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Al-Qaeda – Waflay Post
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Release The Report To The Public, KDF Told

How many Kenyan soldiers lost their lives in the line of duty during terror attack at al-Adde in Somalia?

The most amazing thing about Kenya is how they treat the word ‘secret’. In Kenyan setting, the public should not be informed about issues that are so sensitive.

It is just beyond reason why the government should keep most things in hush-hush kind of environment.

The only information about those who died in that deadly terror attack is from the foreign agencies and from bloggers.

Recently, the Somalia president Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, said that the number of soldiers who lost their lives may be about 180 or more. This report has already been tarnished as unreal by the Kenyan military spokes person. However, he could not take his time to give the exact number instead.

It has not yet been confirmed about the whereabouts of the missing Kenyan service men. Only speculations that they are being held as prisoners of war in the al-shabaab camps in Somalia

Now, majority of Kenyans are going for 180 fallen heroes because they do not have any other information about it all.

Big secrets have made it impossible for information to flow from channels of communication to reach those who might be interested.

The only information the KDF is ready to relay to the public is when they have carried out attacks against terrorists in the war ravaged country on the horn of Africa.

Recently, the leader opposition said that the government should give a final report about the fallen soldiers and that the families affected compensated.

The president has been so quiet about this report and never have he hinted of releasing it to the public.

Kenya that ranked sixth (6th) in military firepower in Africa has dropped to position eighth (8th) after al-Adde attack.

KDF are serving under AU’s African Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) with an aim of ending terror menace on the horn of Africa.

War On Terror, Is KDF Fighting Wrong War?

Kenyan military personnel march to Camp Great ...

Kenyan military personnel march to Camp Great White to participate in the opening ceremony for exercise Natural Fire 2006 conducted at Nginyang Village, Kenya, Aug. 7, 2006. U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Nic Raven (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

About two years ago, the Somalia parliament voted unanimously against Kenya Defense Forces in their country. They argued that KDF personnel are no longer needed in the country because the Somalia Army is strong enough to deal with Islamists causing havoc in the horn of Africa.

This prompted the world to come together and urged Kenya not to withdraw its forces in the country. They said that fragile peace and economic stability in Somalia is being experienced because the Kenyan Army is still active under the AU peacekeepers umbrella. And that terrorist, al-shabaab—affiliated with al-Qaeda, are on the run because of Kenya’s presence in Somalia.

Kenya was adamant that it would stay in Somalia until terrorism is no longer a threat in east Africa, and up to now, this stand has not been shaken by terrorism in the country.

The attacks targeting both civilians and security personnel have been the trend in Kenya in recent years, with most recent one being the attack on Kenyan military camp in Somalia where unknown number of KDF personnel lost there lives.

The president of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta in his vocation in Mombasa, coastal region of Kenya, said that Kenya would not withdraw KDF from the horn of Africa until African Mission in Somalia is over. He later said that Kenyan security forces would make sure that those people behind the heinous crimes against Kenyans pay for every Kenyan bloodshed. In addition, that they will be hunted in all terrains, regions in day and night until the threat is eliminated.

But now Kenyans have began questioning why Kenya Defense Forces are still in Somalia, about two years since that fall of Kismayu from al-shabaab control! Reports from Somalia says that, a day before the Kenyan military camp was attacked, civilians living near that camp vanished. This means that people in Somalia are either assisting terrorists or they knew something before it happened.

For once, Kenyan intelligence system was got off-guard; the short question is, why? This story is just another story within a story. Damn!

Police Puts 8 Million Bounty On These Four…

2 million each for these terror suspects

2 million each for these terror suspects

Kenya—- The Kenya police have released the names and images of terrorists who attacked a Nairobi bound bus on 21 December last year.

The bus was attacked by four terrorist who ordered Muslims to identify themselves. But in a twist of an expected outcome, the lovers of humanity refused to obey. Three people were killed during that incident and others left with injuries.

The Inspector General of the police has warned that the four terror suspects are armed and dangerous. And have promised to give Ksh2 million shillings to anyone with information leading to the arrest of any of the four.

Mohamed Osman Aliow, Mohamed Ahmed Farah, Abdullahi Dimbil and Abukar Mohamed Yunis are suspected to be working closely with the mastermind of Garissa University massacre that left 148 people dead, last year. Gamaghere is the leader of al-shabaab faction that recently swore allegiance to ISIS, ditching the group that joined al-Qaeda four years back.

The police believe that the four suspects are still in Kenya, either in Mandera or Gassisa but they are still on the run to Somalia where their leaders are in hiding.

According to the IG of the police, the four are well known residents of Mandera; three of them were Madrassa teachers before joining the Somalia Islamists.

Else where, the police are holding a terror suspect who surrendered himself to the police after a raid in certain apartment in Lamu town and a cache of weapons recovered.

The area police said that they were following a tip off from someone but unfortunately, no one was arrested at the scene. The police also recovered several phones and a laptop, win which the police said owners were planning to make an IED that was supposed to be used in a terror attack.

The father to the suspect said that he persuaded his son to surrender after seeing his picture among the most wanted terror suspects in Lamu.


Kenyans Urged To Be on The Lookout This Festive Season

The Inspector General (I.G) has cautioned Kenyans to be on the lookout for any suspicious persons or any luggage of questionable contents during this festive season. He went on and said that the Al-shabab is disintegrating due to continued pressure that the gang is experiencing from the military personnel that is Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) with an aim of curbing its operations in this region completely.

The IG also said that the Alshabab militants are either moving to join ISIS or the Al-qaeda whichever one prefers to be good for him. He further added any Kenyan who comes across that may seem alarmingly a threat should very fast contact the relevant authorities. He also said that the Al-shabab has always been a threat and so we should take the necessary precautions this festive season. He also urged Kenyans to keep their cards open for the sake of their security.

The threat is real and so let Kenyans do the partying at the same time they ought to take note of the IG’s words. Just a few days ago, we awoke to the shocking news of a bus that was attacked by the Al-shabab but thanks to the Muslim passengers who halted the ill actions of the gang after they refused to be separated from their Christian counterparts. But then let the government beef up more security to the terror prone region now that there is some intelligence reports of impeding attacks.

Then something else, hope there will be swift response by the police in case of anything of concern from the general public. Let us ashame these actors of doom, they cannot succeed to exercise their shadows of darkness over us. They hide in the Islam religion and oh! Unto them because from their heinous deeds; they are not entitled to associate with any religion.

So I hope as Kenyans will be saturated with the partying mood, they ought to take these sentiments seriously for the sake of their safety.

When Cowards Think An Act Of Terror is a Show Of Bravery

English: Petrol pump in Colaba that was attack...

English: Petrol pump in Colaba that was attacked by terrorists with grenades (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The world is dominated by brilliant minds whose positive impacts have left legacies in terms of technology, innovations and other things usable to man. However we have other people who lead a negative kind of lifestyle. They do not value humanity and there are only in existence to cause pain and suffering to other people. Such people’s legacy is nothing but an absurd belief in hurting, killing and maiming innocent people in order to settle religious and political scores. A terrorist is the name given to such an individual! The nonreligious lot that shamelessly does nasty things known to man and later hides in a religious group when targeted by those who value humanity.

Understanding Terrorism

The word terror is an English word that means ‘extreme fear.’  In recent past, we have heard and witnessed series of terror activities in Kenya and all round the world. But the question remains, what is that thing that they want?

It happens that real terrorists are not ready to die, just yet, for what they believe in. That is the reason why they use useless bodies that are radicalized to think that terrorism is the perfect course to reach for heavenly or Godly rewards. But the end results is simple, a fool dies while surviving a greedy master.

Think about this. When a brave soldier goes to war, he or she faces equal forces waiting at the other end. But when a terror goes to the war zone, nope! A peace zone and kills innocent people, I wonder how he or she should see self. Of course, that is not bravery because no one is equally armed. Oops! Only a coward hides under the light while committed to the forces of evil.

Youth Radicalization

In Kenya, known terrorists take advantage of an unemployment situation in the country by promising recruits with a good job, salaries and other riches; this is how educated fellows find themselves in the middle of a terrorist group.

Other persons targeted are naïve youths who do not understand religious life that much; this includes school children who always value the teachings of their teachers— radical religious teachers. This is why in many occasions; you will find converts being the most notorious terrorists.

In other reasons, youths like being part of the mighty change. This is how ISIS is spreading all over the world. To them being in the spot-light is something worth dying for. And they cowardly do this, not believing in terrorism but because they want to leave a mark in history— even when it means a negative legacy.