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Being Sorry For Being The Other Woman

Just some few days ago, I was listening to a mid-day radio show that relays conversation on marriage problems and in particularly hoping to look for solutions.

In this case there was this lady who was dating a married man and they have been together for quite some time until this man’s wife found out.

According to this lady, they got to know one another with this man as he served him in the mobile money transfer business that she was working in since he was a regular customer.

She further said a relationship developed between them two though she claimed that she was not aware that he was a married man.

This woman found a romantic text that this lady had sent to her husband and so she furiously followed up this issue by looking for audience live in the show. This man’s wife was angry and vowed never this lady for having taken her property this case, her husband.

This man’s wife maintained that this lady deserved no forgiveness for the problems that she has caused in her family.

She lamented that since her husband got into another relationship he only paid the house rent but no school fees for the children and other basic needs for the family including food, so this meant his wife was left to struggle alone to make ends meet.

He was also an absentee father where his children are concerned since preferred spending his free time with this lady

So this lady was asked to leave the family man alone to avoid causing more trouble in the upbringing of his two children.

Then she was also asked to vacate the room that this man was paying for its monthly rent. But this woman had one request that this lady should not leave before they talk things out in person.

Men When it Comes to Declaring What They Own to Their Partners

English: One of five wives in a Datoga village...

One of five wives in a Datoga village, Tanzania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an issue that we cannot run away from because it has happened in some families that the man of the house passes on and goes away with secrets of properties that he may have owned. So in one radio morning show, listeners were asked to open up on whether they would consider sharing with their partners on what they own.

The first caller was a man who said that whatever he owned belonged only to his children, something that he had already put clear to his wife. He went on and said he has two children (a boy and a girl) with his wife and a son with a different woman because he initially thought his wife would not sire him a boy as their first born was a girl.

According to him, he is actually accumulating wealth for his three children who will in turn take care of their mothers who will not be beneficiaries.

Then this other man called and vowed never to tell his wife hat he actually owns. He went ahead and said that he has evidences where men have been killed by their wives all due to circles of wealth attained. He further said for those who are lucky to escape the sure death are involved in court cases to unearth the evils of their wives supposedly trying to murder them.

Then another man said that he had no problem declaring his wealth to his wife because he had already decided to live with her and what’s more being the mother of his children is enough to show his trust for her.

He further added that those who talk of the fear of being killed by their wives is a shallow theory because being in a marriage means being one in everything. To justify this, he said if any woman was out to kill her man, then she would have done so a long time ago not only waiting for this issue of wealth.

Facebook for our social life but not a solution.

Face book is a social media platform that has really helped us to connect with people of all walks of life. But I think at times there are some people who post impulse updates concerning their real life. I came across a young man who broke up with his wife and posted an update for all his friends to see stating that her infidelity was the reason that he was getting out of their marriage.

So it came to happen that, the lady being targeted in that post came to lay everything in the light. She said that, the man has been so irresponsible the whole time they had been together. She even told the world that her ex is someone who just can’t keep off from chasing skirts. And that she was sorry for what she did but the blame should fall on her man—whose infidelity is beyond control.

Things can turn that ugly if one is not careful about social media updates about real life. You may hurt someone, but in most cases the game changes and the hunter becomes the hunted or worse, haunted!

The truth is such an action would not solve anything and going by the comments, the spectators will always yearn for more info. He is not the first one or the last one to share marital problems in Face book since many others will follow suit and in the end no solution will be forthcoming.

Face book is a media to share and connect but surely let us not make it a shoulder to lean on in case we experience problems even if it is with our spouses. Remember anybody is entitled to his/her privacy and everyone should respect that.

If we live our life gossiping about our close friends and loved ones, we would end up creating so many enemies than how we intent for the world to hear about our relationships and solve some. Love is all about sitting down with that someone and talking sense into each other.

Women’s Intuition, Something That Worries Men

There is something about women having the ability to unearth dark secrets about their men especially when it comes to infidelity. And true to this a man believes that its true that women can really see what one is about to do behind their backs. According to him, each time he tries to spend his time with another woman it is the same time when his wife calls and asks him of his whereabouts.

Then this other lady gave a version of her story about her experience when she was admitted in the hospital. Her husband was good to her and brought her breakfast and lunch but she couldn’t eat anything since she felt nausea. After sharing her feelings with other women patients in the ward, it was obvious that her husband was cheating on her with the house help.

When she left the hospital, she kept her suspicions to herself but decided to do her own investigations but she first made sure that both her husband and the house help became enemies. It is at this point that the house help told her the truth about the affair.

Other women just get kind of premonitions as they take a nap and true to such things if they follow their conscious and do some investigations, it turns out that something was really amiss. But then it may seem funny how most women believe in their inner instincts ,something that may make one wonder how all this works.

At the end of this forum, it was clear that a woman’s intuitions do exist and so many men would not wish to be on the wrong lest they are found. On the other hand, most women revealed that they have always confirmed any suspicions that they might have had about their men only that at times they let go everything as nothing has happened.

Not Too Late To Quit

We have freedom to live a happy life, right? And we choose what to do with this thing called life the way we pleases, a good reason why we have those who work very hard and those who use the shortcut method in order to reach there– self-actualization.

Life is simple, but somethings things just don’t go the way we expect and this results into making stringent decisions that might haunt us forever.  Yep! One may feel that such changes are necessary but as time goes, regrets comes in and booms, the world becomes so small for further life decisions.

This brings us to today’s story,

In her late teenage life, she hooked up with a married man and they have been together for ten years. According to her, she only needed easy life and that because someone was there to take care of her, she forgot all about other needs, like furthering her education and  a stable income, now she regrets because it seems the man will never leave his wife for her.

“Being a mistress is fun because you don’t have to hustle too much to reach there, but one day you will realize that life is not that great as it seems to be,” she warns, “the sad part of this lifestyle is, as age comes calling the more the man will become distant and eventually he will dump you for a younger girl out there. Remember, his wife comes first even when he pretends to love you more than her.” She concluded.

Anyway, this story is only fit for those women who wishes to have a happy marriage life someday. In this case those who find themselves in a relationship that has no future, wishing to change destiny but they are stuck with responsibilities to someone waiting for the miracle to happen.

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