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Alcohol – Waflay Post
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We ought to change general perception that what matters is the money that we get

English: Space filling model of the alcohol mo...

Space filling model of the alcohol molecule. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been for quite sometime since the president issued a directive to county commissioners and other leaders to take up the fight of curbing the manufacture and consumption of second-generation alcohol.They are largely blamed for numerous deaths of the young people due to irresponsible use of the lethal ethanol which is not fit for human consumption.But this fight has not been without irregularities with even some police complaining that you close a  bar in this illegal business today but you still find it fully operational the next day with orders from above which cannot be questioned.

The sad side is the same leaders who are supposed to in the forefront in ensuring that this alcohol is completely eliminated from our midst have interests here where some even own bars selling the same illegal brews.So they prefer to continue pocketing the proceeds from this alcohol even when they are supposed to make sure this alcohol is off the market to at least save our young people.

The media on the other hand has really done a commendable job because this is where the listeners call to relay info where the poison is still being sold.The spirit of the presenters to save the situation is evident day in day out as they urge people to be on the look out for individuals who are out to do more harm than good as far as the lives of the young people are concerned.

But the question is for those who are still adamant on going on to sell theses illegal brews,for how long do you want the wives,the mothers and the children of the men who go down by drinking your bad alcohol to go on crying.I think this should be the time that you sanely own up your mistakes and make right the mess that you have made quite a number of people go through.Let this no longer be about the lump-sum money that you are making because you can still venture into other businesses and still prosper.

There Is More To Illegal Brews Business

it's illegal I know...but I didn't drive anywhere!

it’s illegal I know…but I didn’t drive anywhere! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even as the government stepped in to curb the manufacture and consumption of illegal brews to the number of Kenyan lives that these brews were claiming, there was other menace brought by them.

According to a certain lady, there are men out there who had been duped by the proprietor women in this illegal trade and have thus lost their land. In this case, she was opening her past life with a friend who had conned a certain man of his land, sold it and afterwards bought a plot from the proceeds of the sale.

What’s more this woman had tricked this man into a marriage though he had a wife and school going children and for her, the children were adults.

According to this lady, they had since parted ways with this woman and she once met this man in the streets and he referred to her as one of the con who made land loose his land thus making him poor. She felt guilty though she said that she was just an employer of this woman and they had met after the land was sold. She then added she felt it was her duty to come out and tell the truth since she had experienced seeing this man’s family suffer especially the children who were already in school.

So she now felt that she wanted to make things right and make others aware what most women in this illegal business were doing to unsuspecting men. This man’s wife was present in this forum and she said though they suffered as a family, she made sure that all their children underwent through secondary school education though they could not be given their certificates due to fees balances.

But what transpired here was the transfer of land was illegally done. And this woman had since been arrested due to a brew that was sold in her pub that claimed lives.

NACADA ought to pull up its socks

Sometime last week, the Deputy Governor of Lamu was accusing NACADA of marginalizing the county when it comes to fighting drugs. He says most of the youths in the county have indulged in the drug taking vice yet NACADA is doing nothing to curb the vice as far as the county.

There have been other instances that NACADA has been accused of not playing its role in fighting abuse of drugs and most of all the consumption of illicit brews. What’s more, this organization has funds set aside to furnish its operations yet it’s not giving positive results to the society. I remember the media engineered the manufacture and consumption of illicit brews that were responsible for a number of deaths in some counties. These brews being illegal have claimed the lives of many Kenyans but there being released to general public under the watchful eyes of NACADA.

Then I remember a presenter in a certain radio station had a family member passing on after consuming a bottle of an illicit brew. So the presenter recounted how some officials in NACADA visited their family home to console them with the loss and even vowed to undertake a serious mission of cracking down all the pubs that were selling the illicit brew. But after several weeks nothing had been done to rectify the situation yet it was becoming obvious of hearing news of deaths due to the consumption of illicit brews. But the question was does this body really care about the life of a mere Kenyan bearing in mind these brews target the poor ones?

That was then and going by the fact that there are complains concerning the anti-alcohol and drug abuse body not being up to its task. So those who have severally called for its disbandment of the body so I think they were justified for such a suggestion.

What it Means To Be of That Weight

English: The lasagna is made with spinach (as ...

 The lasagna is made with spinach (as a substitute for meat), whole wheat pasta and low fat cheeses. This was a poster in “The Healthy Eating Tips” series. See artwork: PV-30. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the beginning of this week, an article in the print media concerning women and their weight drew mixed reactions in what most people felt that a lot of negativity was portrayed. Some felt that the writer was too harsh in the way the contents of the article were put. But whatever the case, the majority would reckon with the writer that the consequences are there when it comes to having too much weight.

But then it still remains to be that being overweight means something is wrong and you cannot run away from the reality. Like one speaker put it that your heavy weight means that there is something eating you and so no more trying to dwell on what you are eating. Then it has come to be that women undergoing stress tend to eat more and more hence their gaining weight unlike men who go to drinking alcohol.

Then something else came up that once a woman is married, it reaches a point when one do not care about the weight anymore even when she grows big and big. Then somebody was keen to note that this issue concerning weight was more on the middle class people who opt to use their cash on restaurants to feed on roast meat, mostly on family outings. It was also pointed out that the rich are careful on their diets since they take time to look after themselves.

On a conclusive note, adding weight was something that is for both men and women and so they should adopt a healthy eating lifestyle, I fully suggest taking a look to this jenny craig vs Nutrisystem article.. The message was simple that stop eating unhealthy otherwise be sure to be faced with health challenges and in case of any problems taking them head on the best way ever. It’s also commendable for exercising to burn the excess fats in your body.

What next after campaigns against illicit brews and 2nd generation alcohol

English: Ball and stick model of the alcohol m...

English: Ball and stick model of the alcohol molecule. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a campaign that was adopted overwhelmingly in the entire country and more so even having the support of the president. This campaign saw millions of litres of these brews being poured into the ground. The people were given power and were thus able to stand firmly and act to eliminate these poisonous alcohols. It was clear that people were tired of deaths occurring and for others becoming blind after the consumption of these brews and so this became the point of salvaging to avoid more unfortunate incidents.

People should now be on the look out for any suspicious scenarios that may imply may be some people are still trying to sneak these brews again. And so in case of anything, the best thing that can be done is to bring such cases to the open.

Then something else, the present systems that have been put in place to deal with such illegal brews should not be entrusted with the function again. It’s obvious that they have failed the country in fighting the illegal brews even when money is always set aside by the government in each financial year to facilitate the relevant activities of the systems.

Look at NACADA, the county commissioners and the police, all whom we had expected to succeed in this battle but one way or the other everything about them collapsed a long time ago. So there is no way to continue working with them and the best action would be to opt for other systems.

Then all governors ought make the number of licensed bars in their respective counties slim since having control will make people to try to venture into other business opportunities.

Now that the war against alcohol has been adopted in the entire country, it’s good to keep the fire burning till the poisonous brews are kicked from our midst completely.