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Anger – Waflay Post
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It’s my nature

English: A metaphorical visualization of the w...

A metaphorical visualization of the word Anger. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being anyone’s nature means some sort of qualities or characteristic that one has. I think it may encompass the emotional expressions like anger or happiness or even personal qualities like kindness or cruelty. So for anyone to talk of his or her nature is more of something he or she cannot change and will always be like that. For example there are people who will always look very angry thus unpopular to the fact that many people will tend to avoid them for fear of coming head on with this anger facial expression.

I remember a day I was in a school meeting and as parents we are introduced to a new staff member and the parents frankly wondered if she would be able to handle their grievances given the seriousness look on her face which made her look angry.

As she stood up to address the parents, she is friendly to work with and they should just assume the nature of her looking a bit serious. But just out of curiosity, is it true that sometimes what we take to be a nature thing may send totally different signals of who we really are.

But then a smile makes us beautiful and so if it’s your nature to smile then the best it is for you. Then something else, as human beings its true we tend to hide in this my nature situation depending on the prevailing circumstances. This means we can still change our usual looks to fit in what we are going through.

But what of kindness, harshness or cruelty, these are qualities that are encompassed in the ‘my nature scenario’ but they are more of someone’s choice. It’s obvious to hear people talk of someone with a good heart meaning easy to deal with but vice versa for someone in the opposite side of  having a good heart.



There is swahili saying that goes ‘Hasira hasara’ and interpreting it further meaning anger accompanies itself with destruction or a loss. We all get angry but what matters is to what extent or whether you have allowed it to consume the better part of us. Anger is an emotion that requires anyone to control himself or herself before it can lead to something undesirable. Anger makes people to end up fighting and especially if those involved feel they are meant to really carry the day.

I remember a time when I was very angry that I was putting sugar in my food instead of some salt only to realizing after cooling down a bit .I think anger just makes one forget what sanity is and just makes one to react in a reckless manner.

We have heard incidents where some parents have gone ahead to severely beat up their children of seriously injuring them yet in the name of just punishing them for the wrong done. But what happens is a parent will absent mindedly beat up a child only to realize when it’s too late that they have caused them physical harm. So such a parent will end up incurring other unplanned expenses to take the child to the hospital for medical check-up all because of allowing inner saturation in anger.

As human beings it can be a lie to say that we can live without getting angry because as long as we are mingling with one another then getting angry at times is definitely possible. So we ought to be cautious not to allow anger to define our course of actions. Let’s be critical thinkers even when angry because if you stop even for a second, you surely get a sane way forward. Let’s not make rush decisions in anger because whatever follows is not something that we would have desired to get or have.

How to Control Anger

Anger Controlls Him

Anger Controlls Him (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While some of find it easy to control anger, a good number of people have no control when enraged. They might do something so stupid before realizing too late of their deeds.

Anger management is a tough go. However, it depends on an individual. The will to be a good person plays the major role in this reform task.

The thought of doing what is right at the right time is what brings someone’s senses to reality. It may take long for someone to master this important trait. Nonetheless, when it happens, one needs to keep practicing in order to overcome anger in unnecessary situations.

Another thing that helps in anger management is being associated with people who are not easily irate. This closeness acts as a shied or a barrier from anger in a situation where one wants to burst into angry-flames but other people seems to be so calm and unmoved. This helps someone to realize that anger is not the only solution to human problems.

In most cases, people who have a problem with anger tend to believe that anger makes them superior in the society. They believe that they can make their way through in any situation because of their violent way of dealing with things. This is wrong because anger only arises agony in the society. And when people are pinned into a desperate situation, they would respond by violence. And the cycle repeats on and on in revenge missions.

Sometimes as human beings, we are forced by circumstances to assume the lowest position in the society for better good. Being infuriated and violence only makes the situation to deteriorate, and might end up badly instead of solving a simple misunderstanding that needs non-violent approach.

Well, if you only need to accept the fact that the pen is mightier than the sword and make peace instead of going out to beat up somebody.

Woman Face Murder Charges Due To Tv Remote

murder weapon (picture by pixabay)

murder weapon (picture by pixabay)

Just a few days ago, it was in the news of a woman who reportedly stabbed her lover with a knife after a quarrel over a remote. According to neighbors, the couple started quarreling over what channel to watch, and it ensued into a heated argument and eventually to a fight.

The lady was however overpowered and so she quickly grabbed the night and turned it to her man. After the incident, the man was rushed to a nearby hospital but succumbed to injuries while undergoing treatment.

This was such a sad incident, had things been done in a sober manner nothing of the sort should have happened. But then this is a representation of what many families go through in case of conflicts. This lady is gonna face murder charges and this is not the first incident of a couples fight leading to death of the other, something that has been on the increase.

I think it’s the high time that couples learn to talk calmly and solve their issues. It does not take any energy to sit down and talk as lovers like for this case, couldn’t at least one partner have lowered the heat by acting a bit sane. Love is not death to make one to be so angry and end up using a knife to stab his or her lover.

Couples ought to learn something from this; take time to listen to one another and act less. Couples who fight do not take time to listen and so they think that going physical is what will eventually decide who the winner is.

Then couples ought to know that fighting is not a way to bring about understanding in the family. The question is what will I gain by fighting? Let there be an understanding why one partner feel this is the best thing to do.

Being Stressed Up Does Make Your Mind More Active and Focused!

In our day to day lives, it’s obvious to hear most people saying that they are stressed up by this or that and it’s true the majority of the people prefer using the term. But then even a specialist in Psychology will tell you just a slight stress makes one to move towards the right direction. Actually, a stressful situation keeps your mind active, might assist  in you in day-to-day activities.

But then too much stress may eventually lead to depression which in this case is like a monster that slowly kills anyone who ends up with it, luckily for us the new dab pen is on the market for a reasonable price.

For like this case, most parents with school going children will claim to be stressed up as they rush in the last-minute to purchase school stationery and text books for their children.

It’s not that they had not planned for this, but only that hiked prices have mounted much pressure on the side of the parents since whatever cash that they had initially planned to spend may after all not be enough.

Let’s look at this example, the Kenya Certificate Primary Education (K.C.P.E) children were very anxious as they waited for their results in this case whether one would either have a pass or a fail. But as parents you ought to show your children that it is not the end of the road for failing in examinations.

It’s good to be positive even if your child did not perform as per your expectations. So I think it’s normal for anyone to get stressed but what matters is the magnitude.

So anyone having mental or psychological pressure due to the prevailing circumstances should not feel discouraged but just take it as part of life that need to be faced with a positive mood. If you feel in your mind that there is success ahead, then go for it.