As Kenya Mourns The Fallen KDF Soldiers, What Went Wrong?

A variation on the Kenyan flag.

A variation on the Kenyan flag. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who killed our Soldiers in Somalia? Was it an act of terror or someone set them up? Was it the illegal trade to blame for the killings in an AU Kenyan Forces camp in Somalia?

It is a sad day since yesterday, and still no answers have popped up in my mind why the Kenyan intelligence was got unawares in the recent attack on Kenyan camp in Somalia.

Yesterday’s news was so heart breaking. And the country is mourning the deaths of KDF soldiers who were overrun by al-shabaab Islamic militants in Somalia, a few miles from the Kenyan border.

Confirming the incident, the military spokes person said that the soldiers managed to repulse the attacked but the damage had already been done.

According to al-shabaab spokes person, the Islamists killed over 60 Kenyan soldiers who are working to restore the image on Somalia after decades of war and lawlessness. The Kenyan forces crossed into Somalia, about four years ago and are since working under AMISOM, African Union Mission in Somalia.

The militants gained entry into that facility after a suicide bomber drove car-laden explosives into the gate and blew up. It was then that the ground team took on the facility with heavy gunfire.

The militants later reported that they have taken over the facility and erected their flag there.

Now, questions still lingers in my people’s mind…, ‘was the intelligence system asleep when this incident took place?

To some people, they argue that the soldiers were sold out to the terrorists but an unknown individual.

Even though these might be baseless claims, no one really knows an ever alert AU troops were got unawares this time round.

In recent reports, Kenyan troops were accused of doing businesses with an enemy in Somalia. The UN report said that KDF soldiers were engaging in illegal business in area under their command. Of course, Kenya rubbished these claims. Moreover, yes! No one really confirmed these reports.

In later reports, it was claimed that the terrorists were very much interested in looting, mostly acquiring weapons and other important war hardware from the AU camp.

Now, did someone sell Kenyan troops to these terrorists?

Police Puts 8 Million Bounty On These Four…

2 million each for these terror suspects

2 million each for these terror suspects

Kenya—- The Kenya police have released the names and images of terrorists who attacked a Nairobi bound bus on 21 December last year.

The bus was attacked by four terrorist who ordered Muslims to identify themselves. But in a twist of an expected outcome, the lovers of humanity refused to obey. Three people were killed during that incident and others left with injuries.

The Inspector General of the police has warned that the four terror suspects are armed and dangerous. And have promised to give Ksh2 million shillings to anyone with information leading to the arrest of any of the four.

Mohamed Osman Aliow, Mohamed Ahmed Farah, Abdullahi Dimbil and Abukar Mohamed Yunis are suspected to be working closely with the mastermind of Garissa University massacre that left 148 people dead, last year. Gamaghere is the leader of al-shabaab faction that recently swore allegiance to ISIS, ditching the group that joined al-Qaeda four years back.

The police believe that the four suspects are still in Kenya, either in Mandera or Gassisa but they are still on the run to Somalia where their leaders are in hiding.

According to the IG of the police, the four are well known residents of Mandera; three of them were Madrassa teachers before joining the Somalia Islamists.

Else where, the police are holding a terror suspect who surrendered himself to the police after a raid in certain apartment in Lamu town and a cache of weapons recovered.

The area police said that they were following a tip off from someone but unfortunately, no one was arrested at the scene. The police also recovered several phones and a laptop, win which the police said owners were planning to make an IED that was supposed to be used in a terror attack.

The father to the suspect said that he persuaded his son to surrender after seeing his picture among the most wanted terror suspects in Lamu.


Somalia’s Peace and Economic Boom Lures Investors

Somalia —- Recently Somalia government announced that it is ready to deals with internal problems by its own. This is a wise move because this shows the world that it the country’s political stability can be trusted. This announcement confirms that Somalia army is strong enough to deal with terrorists operating in the country on the horn of Africa.

Nowadays, Somalia capital which was under ruins has recovered steadily, with peace being experienced for the first time in about two decades.

Clan wars left the country in lawless state, and this gave rise to terrorism activities. al-Shabaab under command from foreigners took a step further by radicalizing Somalia youths and later the group started ruling the affected regions with Sheria laws.

The then government of Somalia had no influence to the people…The interim government did not have good facilities for government operations. A reason why the elected leaders used to meet in Kenya while governing Somalia.

With slow but steady progress, Somalia has been experiencing economic boom with Somalia diaspora community remitting money for economic boost, mostly in housing and infrastructure development, trade and business and many more.

With security from both Somalia government and from AMISON troops, Somalia is turning to be an new opportunity for foreign investors.

Hotel businesses are slowly picking up with white sand beaches opening to the public for the first time in twenty years.

The problem with Indian Ocean piracy in Somalia waters has hit the lowest mark since the world’s most developed country have been patrolling this dangerous water ways since the menace became so rampant against sailors.

Now standing strong, Somalia has shown enough progress to ascertain that it can stand alone and deal with its internal menace successfully. Even though the world news channels are mostly interested in bad images of this growing state, hopefully this mentality will change, things will return to normal and people will be happy living in peaceful Somalia.

Kenyans Urged To Be on The Lookout This Festive Season

The Inspector General (I.G) has cautioned Kenyans to be on the lookout for any suspicious persons or any luggage of questionable contents during this festive season. He went on and said that the Al-shabab is disintegrating due to continued pressure that the gang is experiencing from the military personnel that is Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) with an aim of curbing its operations in this region completely.

The IG also said that the Alshabab militants are either moving to join ISIS or the Al-qaeda whichever one prefers to be good for him. He further added any Kenyan who comes across that may seem alarmingly a threat should very fast contact the relevant authorities. He also said that the Al-shabab has always been a threat and so we should take the necessary precautions this festive season. He also urged Kenyans to keep their cards open for the sake of their security.

The threat is real and so let Kenyans do the partying at the same time they ought to take note of the IG’s words. Just a few days ago, we awoke to the shocking news of a bus that was attacked by the Al-shabab but thanks to the Muslim passengers who halted the ill actions of the gang after they refused to be separated from their Christian counterparts. But then let the government beef up more security to the terror prone region now that there is some intelligence reports of impeding attacks.

Then something else, hope there will be swift response by the police in case of anything of concern from the general public. Let us ashame these actors of doom, they cannot succeed to exercise their shadows of darkness over us. They hide in the Islam religion and oh! Unto them because from their heinous deeds; they are not entitled to associate with any religion.

So I hope as Kenyans will be saturated with the partying mood, they ought to take these sentiments seriously for the sake of their safety.

The police may after all been securing corrupt deals

The other day somebody mentioned to me that even when illegal businesses were fast growing in many parts of the city, the largest blame is due to the police. He went ahead and mentioned having experienced money exchanging hands between a woman and a police all this for the sake of illegal business security.

The police was on patrol and as usual was out for his daily handouts for allowing what they were supposed not to allow. The policeman inquired how she was going on with her business of selling ‘slim’ a branded name to mean bhang. He then asked her if she had submitted her daily cash as per their agreement and she in turn informed him that she had given his other colleagues who had come to her establishment earlier in the day.

The policeman then told her if she always conforms to give out the cash on a daily basis, then their friendship will be cemented forever and nobody will ever question her deals. Then he quickly pointed out that they are the government and so it’s up to them to make viable decisions.

Then the policeman added that he was on a mission to teach another person a lesson for thinking that he can disobey at will. He angrily mentioned that if one is allowed to operate an illegal business and further more getting lots of cash then one should always pay up with no fail.

So such an incident makes one wonder whether service to all as a slogan by the police force means much more as the case with such corrupt individuals. That’s why the majority of Kenyans do not trust our police at all because it seems they are out for the sake of the few wicked in the society so as long they enjoy some monetary gain.

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