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Adultery – Waflay Post
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Is it my problem or our problem?

When two lovers come together in the institution of marriage, it’s obvious to encounter challenges or problems which if couples face them together then they are set to be heading towards the right direction. But the question that they both need to ask themselves is; is it my problem or our problem? Let both partners pick up our problem route and then start from there. When the two lovers said ’I DO’, it meant that they vowed to be there for one another in all times should be in happiness and even in hardships.

Our problem means that when the two partners came together in the institution of marriage, they both became one and so anything that comes their way is better solved by both. Let them feel that they are part of the problem since it’s always true that two are better than one. Then no need for arguments as this only wastes more time.

First if one partner has a problem that is proving hard to sort out, let him or her tell it to his or her partner. Remember a pressing issue shared even when challenging is better off examined closely and discussed with both partners. They should discuss what really happened for them to find themselves in a problematic situation. Is it something that was done that was not necessary or is it a slight mistake that led to the problem? At this point there is no need of dwelling on who did this or that. The main point here is to look for a solution as it’s the only way to move forward.

Then they should not only be one in times of problems but also let them be one in parenting roles. Let the children in the family feel they have two parents who love them and let them be their role model of oneness.

Facebook for our social life but not a solution.

Face book is a social media platform that has really helped us to connect with people of all walks of life. But I think at times there are some people who post impulse updates concerning their real life. I came across a young man who broke up with his wife and posted an update for all his friends to see stating that her infidelity was the reason that he was getting out of their marriage.

So it came to happen that, the lady being targeted in that post came to lay everything in the light. She said that, the man has been so irresponsible the whole time they had been together. She even told the world that her ex is someone who just can’t keep off from chasing skirts. And that she was sorry for what she did but the blame should fall on her man—whose infidelity is beyond control.

Things can turn that ugly if one is not careful about social media updates about real life. You may hurt someone, but in most cases the game changes and the hunter becomes the hunted or worse, haunted!

The truth is such an action would not solve anything and going by the comments, the spectators will always yearn for more info. He is not the first one or the last one to share marital problems in Face book since many others will follow suit and in the end no solution will be forthcoming.

Face book is a media to share and connect but surely let us not make it a shoulder to lean on in case we experience problems even if it is with our spouses. Remember anybody is entitled to his/her privacy and everyone should respect that.

If we live our life gossiping about our close friends and loved ones, we would end up creating so many enemies than how we intent for the world to hear about our relationships and solve some. Love is all about sitting down with that someone and talking sense into each other.

She Chopped off His Vitals, Termed It As ‘Natural Contraceptive’

Violence against men is not something read or heard very often but when it does pop out into media it carries news headlines like any other breaking news. Of late, we have been hearing such reports that men are becoming endangered species after the rise of the breed of women who likes seeing men’s tears.

At first the majority of men thought that starting an organization to cater for the bartered men was a wrong idea but nowadays, the organization has gained popularity since the reports about men being assaulted by their dear wives, girlfriend and even their own sisters has been on the rise.

Recently, a woman was arrested for allegedly chopping off her husband’s ‘vitals’ in what neighbors said was an unlikely incident since they have never seen the two quarreling. The incident that happened somewhere in Mt. Kenya region has hit airwaves in Kenya but as usual, Nyeri women are known for such dangerous assaults against men.

During her court case hearing in a Nairobi, she pleaded guilty of that offense but she added that it was necessary natural contraceptive and a way of avoiding children born out of wedlock.

According to the accused, her husband is someone who can’t keep his ‘vitals’ intact for one person only. In her statement, she said that she warned him several times against his behaviors but he could not change. So she was forced to take that action to prevent future sexually transmitted diseases into her house.

When she was asked to explain why she did not just leave her cheating husband, she said that he was her first lover and that she could not think of letting him go for her love starts and stops with him. And that she has tried all ways possible to change him but it seems adultery to him is in-born and a trait he can not do away with.

Obviously, upon recovery the man will leave her to face his damned sexual future. The presiding officer was left with no option but to sentence for one year in prison.

The chairman of the organization that rescues abused men said that men suffer in silence because the society expects them to, but if they choose to speak up the world will change for sure.


Smart Prostitution In Kenya

smart prostitution scheme

smart prostitution scheme

Most of the times we are used to married couples having secret extra-marital affairs with other partners. But there is a new trend of couples sorting their extra-marital in an open arrangement and this involves both the husband and the wife. Such couples are of very influential personalities and what they do they meet in high ranked hotels like the five-star hotels with other pairs of couples may be for a dinner sharing moment together. Such an arrangement usually takes place during the weekends and so it’s like a night out for lovers.

The couples can be in about pairs of seven or eight but in this case like a friendly sort of ‘chama’ though it’s now for romance purposes. This is what happens all the couples involved are expected to leave their car keys at a central location within the hotel. The husbands are expected to carry the car remote with them. Then they will go ahead and have dinner together but when leaving the couples wives pick car keys at a random so the man whose remote lights up will have to go with the woman who has picked his car keys. The woman is not supposed to pick the husband’s car keys and if this happens, she has the option of taking other keys so long as they belong to another man.

So each woman moves out with another man and this means they will now decide to go to a place of their choice and have fun. So it’s not up to ones husband or wife to bother where the new convenience couple will go. It seems a crazy arrangement but those doing it are content that you don’t have to hide in dark corners while cheating so that your spouse will not in any way find out. They are quick to point out that all the couples involved concerned are comfortable with this.

It’s Crazy to Think that Infidelity is a Saviour To One’s Marriage

Sexually transmitted disease

CHEATERS beware (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Infidelity has been largely blamed as to the reason why most marriages are being broken.But there are some couples out there who think that having an extra marital affair is what keeps their marriage going.

Like for this case,this lady spent many years crying due to her husband’s unfaithfulness until she found a solution to her problems.According to her,she started sleeping around with other men and so didn’t bother questioning her husband’s infidelity.She was quick to point out that all this is a secret, and this is possible by the fact that her husbands trusts her so much that he gives her any amount of money to go outings with her children.During such outings,she takes the advantage of this by meeting about three of her lovers in a single day. So according to her, this keeps her marriage going as she is now happy.

Okay, one would question the responsibility behind her actions but she said her happiness is more important than anything else. So I assume even children left in swimming pool on their own comes second or even in third place for this lady.

Amazingly, even some men think their marriage has turned into a bed of roses because of having a mistress somewhere. To them, monetary responsibilities to both parties— family and the other woman are what keeps them going. In fact, some men argued that they are still in marriages because of that secret someone in their life.

Anyway, in marriages, we expect the partners to experience some kind of negative forces between them. This can cause one partner to either feel neglected or unwanted in such relationships. This is what calls for cheating as means of getting the missing link— happiness in marriage. Oops! This is like seeking for a solutions through wrong means!

Cheating on your partner is not a solution to your problems in marriage. What if that secret someone has a sexually transmitted disease? Better be faithful to your partner in marriage and sort out your issues like grown ups. And if love the flame of love really dimmed forever, it is good to inform your wife or husband about it before searching for mister/miss right somewhere else.

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