Was The EAC Community Formed For Business Only?

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 Map of African Countries of EAC  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The long wait… at the end, one more country goes down in Africa; I pity the East Africa Community because it is like a toothless bulldog. So many businesses minded plans, a good future for business ideas but nothing defensive when it comes to solving problem among the member states.

The presidents heading EAC member states are just greedy for power or maybe they do not care about live s of people in the area they have united… Damn! EAC region is just a name on papers but in reality every country is on its own.

I hate to say that citizens of these countries are already united. They work together because of love and humanity they feel about one another. This is why they always demand for other countries to intervene to save the political misunderstanding that has swindled peace and prosperity in Burundi.

The wish of the people of EAC community is to make this region a better place so that other African countries can follow-up into formation of a true African Union. The AU we have is a problem to itself… another organization that African countries needs to review if future is the main aim.

Every working organization should aim to guard the people from all forms misery. Whose interest does EAC serve?  Was it to make this region a play field for power thirsty leaders? By now I do think that the idea of coming up with EAC was to make sure that bad leaders have someone to lean on when things go ugly in their backyards.

I really do not like it how head of states in EAC countries are quiet when citizens of Burundi (a member state country) needs them.  Citizens in this region are calling for their leaders to act but nothing yet because I guess it was meant to be like this. It is like we are on our own… if it burns no one will come for us.

Africa: Not Learnt A Thing Yet?

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Map of the African continent as in 2011-07.  (accuracy: 3,75 km) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s not forget our values as Africans. Let’s not forget why we have this inner connection that is absent in other continents. Let’s walk tall in our own continent, and while we are out we should still be together as one. That is what defines us better.

In Africa, I wonder why there is this kind of reluctance before jumping into something. Do we have fear of unknown? Fear is something we forgot a long time ago, but still we have this limitation that keeps us secluded in our own cocoons when we see one of us getting hurt.

Why did we allow Rwandese people to suffer in genocide? Why did we leave Somalia to die as we watched from a far? And for all these mistakes, we haven’t learnt a thing either.

Someone came and tricked us that the late Libyan president was bad. He made us believe that Libya needed a new leader. At the end, we watched as a good man struggle down under foreign bombs until he met his death. Nope! We didn’t learn either. Egypt went down too and now the two once strong arab nations in Africa are fighting to stay stable. International criminals have made bases in these great nations and in what I guess, everyone in Africa is threatened by these militias, popularly known as terrorists.

English: Muammar al-Gaddafi at the 12th AU sum...

(late) Muammar al-Gaddafi at the 12th AU summit, February 2, 2009, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Still we did not learn, why? The people of Burundi are crying for our help. However, as if we do not care about the situation they are in so deep, we are busy making multi-billion deals with foreign countries, forgetting that one day these business allies will leave us behind to another catch once the deal is done but the people that we sidelined will come to help us though.

What I  wanna say is,

Africa should not always wait for AU to make a move before it does something for her people. If we want unity, we need to build it from ashes and make it stand strong. AU should be a middle pole that supports an African society.

Leave cornerstones for those who understand its true meaning. Our way of life dictates that middle pole do unify other sides before the hut is build up. We should do better!

Kenya Wildlife Service To Introduce Drones In War Against Poaching

Ostafrikanisches Spitzmaulnashorn fotografiert...

Rhino, hunted for its horn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The war against poaching is slowly turning into a physical war zone as poachers, funded by international cartels have taken on the governments tasked to protect the endangered animals, as they seek for means to loot animal trophies for ready markets in Asian counties.

Kenya which has suffered heavily in the hands of daring poachers is in pilot stage in implementation of the third eye in the use of new technology to help keep up with tricky criminals.

Drones will be used to monitor the movements of elephants and rhinos in areas that are dangers to navigate through.

According to KWS spokesman, drones will be controlled by laptops and radio frequency signal post have already been erected in high points in the national reserves. He said that poachers will be easily spotted even before they kill an animal and that he expects that  many criminals will be arrested and face the law.

With drones in the air, poachers will be vulnerable to arrests and hence the fear will drive poachers to other countries where their is no aerial surveillance.

English: Elephant with injured trunc, victim o...

Elephant with injured trunc, victim of poachers, and baby elephant in Murchison Falls National Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The drones are fitted with night vision lenses and this makes them the perfect tool for protection of endangered animals in night hours.

Although this program will attract some millions of shillings as investment, this technology is necessary to curb the menace that is going out of hand in recent  years.

Asian markets for animal trophies has made it possible for criminals working in this cartels to transport and sell illegal animal products to the black markets.

Even though African countries have in recent years taken the stand to burn ivory and rhino horns as a away of campaigning against poaching, poachers have not relented in their effort to kill as many elephants and rhinos as possible to feed the illegal hungry markets. Do you hear that? That’s the sound of a car holding its breaks, desperately trying to avoid colliding with a deer on the open road. That doesn’t sound good, does it? In fact, as we can agree, no one ever wants to be in this position. In this kind of scenario, not only can you hurt yourself in the case of an accident, but you could also spend thousands of dollars to repair your car after hitting a deer. All of this because you did not buy a deer whistle, which costs less than 20 dollars. You must check out https://feedthatgame.com/deer-whistle-for-car/

With this drone project, somehow animal deaths will reduce and the criminals operating in this field will quit for other businesses.

Investigations Underway To Unravel The Mystery Behind Shallow Mass Graves In Mandera

The police force is investigating how several people were reported to be missing for the past three years in Mandera and why there are secret mass graves in the area. In initial police reports, some people joined al shabaab militants in Somalia and others relocated somewhere else to avoid arrest.

But the recent discovery of mass graves has made it impossible for people to believe such reports. The county government and other leaders have come out strongly accusing the government for covering up military atrocities in the area.

They now want the central government to explain why such disappearances have only happened after military invasion in Mandera, and why innocent people are being targeted and eliminated.

This has also created other controversial responses on social media, that maybe some people, especially terrorists are taking this advantage to kill the innocent so that people may start blaming the government forces.

In another response, someone said that these killings are being carried out by residents who are trying to radicalize others to join the terror cells in Mandera, but if they fail then the person is killed in order to hide the secret forever.

The CS to the ministry of interior security will hold a press conference to answer questions about this issue. He however, confirmed that there is something deep happening in Mandera that he and the government will present the findings sooner than expected time. He further warned the public about speculations and that the final report will give light to everything. And that the public should wait until that time.

Now, the police have suggested that those with information should come forward and shade more light into this matter. And that if one can’t trust the police then there are other organizations that are willing to get the information and present it to the police.

The fear of dealing with government agents is something that is hindering speedy investigation. The police have said that about 11 shallow mass graves are scattered in the area and that they will do the necessary to recover all bodies.

The Issue of ICC, Prayers and Blame Game

The International Criminal Court in The Hague ...

The International Criminal Court in The Hague (ICC/CPI), Netherlands.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kenya is a country that is a member of ICC, a court in the Hague that is mandated with dealing with crimes against humanity. So after the disputed elections of 2007, there were internal conflicts which resulted into post election violence (PEV) where scores of people died and masses of others displaced.

But then for the last few weeks, there has been a heated debate concerning cases against two persons ,that is the Deputy President and a former radio presenter. The debate has been sparked by a certain politician coming out to say that the accused were fixed to carry the PEV crimes.

So this has scaled down to the allies of both the ruling coalition and the opposition exchanging bitter words, with each side accusing the other of being responsible for the woos of the two individuals. More so it has been turned into blame game of who fixed who or who abandoned who.

The interference of witnesses by coaching them or even bribing them is in itself a crime that may make an individual to be arrested for be charged in a court of law, a penalty may carry five years jail term. Going by these debates over the last few days makes one wonder if the victims will ever get justice in anyway.

I think they are politicizing everything and just like the cases in the local courts, they are not supposed to debating about the ICC cases since they are still ongoing in the Hague. Politicians have been conducting prayers nationwide maybe to put pressure on the African Union (AU) to embark on the road to pull out from Rome Statute.

The politicians ought to put everything to rest and wait for justice to be exercised on the victims since they are the same ones who opposed a local tribunal. Why now try to sing a different song when the cases are ongoing?

I think they ought to respect the court and let justice take its own course.

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