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Africa – Waflay Post
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When Humanity Comes First

It is possible for the hippopotamus to rescue a drowning Elephant? If we go by the size and an ability to make things work as expected, then the hippo cannot be able help out when called for the task in rescue attempt in that scenario. But if we go by the law of up thrust force, then it is possible for the elephant to be rescued by the hippo.

Now, the law of humanity states that all people on earth are equal but there are occasions where some humans are more important than others. Consider the scenario whereby, a little boy is dying of hunger while the king is calling for your attention. Where would you render your service first? The King’s needs come first because he expects you to, but by going for the dying child, you would definitely make the whole world happy.

The moment you realize the most important things in your life, you will for sure be the happiest person on earth. In most cases, the better usage of your mind speaks volume about your hidden characters. Life in itself dictates that humans should value others in the category fit their own wishes. This means, treat someone in the manner you would wish someone did for when in need.

When people with honor are faced with a problem, people in the same status seems to evade their pleas for help… but such people normally get solace from the society they never thought would come in their life. This is how a hippo may be of great help to a drowning elephant, and may succeed if given a chance to make things right.

Humans are unique beings, yes! But sometimes some people behave as though they are from heaven and not in need of others… that how the society we live is divided. In most cases, they are only united when the tragedy hits them hard.

Two Government Institutions That Have Failed Kenya Terribly

As Kenyans live their day to day life striving to excel in politics, there are two institutions that have made it almost impossible to make Kenya great.

Every time Kenyans go to general elections, the outcome becomes clear after months that they made a mistake. Whether by electing new people or not, the politicians only reveals there true colors just after elections. Now this has led Kenyans to wonder what is the roles of :

The Parliament,

This is like the beast that has everything and would to anything that pleases the minority few, leaving millions of people with nothing but a long wait to Election Day.

The Kenyan parliamentarians are the worst leaders ever seen on the face of this world. These people have tendency to make laws that only favors them first.  They increase their pay as they wish as other institutions face the worst in the society. Civil servants strike very often because a lot of money is allocated to a small percentage of people who are so greedy to mind anyone else.

Corruption is also very rampant in the parliament that there have been incidents that some members are paid a lot to drop a bill that might serve as an avenue to the common man to have powers of a say.

 The Judiciary,

Now this is another institution that risks everything for those with a say. Having a say does not mean having a good defense for your case, but having a lot to pay for your freedom.

Many corrupt fellows walk free because they use their loot to pay off the judges, compromising goodwill for Kenya and the lost cash.

The Kenyan judiciary is known for giving severe punishment to the moneyless people while those are rich walk free even when they have done, and proved to have committed the said crime.

This is Kenya we love! Kenya that has remained the business hub of Africa but sometimes it is also known as the cocoon of greedy politicians.

For Kenya To Move Forward, These Institutions Should be Revamped

There are several institutions in Kenya that have lost their true meaning and currently, most Kenyans do not understand how they should work.

It is true that the law provides them with power to deal with people in Kenya, but as things are, they have failed terribly and needs to undergo rehabilitation, change or overhaul. These are:

The policE FORCE,

Currently, the police force is tasked to observe and see that everyone in Kenya is working, acting and prevailing within boundaries drawn by the law. In short, to maintain law and order! However, we rarely see this happen because corruption is rife in this institution. With something small, criminals walk free and this makes Kenya one less secure country in east Africa.

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC)

This commission was formed to deal with corruption in the country. Nonetheless, no one has ever faced the law yet because apparently the commission has no powers to charge and sentence someone for corruption related crimes. Recently, one official said that they made a mistake by harrying in clearing 1

Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC)

This should be a referee when it comes to elections in the country. But in recent years, the electoral commission has failed to produce free and fair elections.

The worst part is the fact that its chairman was heard saying that there are people in opposition who would always complain yet they are bound to fail forever. This was a clear indication that the electoral commission is not here to make things right as polling is concerned, but they are there to make special people great.

The call for an overhaul of IEBC commissioners proves that Kenyans are not happy with the electoral commission.

Now, Kenyans wonder what could happen is things go out of hand. It is bad that trust for these institution has dwindled in recent years and this is not good for Kenya’s future

Republic Of Congo Follows The Main Destructive Course of Africa

Another reason to cry about after Republic of Congo after a leaked report confirmed that the country will shut down telephone services during the election day and a day after.

Congo, which has been under that leadership of president Denis Sassou N’Guesso for a very long time will hold its general election to usher in new leaders. However, this has come after a referendum that nullified the selected term in office for the presidents making the sitting president to fight for his seat on and on and on till the time indefinite.

The leaked report pointed out security issues that made the government to make that drastic move. Nonetheless, those who understand dictatorship have already lashed out those claims saying that the government of Congo Brazzaville is out to do make everything impossible for citizens to fight for their rights.

Just a week back, Raila Odinga of Kenya‘s main opposition party CORD, said that many African presidents are changing the constitutions to give themselves powers to rule forever, yet they are doing nothing to make change noticeable in their countries.

This did not go well with the notorious dictators in Africa. One of them declared war on Raila Odinga, saying that the Kenya opposition leaders should mind his own business and that he should never set his foot in that ‘hidden’ country.

The biggest challenge facing African Countries is lack of focus on development. The heads of states of African countries have nothing to show the world that they are capable of making things right. What they do best is to make Africa look terrible in the eyes of foreign investors.

When an African president does something crazy for the sake of greed for power, he or she makes the who Africa look dirty. No wonder a green continent has remained backwards even when it is the riches among all on earth.

As Congo goes down in elections this Sunday, nothing good is expected other than the same figures in leadership and harassment to those who push for real change.

When will Africa Ever learn?



An Island in Kenya Surrounded by Ugandan Waters, Crazy?

While Migingo Island remains a controversial Island in Kenya, the Ugandan police officers have been manning it for about 7 years now.

The Island that was once securely in Kenya came in spotlight when Ugandan police crossed over onto the Island and claimed that the land is in Uganda.

The said Island is surrounded by waters rich for fishing between the two neighboring east African countries.

According to the administrative offices on the Island, the revenues collected from the fishermen are sent over to the Ugandan administration.

The president of Uganda once claimed that Migingo Island itself is in Kenya, but waters surrounding it are Uganda’s.

Where is Migingo Island?

Well, according to earlier demarcation of the borders between Kenya and Uganda through Lake Victoria, the Island was marked as Kenyan soil and even Kenya had its administrative offices on this Island.

However, just after 2007 post election violence in Kenya, Ugandan security officers stormed the Island and raised a Ugandan flag, causing uproar in Kenya.

The president of Kenya did what he was known for during his tenor in office— that was to keep quiet about it.

The then interim electoral and boundaries commission conducted a joint demarcation of the borders between the two east African states, but the Ugandan side pulled out due to unknown reasons.

From then, Kenyans have been asking questions for long but still no one is there to make an effort to have some answers.

Now that Uhuru Kenyatta is the president of Kenya, the issue of Migingo has come out again after the Ugandan police officers arrested IEBC officials who were registering Kenyan voters on the Island.

The opposition has come out asking the president to tell Kenyans why Ugandan officers are still manning the Island even when it is well known that Migingo is Kenyan soil.

Rumors have it that Kibaki administration sold Migingo Island to Uganda in a deal only known by a few individuals.  Oops! Someone reported incident where Kenyans were harassed by foreign security individuals during the peak of PEV.  Maybe, Migingo was a present for job well done.