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African Union – Waflay Post
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Release The Report To The Public, KDF Told

How many Kenyan soldiers lost their lives in the line of duty during terror attack at al-Adde in Somalia?

The most amazing thing about Kenya is how they treat the word ‘secret’. In Kenyan setting, the public should not be informed about issues that are so sensitive.

It is just beyond reason why the government should keep most things in hush-hush kind of environment.

The only information about those who died in that deadly terror attack is from the foreign agencies and from bloggers.

Recently, the Somalia president Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, said that the number of soldiers who lost their lives may be about 180 or more. This report has already been tarnished as unreal by the Kenyan military spokes person. However, he could not take his time to give the exact number instead.

It has not yet been confirmed about the whereabouts of the missing Kenyan service men. Only speculations that they are being held as prisoners of war in the al-shabaab camps in Somalia

Now, majority of Kenyans are going for 180 fallen heroes because they do not have any other information about it all.

Big secrets have made it impossible for information to flow from channels of communication to reach those who might be interested.

The only information the KDF is ready to relay to the public is when they have carried out attacks against terrorists in the war ravaged country on the horn of Africa.

Recently, the leader opposition said that the government should give a final report about the fallen soldiers and that the families affected compensated.

The president has been so quiet about this report and never have he hinted of releasing it to the public.

Kenya that ranked sixth (6th) in military firepower in Africa has dropped to position eighth (8th) after al-Adde attack.

KDF are serving under AU’s African Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) with an aim of ending terror menace on the horn of Africa.

Kenyans On Twitter (KOT) Wants To Change Africa, Kenya Needs Them More

All bark no bite! The term that explains more what Kenyans do while on twitter. According to the majority of people who use twitter as the tool for text communication, twitter is the most effective tool ever invented in the social media platform.

In Africa, Kenyans are known as ‘know it all individuals’ because of their ability to unite (for once) and launch a hashtag just for one purpose, to shame, tame and ridicule the beast and just to have fun. For once, they forget all their social economy problems and come together to make the world know why they are not happy.

When something happens in Africa, Kenyans are there to make sure the world knows all about it in details. Yep! They remain the voice of Africa and the watchdog that barks but never bite… How?

The fact that Kenyans are active in agitating for humans rights, rights for democracy, rights to good leadership etc, their own country Kenya needs them more that how Africa does. There is no way Kenyans could be in forefront in fighting against bad leadership while Kenya needs a good leader, there is no way Kenyans will win the war against forces opposing democracy whereas in Kenya, the country has never seen real democracy. There is no way Kenyans would agitate for human rights in some African countries while our own people in northern Kenya are being murdered and buried in shallow crave. The list goes on and on till indefinite.

We love what we do for the sake of better good! But does it really count when we already have so much in our minds to deal with first? Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) have good bigger dreams. However, they are wasting lots of time pushing for other countries to implement serious changes in their constitutions while doing almost nothing to make Kenyans come together as one people.

If Kenyans want real change in Africa, then they should start by eradicating vices that have been the stumbling blocks towards real democracy, real human rights watch, and good democratic choices etc. After that they would have a say that will be respected by other African people, continent-wide.

ICC Issue in Kenya

Today at about 6P.M in the evening, we will get to know the decision reached by the prosecutor concerning the cases of the deputy president and the former radio presenter. They are both facing charges for crimes against humanity during the Post-Election Violence (PEV).The issue here is whether withdrawn testimonies that were initially used against the accused will still be used as evidence against the cases before the ICC. This is so because some witnesses claimed to have lied or were forced to testify or like the case of a witness who went missing never to be seen again.

A lot have been happening now that Kenya has individuals with cases before this court and we have seen the president of this country lobbying African countries to withdraw from the Rome Statute. The popular Rule 68 was amended in 2013 by member countries of the ICC. By weighing the options here, in case the judges say that the law should not be used then the defense team of the D.P can challenge that the case facing him be terminated. But then if the judges decide that the case go on as it is, then this means the accused will be forced to put in order their team for defending them.

Politically, this case is affecting the D.P and so whatever the court decided means a lot to him. So if the court decides that the evidence cannot be used, then this means that this case is collapsing and it may mean that there is no case to answer. But then if the case is continued in accordance to this law, then it means that this case my take long most likely beyond 2017 because from the look of things the case has not yet kicked off.

So we are waiting to see what will be ruling will be.

African Leaders Should Arise And Do Better Than Cheap Talks

When I hear of Africa, I still remember that there was once the ‘Scramble for Africa’ due to features that made this continent outstanding with attraction.

But then African countries surely boast of attaining independence and with leaders each with a leadership vision for his or her country. Africa is still dragging its feet in development though the member countries come together in unions and agreements, with the hope of being a better achiever in the future.

Will calls of African leaders threatening to pull out of ICC one wonders if theirs is a reason of outside interference as they claim or is it the obvious greed in order to clinch to power forever. Burundi is burning but no African leader is taking note of what the citizens of that country are undergoing so long as the leader of this country remains to be in force. The ICC should thus remain to maintain sanity in most African countries.

The truth is that Africa as a whole continent may have leaders who think they can be independent but from the look of things, we still have a long way to go as Third world countries. The reason being most African countries economies are registering a slow or no growth.

Let Africa start from somewhere and move forward and this can only be achieved if the leaders are really there with visions for their country.

But then in most African countries we have seen mushrooming of rebellious groups and poor leadership is to blame for this. Then there is still the case of security threats due to terrorists and so as Africa countries, we still need intelligent information from development countries like the USA.

So before African leaders can claim to make their decisions alone, I think they need to pull up their socks only when the world will know that they really can.

AU Blindly Touches on Burundi Conflicts, Goes For ICC Instead

Burundians are the forgotten people in Africa. Apparently, African heads of states and governments have nothing else to do but to wait for the man ruling the east African state to have his way.

In the recently ended Africa Union summit in Ethiopia, the heads of states made it clear that they would not send in peace keeping troops in Burundi, but instead they will send in a delegation to chat the way forward for the people of Burundi.

The sad reality on the ground is that, the civilians— especially women and children– are suffering. Men with guns running around killing people because no one is ready to stand up and say enough is enough. It is as if, African presidents do not see these killings as an issue… or maybe they have already seen worse, expecting more before acting.

According to Africa, ICC is an issue that almost every head of state had a say about. This confirms to common citizens that something is not right with their leaders and that they only fear ICC because they have think secrets that only ICC can call them to justice.

ICC with should be a personal issue has been made into a continental threat.  And the more they are willing to match out, the pain they will cause to the innocent people who would live regretting what their leaders did.

Burundi by now needs African people to unite against oppression. The president of Burundi, also a future candidate to ICC, is a happy man because his cronies are fighting hard to have him and other leaders planning to do the same shielded from crimes against humanity.

The ban of AU peace keeping forces in Burundi is a clear indication that he wants no one else to see how his security forces are murdering unarmed men and women on the streets. But because no one among the African presidents could see this, then this silence is a confirmation that Mr. Pierre Nkurunziza is doing right.

I hate Evil.