Somalia Officials Targeted In Hotel Attack


Somalia's states, regions and districts

Somalia’s states, regions and districts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Somalia lslamists al-shabaab insurgents released a video of their heinous siege in Kenya, Westage Mall attack which claimed over 60 lives. The 1 hour 30 minutes video was uploaded on the internet for downloads only and is now trending worldwide.

One wonders why the Somalia terrorists tool this long to release the video and why release it at all. Kenya has experienced many terrorism attacks since the siege that lasted for about four days. It is not clear why they chose to release such a video in the public. One thing for sure, they want to lure people to join terrorism.

On 20th February, the insurgents attacked a popular Hotel in Mogadishu, Somalia, where about 20 people lost their lives, an MP and deputy major of Mogadishu amongst those killed.

The car loaded with explosives blew up at the gate of the secure Central Hotel before the second bomb went off inside the compound when a suicide bomber blew himself up. It was during those moments that other heavily armed jihadists stormed in shooting anyone who was not on their side. The attack happened during prayer hour, the target being the members of the Somalia parliament and other officials who were praying in Hotel mosque.

Recently, the militants have been targeting Somalia government officials in what they say, ‘the war against apostates.’

The AU forces which provide security in Mogadishu, especially for government offices and other important buildings were got unawares during the recent attack and they have beefed up security for other easy targets facilities within the busy city.

The Somalia president is expected to initiate other security measures for people living in Mogadishu. Somalia’s young government is trying to stabilize the war-torn country after about two decades of lawlessness in the Eastern Country.

Al-Shabaab Islamic militants have perfected the art of mind game and Kenya should think twice to know the reason why terrorist have released the video of the worst attack ever on Kenya’s soil.






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