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The Hard Disc Drive

sata HDD for laptop computers blickpixel / Pixabay

Where was I yesterday? What really happened that kept me outer virtual world? How was the problem solved?

In one of social media sites, I received a message from a great man, a friend of mine, asking why I had just dissolved into nothingness for about two days. In his words, he used words like ‘hidden undersea’ and ‘forgotten like an extinct beast.’

Well, today I here to have a say and by the time I finish up my story, you would understand much better why I chose to go underground and how I managed to emerge from it all. The sodapdf offers advanced security and collaboration features, is easy to adopt, and increases productivity. Best part is, you can access all Soda PDF functionalities in the cloud, from any mobile device. You can even prepare and send your contracts for e-signature directly through Soda PDF.

Okay, it all started a day I go when my laptop decided to refuse to boot up. I performed some maintenance on it but it remained down. That was the moment I was forced to format the whole thing.

Well, that did a trick— oops! For a day or two.

The laptop was up and running as usual. In my mind I thought the problem has been solved, only to crash again. This time for real… It could not even repair itself. I did everything I could to ignite live into its components but all efforts did a dead-end. Computers and laptops are prone to breaking. Whether it concerns physical damage or non-working hardware, small problems both physically and virtually can later migrate to larger problems. PC Revive offer unrivalled knowledge and have all the tools to repair your computer problems quickly and efficiently. You can also visit website link for getting best repairing knowledge.

Diagnostics showed that something was brewing on its Hard Disc Drive (HDD). The thing could not even accept new software—-

The Search for New HDD,

Seeing no chance of survival, I had to make the final decision, to go look for a new HDD. In Nairobi, the desperate you are the more the damage you would incur.

It appealed to me that whatever I was looking for was almost impossible to get. The pricing was beyond what I thought and it was just ridiculous. The Nairobians and love for money is something that we have to live with. It was sad that these people wanted to make a newbie out of me in electronics world. However, being a know it all guy made it possible to get the HDD with capacity that I wanted.

Anyway, I am back and running. My virtual world is smiling once again now. It is great to be right back, blogging and doing other stuff on the internet.

Stuck In The Act: The Bitterness Of A Stolen Apple

when love game goes beyond imagination..

when love game goes beyond imagination..( twitter image)

A while back, there were only rumors that he was outsourcing love from someone else’s wife. Oops! Majority of people termed it as malicious rumors to undermine a man whose contacts in the society were beyond par.

The other day, he was busted, redhanded in the act, but he did nothing to run away or apologize about his freelance love services to the victim.

Instead, he pleaded with the guy to let let him go. Do you know the reason why? You can’t guess what really happened. But to make it simple for you to understand, the two were stuck in the act.

The two were paraded to the shame of the public…. Oops! Even the kids in the village enjoyed the free fro all show.

Apparently, the man who was being victimized for the freelance love went and sought for a ‘Kamuti’ (black magic) from a notorious herbalist who gave him a secret concoction that later made it possible for lovers to get stuck.

However, doctors have another way of putting it. According to a medical physician, this condition is known a penis captivus and occurs when vaginal muscles clump down on a man’s penis, making it impossible to withdraw ( according to wikipedia explanation).

It it rare to occur but can happen to anyone during that love session…

The people in the story were so helpless that they sought for an easy way out from a pastor who prayed before separating the freelancers.

The man whose good reputations were way beyond expectations could not hide his face anymore.

Rumors has it that he now a saved fellow and a new church member in one of the local churches in the community. But of course, everyone knows why he had to change his ways of life and double standards.

My Plans for 2016

I loved watching the year run smoothly from January to now almost end December. I have learned a lot from every monthly experience and now I am making final touches on what to do and what not to do come January next year. But one thing remains uncertain! Will the 2016 year bloom into something magical or will it stay the same just like this year 2015?

Some changes I have to make

More active in my offline career,

It is nice to work in electronics world, isn’t it? Personally, I like fixing electronic stuffs like mobile phones, laptops and computers. In fact this is where my profession is, and I have been in this field for five year without regrets and it is a point with high standing on resume.

Creating your resume is important. Potential employers will be scrutinizing the resume and can tell the kind of person you are by what you include and how organized it appears. The same goes for the cover letter you send out together with the resume. It can be quite tedious trying to make the resume from scratch. Chances are you might end up excluding some important areas and including others that are not that necessary.

Luckily, you no longer have to worry about creating that resume or cover letter. This is thanks to professional resume template website. The templates are designed in such a way that they make the resume stand out. They can be customized to make yours unique and relevant in every sense. You can finally have a resume and cover letter that catches the eyes by using professional resume templates.

However, my workshop is not that busy making it somehow boring. This is why I have planned to upgrade it and let my career choice’s fate take its course, I visited this website the JulieHanCoaching and already have some ideas to start making my own resume.

Being proactive more often,

I have learned that I have left so many opportunities to pass by without hanging onto those that could have taken me into the promised virtual land. The worst thing about me is that I like being shown the way other than seeing the right way and following it. This is what I have decided to let go come January 2016.

The feeling of procrastination,

Well, I am not alone who likes letting an opportunity pass by thinking that I will do it some other time. This is a sad choice because it makes one to regret later. This is why I have decided to be more opportunistic come 2016 and see where this spirit will take me.

Be more active in things I love best,

Last year, I thought I would be more into crafting business, but that dream came to an end because of personal reasons. Now, I guess if I resume crafting beat-work, things will not be the same again. Hobbies are what drives people’s mind to be more creative in other fields. This is why I would be so into this hobby of mine and make sure it pays off.

Well these are my resolutions for 2016. Hopefully I will live long to see them come true. Anyway, I will be blogging more about my progress, telling the world how things are going. Be there to see me through.

Lucky Man Survive An Attempt On His Life

The man was shocked to a point of panic after he found his loved wife digging a shallow grave in the kitchen. This incident happened somewhere in central Kenya and attracted the government to investigate why the accused was planning to murder and bury her husband secretly.

According to the panic stricken husband, they have been together for many years and in all that time together, she has never gone to her parents because of family misunderstandings. However, she recently disappeared for two days and later came back home without a reason for her missing in her marital home.

Obviously, the guy had to ask her why she chose to go to unknown location without informing him. His questions were never answered—neither did she bother to give explanations nor look at him directly in the eyes. This was a signal that she was up to no good.

The man revealed that he became cautious of her movements in and out of the kitchen and he even refused to eat her food. Later, he heard her sharpening the knife— something that drove him to peek in and see what was happening. But because of darkness, he could not see exactly what was in there.

It was then that he feigned to search for his keys. The man went directly into the kitchen and oops! She wrestled him down before she started chanting in the ghostly voice, as she pulled the knife on him. In his words, he is lucky to be alive.

He said that he is ready to forgive her for that incident, but blamed her for believing too much in prophets of doom. Apparently, his wife has so many head covering that signifies the number of doctrines she has sold her soul into.

The police have launched their investigations but refused to say something about the incident saying it is too early to tell how it happened.

Why Social Blogging Sites Die So Young

English: Groucho Marx & anonymous blogging

anonymous blogging (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Ever wonder why there so many writing sites that have emerged and died without making an impact in bloggers‘ lives? WordPress platform is being jammed with new writing sites that gives opportunities for writers to share their work on a wider social platform and gain returns in form of cash.

The new social blogging platform is attracting many new comers who have a dream but without a vision for tomorrow. Or worse, to attract the human traffic on their site and damp them at the long run.

What to do then?

[linker q=”social” ct=”US” id=”f83635c66c1289675a48742523e8646d,b4e79e81bed93fc8334266246d425acd,” ft=”fetchCoupons” w=”auto”][/linker]

If the deal is so good, then you have a good reason to think twice. Bubblews.com which was the first to run on this platform tried to sail smoothly but failed because the vision for big dream— to reward users for their contribution on their social site– was shuttered by bad users or plagiarizers.

A good blogging site which offer revenue share with users should have mechanism of dealing with rogue writers. Plagiarism is something that is intolerable by Google’s Adsense— the determinant ads platform. And if the site admins don’t take care of those people who practice this evil, then the site will not survive long as the paying site.

The future of social blogging sites is not bright. The challenges facing this industry are big for the admins of such sites to keep running smoothly. Even though we have those who have implemented anti-plagiarism measures to curb the menace, the cases of spinning articles is still haunting them and this has resulted into low turnover for their efforts.

So unless people learn to do things genuinely, there is no way we are going to have great innovations that night help the general public. Instead we will be having lots of complains that ends on deaf ears since the problem was originally created by the users themselves.

As for genuine bloggers, we have to be careful lest our efforts end up being in the mix with the rotten lot. Be careful when you publish your blog posts.