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African Union Mission to Somalia – Waflay Post
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Release The Report To The Public, KDF Told

How many Kenyan soldiers lost their lives in the line of duty during terror attack at al-Adde in Somalia?

The most amazing thing about Kenya is how they treat the word ‘secret’. In Kenyan setting, the public should not be informed about issues that are so sensitive.

It is just beyond reason why the government should keep most things in hush-hush kind of environment.

The only information about those who died in that deadly terror attack is from the foreign agencies and from bloggers.

Recently, the Somalia president Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, said that the number of soldiers who lost their lives may be about 180 or more. This report has already been tarnished as unreal by the Kenyan military spokes person. However, he could not take his time to give the exact number instead.

It has not yet been confirmed about the whereabouts of the missing Kenyan service men. Only speculations that they are being held as prisoners of war in the al-shabaab camps in Somalia

Now, majority of Kenyans are going for 180 fallen heroes because they do not have any other information about it all.

Big secrets have made it impossible for information to flow from channels of communication to reach those who might be interested.

The only information the KDF is ready to relay to the public is when they have carried out attacks against terrorists in the war ravaged country on the horn of Africa.

Recently, the leader opposition said that the government should give a final report about the fallen soldiers and that the families affected compensated.

The president has been so quiet about this report and never have he hinted of releasing it to the public.

Kenya that ranked sixth (6th) in military firepower in Africa has dropped to position eighth (8th) after al-Adde attack.

KDF are serving under AU’s African Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) with an aim of ending terror menace on the horn of Africa.

As Kenya Mourns The Fallen KDF Soldiers, What Went Wrong?

A variation on the Kenyan flag.

A variation on the Kenyan flag. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who killed our Soldiers in Somalia? Was it an act of terror or someone set them up? Was it the illegal trade to blame for the killings in an AU Kenyan Forces camp in Somalia?

It is a sad day since yesterday, and still no answers have popped up in my mind why the Kenyan intelligence was got unawares in the recent attack on Kenyan camp in Somalia.

Yesterday’s news was so heart breaking. And the country is mourning the deaths of KDF soldiers who were overrun by al-shabaab Islamic militants in Somalia, a few miles from the Kenyan border.

Confirming the incident, the military spokes person said that the soldiers managed to repulse the attacked but the damage had already been done.

According to al-shabaab spokes person, the Islamists killed over 60 Kenyan soldiers who are working to restore the image on Somalia after decades of war and lawlessness. The Kenyan forces crossed into Somalia, about four years ago and are since working under AMISOM, African Union Mission in Somalia.

The militants gained entry into that facility after a suicide bomber drove car-laden explosives into the gate and blew up. It was then that the ground team took on the facility with heavy gunfire.

The militants later reported that they have taken over the facility and erected their flag there.

Now, questions still lingers in my people’s mind…, ‘was the intelligence system asleep when this incident took place?

To some people, they argue that the soldiers were sold out to the terrorists but an unknown individual.

Even though these might be baseless claims, no one really knows an ever alert AU troops were got unawares this time round.

In recent reports, Kenyan troops were accused of doing businesses with an enemy in Somalia. The UN report said that KDF soldiers were engaging in illegal business in area under their command. Of course, Kenya rubbished these claims. Moreover, yes! No one really confirmed these reports.

In later reports, it was claimed that the terrorists were very much interested in looting, mostly acquiring weapons and other important war hardware from the AU camp.

Now, did someone sell Kenyan troops to these terrorists?

Africa: Not Learnt A Thing Yet?

English: Map of the African continent as in 20...

Map of the African continent as in 2011-07.  (accuracy: 3,75 km) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s not forget our values as Africans. Let’s not forget why we have this inner connection that is absent in other continents. Let’s walk tall in our own continent, and while we are out we should still be together as one. That is what defines us better.

In Africa, I wonder why there is this kind of reluctance before jumping into something. Do we have fear of unknown? Fear is something we forgot a long time ago, but still we have this limitation that keeps us secluded in our own cocoons when we see one of us getting hurt.

Why did we allow Rwandese people to suffer in genocide? Why did we leave Somalia to die as we watched from a far? And for all these mistakes, we haven’t learnt a thing either.

Someone came and tricked us that the late Libyan president was bad. He made us believe that Libya needed a new leader. At the end, we watched as a good man struggle down under foreign bombs until he met his death. Nope! We didn’t learn either. Egypt went down too and now the two once strong arab nations in Africa are fighting to stay stable. International criminals have made bases in these great nations and in what I guess, everyone in Africa is threatened by these militias, popularly known as terrorists.

English: Muammar al-Gaddafi at the 12th AU sum...

(late) Muammar al-Gaddafi at the 12th AU summit, February 2, 2009, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Still we did not learn, why? The people of Burundi are crying for our help. However, as if we do not care about the situation they are in so deep, we are busy making multi-billion deals with foreign countries, forgetting that one day these business allies will leave us behind to another catch once the deal is done but the people that we sidelined will come to help us though.

What I  wanna say is,

Africa should not always wait for AU to make a move before it does something for her people. If we want unity, we need to build it from ashes and make it stand strong. AU should be a middle pole that supports an African society.

Leave cornerstones for those who understand its true meaning. Our way of life dictates that middle pole do unify other sides before the hut is build up. We should do better!

Investigations Underway To Unravel The Mystery Behind Shallow Mass Graves In Mandera

The police force is investigating how several people were reported to be missing for the past three years in Mandera and why there are secret mass graves in the area. In initial police reports, some people joined al shabaab militants in Somalia and others relocated somewhere else to avoid arrest.

But the recent discovery of mass graves has made it impossible for people to believe such reports. The county government and other leaders have come out strongly accusing the government for covering up military atrocities in the area.

They now want the central government to explain why such disappearances have only happened after military invasion in Mandera, and why innocent people are being targeted and eliminated.

This has also created other controversial responses on social media, that maybe some people, especially terrorists are taking this advantage to kill the innocent so that people may start blaming the government forces.

In another response, someone said that these killings are being carried out by residents who are trying to radicalize others to join the terror cells in Mandera, but if they fail then the person is killed in order to hide the secret forever.

The CS to the ministry of interior security will hold a press conference to answer questions about this issue. He however, confirmed that there is something deep happening in Mandera that he and the government will present the findings sooner than expected time. He further warned the public about speculations and that the final report will give light to everything. And that the public should wait until that time.

Now, the police have suggested that those with information should come forward and shade more light into this matter. And that if one can’t trust the police then there are other organizations that are willing to get the information and present it to the police.

The fear of dealing with government agents is something that is hindering speedy investigation. The police have said that about 11 shallow mass graves are scattered in the area and that they will do the necessary to recover all bodies.