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African people – Waflay Post
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The Root Cause Of Africa’s Problems

English: Map of colonial Africa as in 1913, wi...

Africa has had problems since the beginning. Leaders of Africa are only interested in the gains more than how they should be for the sake of the people of Africa.

Where greed originated from,

In those days before the European national came to colonize Africa, the people of Africa were ruled by Kings. The monarch system was so effective in uniting people and there was respect for the royal blood.

Things changed when the white fellows came all the way to Africa to look for raw materials for industries in their homeland.

These Europeans treated people of African race as a third class citizen and in most cases, only black people were laborious for the white settlers. People worked hard but the pay was so little—- and no complains because such action signaled death.

In this case, the only thing that African people learnt from the white invaders was greed.

The survival for the greediest,

Democracy has been sinking its roots in Africa, but still we have election malpractices each time. The issue with African democracy is the fact that majority of leaders only view it as a pass time activity. Taking it seriously is something they just can’t do.

To mast African leaders, the more one stays in power the better the chances of becoming an immortal leader. In most cases, the incumbent leaders would manipulate several country structures just because of power. The most targeted system is the constitution of the affected country.

Wild Leadership and pain for the people,

When someone changes the governing systems to fit his or her agenda for the future, the person creates many problems more than solutions. No wonder people lose lives in that process, however, the greedy fellows do not take that as an issue. To such like people, power is all that defines everything.

How to solve these issues?

Actually there is no direct means of solving African problems. Education only worsened the situation and nowadays, majority of leaders who cling on power are educated individuals who knows what is right and they wrong side of it. These people only choose evil because that is the gate way into more riches. Just like what the colonial governments did.

They Tame Men’s Hearts, But How?

Why do these men trust her so much? Why is she so special to them, even more that how they trust their wives?

There is a saying among African people that ‘if you want to tame a man tame his stomach.’ While many women try there best to match up the expectations of their husbands, there is a woman who knows how to treat men and this keeps them heading back to her, whether when loaded with cash or when they are broke.

To these women, they only lay a trap that attracts her favorite customers equally. In most cases, she would serve them with the best-brewed local liqueur and will encourage them to seek for the same come another day.

In most cases, men are lured with her charm that attracts them back whenever they feel like having a cup or two before staggering home to their caring wives.

These men trust the busaa or chang’aa women so much that when they have extra cash to spend they would likely give her some for future needs and yes! She does not disappoint them.

For wives who brew local wines, there men seldom leave her for someone else. Considering that the stomach is well cared for, she knows that her man is safe from the hungry park of women who like stealing people’s belongings.

So many things have been said about these women, and what they do when no one is watching. There was one who was got taking a bath in water that will be later used in brewing the liqueur. Others do crazy stuff to make her customers streaming into her local brew bar. Like one who said she uses her used undergarments as ingredients that brings in many customers… Damn, the list is so shameful!

In African society, anything is possible and people seem to love such scandals in businesses.


Your Inner Positive Drive is Your Key To Success

The other day, I was listening to a lady in her late 70s giving an account of how she has been able to climb a ladder and thus being successful.

It’s obvious for people to think that being educated is the key to a successful future but from this lady’s bright future, you will tend to think otherwise. In her case, she didn’t get an opportunity to go through any formal education but this did not deter her from following her passion of being a leader and her strong inner drive of desiring to lead others to success.

She had been a political leader for quite sometime now and has worked hand in hand with all the former presidents of Kenya including the current one. She said all the presidents have had a positive impact on any group which she was a leader. But she was quick to point out that the 3rd president of Kenya was somehow not too concerned with the welfare of the citizens at the grass root level. She felt any national leader should be closer the people who elected him so that it is possible to give back to the society as a whole.

She was able to organize and lead various women groups and she can stand back and point out benefits that her members had gained from such groups. Among them was a popular group of women dancers who would always be in the entertainment arena during any presidential functions. She said that the key to success in the field of politics is by empowering women.

Asked how she was able to lead bearing in mind that she was a wife and a mother too. She said that she had a plan of a day’s activities and this would assist in making time for all her responsibilities. But she is a lady who is admirable and humorous enough to say she can only lie to her own records concerning money, but the reality cannot lie on physical money.

The ICC Issue: Critical Decision To The Country Should Not Be Politicized

English: The building of the International Cri...

The building of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On the 29th of January,that was on Thursday last week my country’s President left the country to Ethiopia where he was expected to attend a two-day Africa Union(AU) heads of state and government summit.This was a summit bringing together African countries with the main agenda being the ICC(International Criminal Court).

The ICC is an international tribunal located in the Hague,Netherlands and is mandated to prosecute international individuals of crimes against humanity and violence crimes.Such individuals may be referred to this court by their respective countries as suspects of the crimes committed.

In relation to the ICC,my country’s president was accused of financing and fueling violence after the disputed 2007 general elections.What happened thousands of people were killed and scores others left homeless after their homes were burned down.But sometimes last year,his case was withdrawn given the state of evidence in the case.

In regards to this court,Kenya has been calling for it’s thorough examination to establish if it should really be mandated to deal with Africa’s political injustices.In fact there has been calls from MPs affiliated to the ruling coalition supporting Kenya’s withdrawal from the court terming it as  a ‘kangaroo court‘. They have said that they have no trust in the court.

But I think as much as African leaders feel that they should be left alone to solve their own problems,this court is of some significance to African countries.Corruption has been the key hindrance to development these countries and so this is one reason why they cannot be trusted to form their own legal network.

Like for my country Kenya,withdrawal from the ICC court is a very crucial decision to the country as a whole and so I think it should not be one person’s decision.I think as the citizens of this country,we should also be given an opportunity in having a say here.May be we should be allowed to vote just like it happened for the new constitution.