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Alcoholism – Waflay Post
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We ought to change general perception that what matters is the money that we get

English: Space filling model of the alcohol mo...

Space filling model of the alcohol molecule. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been for quite sometime since the president issued a directive to county commissioners and other leaders to take up the fight of curbing the manufacture and consumption of second-generation alcohol.They are largely blamed for numerous deaths of the young people due to irresponsible use of the lethal ethanol which is not fit for human consumption.But this fight has not been without irregularities with even some police complaining that you close a  bar in this illegal business today but you still find it fully operational the next day with orders from above which cannot be questioned.

The sad side is the same leaders who are supposed to in the forefront in ensuring that this alcohol is completely eliminated from our midst have interests here where some even own bars selling the same illegal brews.So they prefer to continue pocketing the proceeds from this alcohol even when they are supposed to make sure this alcohol is off the market to at least save our young people.

The media on the other hand has really done a commendable job because this is where the listeners call to relay info where the poison is still being sold.The spirit of the presenters to save the situation is evident day in day out as they urge people to be on the look out for individuals who are out to do more harm than good as far as the lives of the young people are concerned.

But the question is for those who are still adamant on going on to sell theses illegal brews,for how long do you want the wives,the mothers and the children of the men who go down by drinking your bad alcohol to go on crying.I think this should be the time that you sanely own up your mistakes and make right the mess that you have made quite a number of people go through.Let this no longer be about the lump-sum money that you are making because you can still venture into other businesses and still prosper.

Why don’t people ever learn?

العربية: مجموعة مشروبات كحولية. Català: Divers...

Alcoholic drinks(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The slogan ‘Don’t drink and drive’ has been in existence for quite some time but the truth is most people just ignore it or think it has no impact on whatever it is that they do even if they drink and drive. We have laws meant to control our drinking but it may seem like this is no longer working for us. I remember an incident where a driver jumped out of a moving Public Service Vehicle (PSV) in a bid to escape the alcohol-blow test meant to nab drunk drivers. Go through mirandarightslawfirm.com to know more about the best DUI attorney.

One wonders why most people find it appealing to drink the entire night till morning because I think it’s good for anyone to adopt responsible drinking. But then how many accidents have been caused by drunken driving individuals? They are so many of them but it’s so sad that no one is ready to learn from this and just decide to change the general perception that you have to always drink in order to get very drunk. Drinking with even some prescription drugs in you system should be avoided. Check this link https://www.duila.com/prescription-drug-dui/ for more info.

We are in a society where even our young people are not spared in this self adopted culture that everyone seems to have as far as drinking is concerned. How many children have dropped out of school all due to drinking alcohol? I think it’s the high time that we change this drinking in our society to avoid our children studies from being negatively affected or there will be many lawsuits. Lawyers (see it here) are always there to assist with accident claims. No one is supposed to sell liquor to a minor but it’s disgusting that no one cares who buys so long as money exchanges hands.

It’s obvious to hear cases of people dying after consuming some alcohol but even with friends who have such a testimony, they still are not ready to change. Let’s stop being adamant in doing things our own way even when we know that it’s wrong.

So I think things need to change because drinking has been taken to a level which may bring about crazy effects.


Apparently, Women Prefer Men Who Are Rarely At Home…

It was in a morning radio show when a man called and said that his wife once told a friend that she prefers to be with a partner who drinks. This man said that he does not drink and is always home early after the close of his business.

He further added that he cannot go to places that he has not planned for so as to pass time and please his wife by going home later in the evening. Moreover, he said that he has always thought being home early was something good for the family and wondered whether his wife would prefer someone who goes home very late or even fail to appear at home altogether.

So listeners were asked to air their take on this issue,

So the first caller a lady said that her husband do not drink and is always at home monitoring her every move and even asking unnecessary questions. She quickly pointed out that she would prefer a drinking one ten times.

Then this other lady said men who take alcohol always take for their families for outings when they are out with their friend enjoying drinks. She said that the non drinking men do not bother creating time for family recreation.

Then a caller man said that women are never satisfied with what men do and he particularly mentioned that they have been complaining that men have no time for the family. He continued to say that when your wife sees you around too often, she claims to need some space and so will always see their men at fault.

Then this other lady said men should not be home too early and as such should look for something else to do as a hobby. She also said that they should also create time and be there when the family needs them.

I think this issue of drinking depends on an individual and so no one should be influenced into doing it.

How Women Created Alcoholism Problem In Central Kenya

Tempranillo varietal wine bottle and glass, sh...

Tempranillo varietal wine bottle and glass, showing colour Shot with Nikon D70s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The funny world we live in just can’t get to the bottom of everything and let people relax their strained ribs. It is so unfortunate that humans, that is who we are and we forget very easily when a hilarious moment strikes. Like in central Kenya, ladies had that pride and forged for change by denying their men that valuable moments in family life. I hope you do understand what I meant by, ‘valuable moments’. It was easy, that women empowered each other to deny their men ‘bedroom rights’ and were adamant that if they (men) do not fall into their (women’s) demands then they had nothing to give in return.

This practice became the way of life. Men being the victims of marital torture. And through seeking for a better way to minimize the feeling of loneliness, they opted for other things and among them alcohol became part of their live.

Day in day out, alcoholism jumped from ‘bedroom boredom’ to male youths who, in my guess, innocent individuals who just followed the ways of their fathers blindly.  At the long run, the whole community was got between the hard place and a rock since ‘kamnyweso (wines and spirits) became breakfast, lunch and supper for the majority in Central Kenya male species. The sad point is that, alcoholic drinks became the booming business as businessmen and women erected winery plants in the region. What happened next?

Amazingly, the first group to complain about alcoholism and drunkenness in Central Kenya were women. On national media, they complained that their men were not sexually active, quoting one complainant, “We don’t have men to impregnate us. Look! No one among us is pregnant.” And she burst out laughing. Anyway,  it was like a hunter being hunted. Regrets and forgotten history coming in to haunt people as whole.

In attempts to rescue the whole region from alcohol problem, the president of Kenya started a campaign to get rid all second generation alcoholic drinks. Bad that this problem is not yet over, and not even close. As this goes live, many people in affected regions are suffering from forced withdrawal syndrome and some death incidents have been reported.

Think, in every move you make in terms of change you better focus more on the consequences. Well, that is life.

In Attempt To Rescue Central Kenya From Alcoholism

"Flaming" cocktails contain a small ...

“Flaming” cocktails contain a small amount of flammable high-proof alcohol which is ignited prior to consumption. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The war on consumption of alcohol has taken a new turn after leading radio stations broadcasting for Central Kenya region have taken it on ground with campaigns against the brews. It is estimated that about 20 years from now, the ethnic Kikuyu community will be wiped out if people do not change their ways of life.

Last week in one area, the member of parliament led concerned youths and women in raiding brew dens. The traders were left counting loses after their alcoholic drinks were confiscated and their business shut down even though they claimed of having a valid license for operating such businesses.

The campaign against drunkenness has been deemed successful even though some radio presenters complain about intimidation and threats from the unknown individuals.

It has been obvious that the President’s directive on the county commissioners to ensure that they eliminate the brewing and consumption of illegal brew was never going to yield any positive results.It was an unfortunate incident when some youths died after the consumption of what was expected to be a lethal brew but then things took new turn after there were reports that an individual in a probox car gave out the drink to young men especially motorbike operators.

After this incident,it was very clear that somebody somewhere had the to kill but why?I like the present spirit that is working out with one voice aiming to save our young people from drunkenness.It has been all over news with married women and mothers always complaining that their husbands and sons are not the same any more due to the undesirable effects of drinking alcohol.It was a humorous moment when they even tasked the presenters if they can even identify any pregnant woman against them since this ‘bad’ alcohol according to them makes it impossible for men to sire children.

Then something else,it has been found that some licensed bars are also selling these illegal brews so they will not be spared in a fight to flush out these illegal brews.