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Anxiety – Waflay Post
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How To Deal With A Child With Eating Disorder…

Annaprashana ceremony Image

baby feeding time (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why do they refuse to eat for no good reason? I am talking about these kids who are below seven years. They are the naughtiest kids when it comes to having something for the stomach’s sake.

To these children, the most important thing to them is playing with toys and sometimes they like high tech gadgets to waste time with.

When it coming to feeding time, the fight will determine how much food goes down their throats. Something I have never understood why they do this.

Snacks, sweets and junk food are their favorite. Children below seven can live on these simple consumable food stuffs if the parent is not careful enough…

What to do,

If you have enough with these children you will be able to understand their habit, their good time and those moments you just need to leave them alone.

Angry children tend to be choosy on what food they want, this is a tactic they might you to manipulate you into giving in into their demands.

First you need to know the reason why they are behaving like that. Then draw a line on what to do and want not to do.

For a good parent, your child comes first in almost everything— if not everything according to caring mothers.

A child with some kind of eating disorder needs constant reminder why eating is very important for their own health. This will, at least, give the child an appetite or force self to take a few important bites. This is all you need.

Changing their diet very often is important too. This will ensure that the kid is taking in different food stuffs and this, in most cases, leads to identifying the kind of food that might be his or her favorite.

Another thing that might help out is training him to share with other children. These can be family members or his friends. They will encourage the kid to keep going. And this can turn out to be the perfect chance for your child embrace eating just like any other family member.

Well, you may have different opinion about this. Lets chat about this in comment section…

How To Accomplish Your Goals Easily

Have you ever felt that you do need something but you very well know that by going for it, you may do or die? This can face anyone but there is always safer way of handing that situation. Remember, your goals should not be deterred but any given challenge.

Daring attitude,

Like a normal mosquito, it knows that it has to feed on human blood. However, danger surrounds every move it has to take. Either to come direct and be killed manually, to be sprayed with a killer insecticides or to get killed while landing on a treated mosquito net. But that does not hinder this little bug from attacking this deadly prey. The reason for this is simple, the call of nature is very important than its own death.

As humans, we have knowledge and skills on how to get something. It all depends on the necessity and when to strike. After all, everything is possible on earth… we only have to consider safer means of getting it. Like in business, you should be daring on where to invest your money and when to expect and outcome. Just don’t fail to try.

Friendly Attitude,

Well, this is one thing that most animals, especially domesticated ones, go for when they really need to get something from the owner. Take a cat as an example,  this small animal is known for being so lazy and don’t care type in the house. And it is just hard to train a cat into following a routine than it is for the dog.

A cat is rarely seen doing anything for the human being but when it comes to demands, it makes itself an angel. Parring loudly as it rubs your feet… just to get your attention. Nonetheless, upon having what it wants, a good cat will retire to it activities or have a nap on your bed.

Yep! Humans have the same ability to transform ourselves into that cool someone when targeting something from someone. Be a nice person, but not to an extend of allowing the victim to notice your mischievous attitude. Wait to the perfect moment to ask for what you really need and it will be given to your whole heartedly.

With these two attitude, your goals for the year 2016 can be accomplished safely and successfully. What you need is to guess for the perfect moments then you are good to go. Just forget all about stealing. Work hard and try hard..

Why Humans Will Become Extinct Someday…

Have you ever considered that someday, humans will be faced with a threat of extinction? There are real signs that show that human beings are actually living the last portion of life on earth. Of course, scientists will not tell you this because of fear that they are not working very hard to solve mysteries evolving daily on our planet. Here is a secret, earth is dying! And here are the signs…

Global warming threats,

For those in lucky countries, they have not yet experienced this dangerous trend that is making human life much harder. Think about Tsunamis that have hit some countries including the US, Haiti, Philippines, and others.

In Africa, the world’s largest desert, Sahara, is enlarging due to effects of global warming. Reports have it that in some years to come, the whole sub Saharan land will be a desert. And if this really happens,  human beings will be forced to relocate to other survivable areas. And this will lead to..

Human Conflicts and War,

The venerated WW111 is still being brewed by world’s powerful notorious countries. The UN which should stay firm against inhumanity is watching helplessly as the Soviet Union merger up with China to terrorize weaker countries. The US and NATO allies on the other hand are like world police trying so hard to tame the menace that can erupt into large scale human suffering. With these two opposing forces ready for war any time, human life as at the mercy of time.  This is only when we side see terrorism world that is slowly taking on humanity in all means possible. Every country on earth is at risk of terror activities.

Technology going too far,

English: Nuclear power plant in Cattenom, Fran...

 Nuclear power plant in Cattenom, France (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scientific discoveries come in two packages. One which has no big side effects to man and the other that is very beneficial but when it leaks out it becomes terror on earth. Think about nuclear plants in developed countries. The recent radiation leak in Fukushima nuclear smelting plant in Japan was met by the world that was not ready for that. Yes! The world was so worried that the affect country was forced to relocate its population from the affected area. Now, what can happen if all nuclear power plants and atomic bombs worldwide go uncontrolled and Boom!

One can argue that it is not possible for humans to become extinct. The Bible says that the end will come—I don’t know how other religious book say about this. Just think about it!

Revenge won’t change anything

It is obvious to find college students going partying as part of entertainment during their college life.But then this young lady here is bitter about an incident which she feels shattered the bright future that she had always wished to have. Why? It was an evening out but what happened on that day has been an incident engrossed in her mind.

Together with her friends,they drank some beer for the enjoying mood but being her first time she passed out.She awoke the following morning in a room in the presence of a male student.She felt tired and weak only to realize that this guy had raped her,something which haunts her to date.She was to learn later that this guy didn’t use any protection though he had lied that he had indeed used protection.

A few weeks after the nasty incident,she fell sick and went to a doctor who recommended that she ought to undergo a HIV/AIDS test.So she went to a VCT (Voluntary Counseling and Testing)where her fears were confirmed that she was infected with the virus.She felt like her world had come to an end,she felt like her studies were not important any more.

So she decided that she would go out there and infect many other men.Through these actions,it was a feeling of loathe that she had for the man responsible for her woos.She felt that revenge was the only way,a decision that would not change her present status after all.

This lady is undergoing mental stress since she is not able to come into terms with whatever happened to her which will make her accept her status and move on positively.Nobody can make her change her mind since she feels that the one man who is the source of her illness is equivalent to several others that will fall victim to her trap.