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Activism – Page 2 – Waflay Post
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Anger and Hatred In World Politics

English: Virtual reality - Second Life - Non-h...

anger and hatred (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Someone is dying to hear bad news from Kenya, but why? It seems he was enjoying every moment when Kenyans were dying from terror attacks. We know that business people run this world… including terrorism world. Something is so fishy here!

Does Kenya know something that might jeopardize his political world? Is attacking Kenya the only way to remain clean even when Kenya fights back? How is the hatred helping his presidential bid?

The world is a very tiny sphere. Technology has made it so easy for humans to speak one language, communicate freely and even travel in virtual reality to other countries and even living the life away from the reality. This has also transformed world politics and this means unity is not as difficult as it used to. But if someone things he can change the world through hate, then I guess that person is not fit to lead other humans to betterment.

Oops! The picture the drowned small child is circulating on social media sites because the world is tired of political hatred. There are reasons; genuine reasons why people choose to seek for a better life in other countries.

Kenya was good enough to welcome refugees from different countries who were seeking for a peaceful heaven on earth that seemed so dangerous for human life. That is the spirit! That is why we are humans, and that is why hospitality should always be the determining factor when handling a human being. But if someone says he will deport people from his country because of hate, then the fight to minimize political deaths is not going to be successful.

The world itself cannot be a better place if politicians use their power to manipulate the pillars of love. Hatred cannot be the way if humanity means something in this world. We all need something from one another. Someone you despise might be the only way for you to reach your goals. And that someone might be the broadway to your downfall. Before you run your mouth, better think of the consequences or else you lose at the end.


Why Political Activism?

Pastels sketch of Bobby G. Seale

Pastels sketch of Bobby G. Seale (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He said that for Kenya to move forward like a sovereign state, people should not always keep quiet when time of need arises. He continued to say that every country has active political activists who usually represents the voice of the people.

At one time, activists go through terrible experiences against the ruling governments but because they fight for the rights of a common man, this will for better drives them to keep having a say even when it means risking their lives.

In Kenya, we have so many political organizations that keep the government on the track. According to this activist, friend of mine, the government should not be left to do whatever it pleases, someone has to do something if thing goes astray or deviate from the expected course.

The importance of having political activists,

We have those people who are there to criticize activists when they organize and participate in a demo to compel the government to take action. But only people who are touched by bad government decisions would understand why people must have to have a say.

I remember when the prices of food stuffs and other essential commodities were sky rocketing for no good reason, a successful demo turned things around and this exposed individuals who had held the country hostage in a corruption scheme. Later, it was a huge relief!

Why hit the streets in demand for your rights? His best words for this; ‘no one should compromise your rights! Don’t ask, demand for it. ’ For the government, the leaders have big offices where they have things done as required, as for other— general public— we only have once chance to have our voices heard. The crowd! Yes! Numbers on the streets speak very louder than a few individuals in leadership.

Well, life is all about choosing the best for self use or finding like-minded people to join in your ways of life. Political activism is the way to go if you want real change in the governing system.


The Society Allowed Children To Use Force In Reclaiming Their Playground

The country dimmed, images flooded on social media and children celebrated victory after all. But what really happened at Lang’ata Road Primary school?

We saw the images of kids holding green branches— peaceful— in that demonstration. The civil society activists were amongst the crowd that matched to the gate of the grabbed playground. What followed after was a teargas and children running for safety.

Well, whenever there is peace there is not blood drops. But what we saw yesterday was just beyond normal peaceful demo. The image of a GSU police officer shedding blood indicates that those kids were not peaceful after-all. They did hurl stones at the police officers because someone instructed them to.

However, the use of chemical weapons on protecting children depicts lack of common sense and inability of officers to weigh the situation and act accordingly. There is no law in the country that allows the use of teargas on children. And the officers who lobbed teargas canisters on children should be investigated to see if they are normal human beings with six common senses.

Oops! The government knows better! It has all records of all transaction involving land sales and acquisition in Kenya. On wonders why it has taken this long to reposes the grabbed school playground. And who is this private developer who shamelessly built a perimeter wall on an illegally acquired land?

Well, Mr. President and his deputy have a chance to clear their names by exposing an individual or an organization involved in this playground saga. So sad that we are seeing fingers pointed at the headmaster and teachers for allowing pupils to take part in #OccupyPlayGround demo. As always, the weak are to blame as the greedy powerful individual walks scot-free.

Kenya really needs prayers! Starting from the merciless politicians who are out to use their positions in government to exploit the vulnerable in the society. Then we move to the Kenya police force which is being used to safeguard the loots, and them to the masses- the people who just can’t point out evil in the society without checking their positions in tribal lines.

Even though the kids used a lot of force to reclaim their playground, the society did allow them to take that action because the rotten Kenya did not help them when the playground was being grabbed.