Kenya, Thin Line Between Politics and Reality

When something happens in Kenya, a few would guess it is a reality while the majority would think it is politics as usual. Why is it that we, as people of Kenya, can’t come together and support the government’s move to combat terror?

In Kenyans mentality, they always run for cover when a deed has been done. This might involve loss of lives due to any happening, as if anything bad has not natural point of action other than government’s involvement to cover up something or to direct people’s mind away from a big scandal.

In recent breaking news about heavy fighting between Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) and suspected Islamic militants in Lamu County, there were heated exchange of words between supporters of the government and those who believe that the government of trying to cover up something.

According to some individuals, war on terror has been a subject that drives the majority to come together as one. And that the government of Kenya sometime plays dirty to drive people’s minds off from issues affecting the country through planned terror like scenes to get away from public scrutiny.

The sad reality is that, Kenya is facing a serious threat of terror. But since it has been noted that the government and people are running on parallel routes, this is not good because if people’s mentality goes against the government… then during an actually terrorism attack, this could easily result into unexpected divisions and public revolts.

It can’t always happen that the government is wrong. Yep! Sometimes things happen that are questionable but not all the time.

It all starts with politics but it can’t end there. We have to live our lives irrespective of where we come from and what our political affiliations command us to. Kenyans we are, and that should be our pride.

Investigations Underway To Unravel The Mystery Behind Shallow Mass Graves In Mandera

The police force is investigating how several people were reported to be missing for the past three years in Mandera and why there are secret mass graves in the area. In initial police reports, some people joined al shabaab militants in Somalia and others relocated somewhere else to avoid arrest.

But the recent discovery of mass graves has made it impossible for people to believe such reports. The county government and other leaders have come out strongly accusing the government for covering up military atrocities in the area.

They now want the central government to explain why such disappearances have only happened after military invasion in Mandera, and why innocent people are being targeted and eliminated.

This has also created other controversial responses on social media, that maybe some people, especially terrorists are taking this advantage to kill the innocent so that people may start blaming the government forces.

In another response, someone said that these killings are being carried out by residents who are trying to radicalize others to join the terror cells in Mandera, but if they fail then the person is killed in order to hide the secret forever.

The CS to the ministry of interior security will hold a press conference to answer questions about this issue. He however, confirmed that there is something deep happening in Mandera that he and the government will present the findings sooner than expected time. He further warned the public about speculations and that the final report will give light to everything. And that the public should wait until that time.

Now, the police have suggested that those with information should come forward and shade more light into this matter. And that if one can’t trust the police then there are other organizations that are willing to get the information and present it to the police.

The fear of dealing with government agents is something that is hindering speedy investigation. The police have said that about 11 shallow mass graves are scattered in the area and that they will do the necessary to recover all bodies.

The Fight Against Terror Takes a Terrifying Twist

18811 Multi-Pronged Terror Attack3

18811 Multi-Pronged Terror Attack3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Terrorism and lawlessness in Kenya is not something to shy away about. We have had several cases of terror activities in the country and living in fear of these heinous attacks is a thing of the past.

In a country driven by political hate, tribalism and corruption, Kenya remains vulnerable to terrorism; sad that the society we live in just can’t create a conclusive environment for each and every one of us to live happily with one another. Instead, it has played the vital role for the lawless citizens and foreigners to divide Kenyans in political and religious lines.

Recently, the government issued a warning to all parents that children are new targets for terrorism activities. Intelligence service has confirmed that children as young as eight (8) years old are being radicalized in schools, Mosques and in youth groups.

The secretary to the ministry of internal security said that parents should take care of their children, adding that terrorists are using unsuspecting children to transport weapons and other illegal goods to avoid suspicion and arrest.

This came to light when a mother of the victim, 11 year old boy went missing after meeting with unknown individuals in a youth group. The grieving mother said that her son disappeared after he was promised one million shillings after accomplishing a terror mission— blowing up a hundred (100) people in a social place.

The single mother is now living in fear that her only (child) son is a terrorist. This is just one among many families whose children have been recruited by terrorists in Kenya.

Al-shabaab terror group has been targeting Kenyans as a way to remain a threat now and in future. Kenyan al-shabaab terrorists have curried out attacks in the country and pose a major threat to Kenya’s security forces and civilians than before. One militant, among the four, who targeted and killed 147 students in Garissa University, was a Kenyan law student. Others among the high ranking al-shabaab terrorists are known Kenyans believed to be hiding with their families in Boni forest-Lamu County.

An operation to flash out terrorists in Boni forest is still underway but hopefully it will bear fruits for peaceful Kenya. We only have to wait!



A Sign of Resilience as Westgate Reopens

"Sevens" shopping mall in Düsseldorf...

shopping mall in Düsseldorf, Germany (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Saturday the 18 of July was a day of some significance when the prestigious shopping mall by the name ’Westgate shopping mall ‘opened its doors again to the general public. For a period of 22 months, this shopping mall remained closed after the country experienced the most deadly attacks carried out by the terror group al-shabaab that left behind massive destruction and scores of lives lost.

But now the mall is back to normal operations even when the terrorism attack brought down the investments that were present at that time. The terrorists may think that they are winners but this is not the case since time has come for the mall to pick pieces and move on. That was then when the country was at the receiving and but that did not drain away the energy for fighting terrorism.

Kenya has been labeled an insecure country due to terrorists’ attacks, the most recent warning being given to American citizens to avoid travelling here even with the most awaited visit of the U.S. President. So it’s the hope of everyone that the terrorists and their dirty games will eventually come to an end.

It seems the terrorists are out to bring about religion conflict by always targeting Christians as they carry out their deadly attacks but they cannot win on that. They should not be given any trust as they try to make other people to believe theirs is a genuine fight but the truth is that they are out to bring about their ill manipulation.

The security systems in this country are doing anything possible to close all the loop holes that give room to terrorists who think that they have all the power in the hands. It was not business as usual after terrorists who had raided the army in the barracks of the coastal county were overpowered and a number of them killed. A video of them mocking Kenyans was discovered but their mockery was short lived when they were shot dead.

The Dawn Of Africa Yet To Come Real

Satellite image of Africa, showing the ecologi...

Satellite image of Africa, showing the ecological break that defines the sub-Saharan area (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What next for Africa? The recent Africa Summit held in South Africa brought together the leaders of Africa and each one represented the people who live in the continent. Among issues discussed were poverty and terrorism, and divisive politics.

It is so unfortunate that the Africa has remained underdeveloped because of reasons that are mostly avoidable. Personal issues sometimes run into nationwide problem because people just refuse to think beyond greed and urge for power. Most African states go down because leadership differences. Democracy should be respected and implemented fully without compromising lives of the innocent through choices that goes contrary to the expectations and the rule of law.

Terrorism in Africa has by far leading in vices that countries have to deal with. This does not necessarily mean religious groups determined to cause havoc in peaceful nations, but armed bandits –rebels and pirates–fall under this category too. Countries highly affected by terrorism are Egypt, Libya, Nigeria, Somalia and CAR among others.

In Africa, most evils acts encourage bigger and wider problems. Take Kenya as an example, the East African country which was once a peaceful country surrounded by troubled nations, now fighting against Somali militants al shabaab. And it is so hard to control these terrorists because the locals in most affected regions have a close link to terrorism— either through blood, religion or business. You know where we went wrong?

The problem started when we made corruption be part of our daily life. The more we encouraged it, the more it went deeper into our lives. And now that foreigners have started using it against us, we are in big trouble.

As Africa gets ready geared for greater heights in coming years, the leaders should think of a better way to compact evils amongst us. Poverty gave rise to corruption, corruption gave birth to greed for leadership in order to gain more and now that people agitating for change, we better be on one course or else, big surprises are bound to haunt us in future.

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