she has done but keeps shout at the parent to leave him or her alone. But we are seeing these things happening where kids think that they are of an age of not being told what to do or too big to be punished.

I recently watched a video that was shared in FB of a boy maybe about eight years hurling insults at his mother yet he was still under her roof but with no respect. This attracted numerous comments with many participants thinking that a no nonsense punishment be accorded to this boy while others said that they would kill a child of their own for such rudeness.

Bu I was there thinking that this bad behavior in this boy did not just start abruptly, he was only doing what his mother has been okay with all through until somebody else thought this was really wrong.

Never Entertain a Body Bully…

Sometimes it is better to lose a good friend if the person you consider o be a friend always finds something to say about you that really heart….

Anyways, as long as you’re alive you are out to face all criticism on earth. There are those people who consider themselves as perfect beings created when God had free time to waste. Such people believe that speaking out there mind is the perfect way demean someone or because they do not want people whom they consider as ‘defective’ to be in their midst.

The word ‘fat’ means a lot in female gender than how it seems to be in male human species. However, we have characters that are out to harass someone because of their weight, acne, hair style, physical appearance and whatever. These people are also known as body bullies.

A body bully will look at you and give a negative comment on something just to make you feel demoralized or lose confidence in yourself. Such people only seem to like hurting other people because they know that is the only way to beat them.

In most cases, body bullies have nothing to show other than a cute face and a mouth to speak all trash on earth. In fact big failures are always recorded in such like people’s lifestyle.

If you believe in yourself, you will have high chances of beating body bullies in their own game. Each and everyone on us has that little weak point that when touched will leave much in one’s heart and mind.

By an unfortunate circumstance when you come face to face with someone with such a bad mouth, tell the person that you are already past that stage and that you have accepted yourself for who you are. Never allow yourself to fall into their trap. Because if you do, you will regret having born with whatever that makes you feel as a lesser person in life.


Plans to change the 8-4-4 learning system

As the Education Cabinet Secretary was releasing this year’s Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E) he mentioned that there were plans in place whereby the President is expected to launch the curriculum reform process early next year. People have been complaining for quite some time that the current 8-4-4 system is not helping the children at all.

This system was introduced in the year 1985 by the former President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi. Before then only about 25-30% of students made it to secondary school and that’ why this system was introduced to cater for the 75% of the students who could not make it to join secondary schools. But then this system’s vision that was there initially got lost somewhere along the way and so what we have is not the original 8-4-4 system that was introduced by the former president.

What led to the failure is the lack of funding to foresee the smooth learning of the subjects involved like provision of workshops for may be wood work and metal work.

Then there was freezing of employing of teachers to teach the various technical subjects and no more teachers were being trained to tackle these subjects and started learning how to use a scrap metal pick up tool .

So we need a curriculum that includes all children by allowing them to express their talents. This means students will be admitted to schools depending on the talents that they may have been recognized to have. For example if you are good in sports then its only okay going to a school that favors you.

Now in the current curriculum have only five subjects and no practical at all. The Home science subject that equipped students with the sewing and cooking skills has long since been scrapped from the syllabus. At the same time, the present system favors very few students since it gives no room for creativity.

Let’s hope that the government keeps the ball rolling and give our children the system of learning that they deserve for them to have a better future, some will be even able to start their own business with the welding training.