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Arrest – Waflay Post
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They are our leaders but should we follow what they do or say always?

A leader and his men Stones / Pixabay

We cannot all be in the leadership lot, and so its our duty to elect leaders to represent us in the national government.It is the norm to go for individuals with qualities that make them suitable for the job though sometimes money seems to overshadow our choices.But then something else even as we elect our leaders and put so much trust in them,we need to be careful to do things that our leaders  may tell us to yet its wrong.

I remember an incident where youths raided some private property and destroyed property worth millions all this a mobilization by an area leader.This leader protested that the property stood on a public land thus claiming that the owner was illegally there by grabbing this piece of land.But whether the issue of grabbed Land is genuine or not,this leader ought to know that there are procedures that can be adopted in a court of law in following up this matter.So I think it was irresponsible of him to direct youths to forcefully interfere with this property.

They are our leaders but they should not make us do wrong things for them to others.By this I mean a leader should not make you steal ,then ypou still do it and you know it’s wrong but you are blindly following your so called leader.So let the leaders  be responsible for our governing issues but we ought to show them that we can also make sane decisions.

So a leader  with no qualities or traits to make him or her to  lead and have followers do not deserve our votes.I like the fact that most leaders urge us to shun divisive leaders but I don’t think we are keen on that.If we see one another as one big tribe,then there is no way our leaders can be able to influence into thinking otherwise and especially if we make them know that we cannot put up with their wrong decisions.

The Hard Disc Drive

sata HDD for laptop computers blickpixel / Pixabay

Where was I yesterday? What really happened that kept me outer virtual world? How was the problem solved?

In one of social media sites, I received a message from a great man, a friend of mine, asking why I had just dissolved into nothingness for about two days. In his words, he used words like ‘hidden undersea’ and ‘forgotten like an extinct beast.’

Well, today I here to have a say and by the time I finish up my story, you would understand much better why I chose to go underground and how I managed to emerge from it all. The sodapdf offers advanced security and collaboration features, is easy to adopt, and increases productivity. Best part is, you can access all Soda PDF functionalities in the cloud, from any mobile device. You can even prepare and send your contracts for e-signature directly through Soda PDF.

Okay, it all started a day I go when my laptop decided to refuse to boot up. I performed some maintenance on it but it remained down. That was the moment I was forced to format the whole thing.

Well, that did a trick— oops! For a day or two.

The laptop was up and running as usual. In my mind I thought the problem has been solved, only to crash again. This time for real… It could not even repair itself. I did everything I could to ignite live into its components but all efforts did a dead-end. Computers and laptops are prone to breaking. Whether it concerns physical damage or non-working hardware, small problems both physically and virtually can later migrate to larger problems. PC Revive offer unrivalled knowledge and have all the tools to repair your computer problems quickly and efficiently. You can also visit website link for getting best repairing knowledge.

Diagnostics showed that something was brewing on its Hard Disc Drive (HDD). The thing could not even accept new software—-

The Search for New HDD,

Seeing no chance of survival, I had to make the final decision, to go look for a new HDD. In Nairobi, the desperate you are the more the damage you would incur.

It appealed to me that whatever I was looking for was almost impossible to get. The pricing was beyond what I thought and it was just ridiculous. The Nairobians and love for money is something that we have to live with. It was sad that these people wanted to make a newbie out of me in electronics world. However, being a know it all guy made it possible to get the HDD with capacity that I wanted.

Anyway, I am back and running. My virtual world is smiling once again now. It is great to be right back, blogging and doing other stuff on the internet.

The Rise of Billionaires, The Death Of a Poor Man

In the land known for its dominance in political arena, the poor man has no say and when he does he is limited to what he can own and call his own.

So far, land grabbers are taking advantage of the system and doing whatever necessary to stay in the lead. People have been forced to leave their ancestral place of residence because of in fights between those in power against the man who has almost nothing except the piece of land.

While we fight to create awareness that Kenyans have a right to own property, some powerful people are fighting to own everything they can have their hand on. Forced eviction making it clear that the police force is only there to harass commoners and those in high places enjoy making orders.

The sad reality is that, it is all about business. The more one invest in the country, the higher the returns and the greater the wealth. Even when it means oppressing someone if you wanna reach there.

In the judicial system, it is all about money and manipulations. Those who have money would take what is not there’s, and are ready to go to court to satisfy that they are the true owners of that disputed property. With the judicial system marred with graft and jungle infringement of the law, the poor man has no say.

Those in powers know nothing like good business. They know how to loot and run away with the loot because no one will go after them.

It also happens that the wealthy persons in this country have their own laws. They could cause death in the society and later come out clean because absurd reasons.

Blinded laws are their to curb the masses from speaking on one voice. And the police force is there to make sure that people never walk on the same pathway to their rights. A good reason why a we have the rise of the billionaires and deaths of poor people.


‘Smile Very Often,’ Teacher Told..

When they approached him, they thought that he was carrying illegal contents in his bag. They even demanded that they search into that backpack to confirm that he was not lying. But why? Does it mean that anyone carrying a bag is hiding something from the authority?

Nope! Police officers were only interested in his behaviours before they alerted him for inspection. The scared look in his face was what sold him out to the law enforcement agents.

In the country where it is hard to trust anyone, even the genuine law abiding citizen have dirt in how they walk around while doing there stuff.

Like this known teacher in the community, he had nothing to hide but maybe the officers suspected that he was carrying some controlled substances, leading to that kind of attention.

Oops! Before they went away, they gave him an advice: “Sorry sir, we were only hoping to get something from you bag. Go and do your duty to the community… teach our children well. And try to smile very often.”

They left him somehow confused as to why they said so. However, in years that I have known him, he is a ‘no-nonsense’ kind of a person who prefers minding his own business. His smile is far fetched and he rarely has time to show some happiness.

What I want say is that, there are some professions that requires someone whose smile and laughter are not like a bank loan— paying bitterly—- but comes natural like a waterfall in rainy season. A teacher for instance should be a caring person who understands little minds that are out to get education in a friendly environment.

Now, the choice of any profession means you need to change how to behave, and if it means pretending in order to meet the requirements then do it and emerge the winner.

Threatened Free Maternal Healthcare In Kenya

Chances are that free maternity services in county government hospital will come an abrupt end. This report has been issued by the council of governor in Kenya.

It has been reported that the money allocated to cater for those services has not been received by the county governments. And the allocated amount of 2.4 billion is not enough. Governors said that they were expecting Kshs 4.2 billion but the central government only dispersed a half of the amount, now they have no option stop offering these much-needed maternal health services.

Due to devolution of resources, healthcare facilities are controlled by county governments. However, the local governments are not independent! a reason why they need funding from the central government in order to offer needed services to the people.

With the government having so many paper work before releasing the money, e every delay means endangering the life a mother and her unborn child. It is dad that such long waits results into unnecessary deaths to those persons who cannot afford maternal healthcare in private medical facilities.

In has also happened that so far a lot of county government medical facilities have ceased to offer nutritional supplements to infants. Nowadays, the pediatric doctors only recommend but it is up to the parent to buy them somewhere else.

When Jubileee alliance party leaders were campaigning for presidential position, they promised to offer free health service to the people. But as things are now, the dreams of having free healthcare is becoming so slim.

It the county governments choose to end this services, then the first corner-stone of free medical services in public hospitals will be hit by a blow and never will it become a reality.

Many people have benefited from free maternity services. Expectant mothers all over Kenya had something to smile about and they had hope that they would be in good hands when that time comes. But now, it is not good. They either have to part with something big or let fate take its final choice.

Kenyan government can do better… lets not dim the light for expectant mothers and their unborn babies.