AU Blindly Touches on Burundi Conflicts, Goes For ICC Instead

Burundians are the forgotten people in Africa. Apparently, African heads of states and governments have nothing else to do but to wait for the man ruling the east African state to have his way.

In the recently ended Africa Union summit in Ethiopia, the heads of states made it clear that they would not send in peace keeping troops in Burundi, but instead they will send in a delegation to chat the way forward for the people of Burundi.

The sad reality on the ground is that, the civilians— especially women and children– are suffering. Men with guns running around killing people because no one is ready to stand up and say enough is enough. It is as if, African presidents do not see these killings as an issue… or maybe they have already seen worse, expecting more before acting.

According to Africa, ICC is an issue that almost every head of state had a say about. This confirms to common citizens that something is not right with their leaders and that they only fear ICC because they have think secrets that only ICC can call them to justice.

ICC with should be a personal issue has been made into a continental threat.  And the more they are willing to match out, the pain they will cause to the innocent people who would live regretting what their leaders did.

Burundi by now needs African people to unite against oppression. The president of Burundi, also a future candidate to ICC, is a happy man because his cronies are fighting hard to have him and other leaders planning to do the same shielded from crimes against humanity.

The ban of AU peace keeping forces in Burundi is a clear indication that he wants no one else to see how his security forces are murdering unarmed men and women on the streets. But because no one among the African presidents could see this, then this silence is a confirmation that Mr. Pierre Nkurunziza is doing right.

I hate Evil.


To Know a Bad Leader, See How He Treats A Known Bad Leader

The Swahili saying, Mwenye Nguvu Mpishe (Let the energetic get through) might mean that we should be cautious when handling matters that are beyond us or when dealing with someone whose power is out of our reach. For example when trying to oppose the dictatorial government while you already know you do not have a chance at all.

But sometimes silence means death! Then what should you do to survive?

Everyone listens when someone cries for help. Oops! Not always because so far the people of Burundi have been crying for help but no one in Africa is ready to listen to them.

It seems that people in Africa, especially those living in EAC region do not value humanity anymore. Even though people suffering are our brothers and sisters, silence from EAC heads of states only confirms that the countries have lots of problems to deal with and they have no room for sympathy anymore.

While the heads of states in the EAC region were pushing for trade deals, nothing came into our mind that they were also colluding amongst themselves to give us a raw deal if political disagreements emerge in a member state.

Recently, the parliamentarians in Bujumburu voted for not peace keeping mission in Burundi. This is just one way of keeping out foreigners into Burundi’s brewing genocide. I do wonder why when people— innocent individuals (men, women, and children) suffer; other men and women who ride in big cars with security details all over would only relax and let the sufferers face the wrath of fate. This goes on until they are actually affected… a time the call for help from the international community.

Why kill your people because of greed for power? And why watch as your friend murder his own people in order to remain in power?

There is one Bukusu saying that when translated goes ‘A good dog can’t walk with a bad dog unless they are both bad dogs.’ Coming in the mix with political stalemate in Burundi, it means that the friends of Burundi president are just like he is… only that nothing has happened yet in their countries.

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