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Activism – Waflay Post
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How Youths’ Inner Drive Define Their Behaviors

As we go on seeking for solutions to the problems we are having in our youths, especially those in universities and in urban high school, we need to understand the nature of these youths. In every human being, there is one factor in their mind that controls what they are and what they will become in future.

The nature of students vary from one person to another,

The obedient type,

Well, these are youths who just follow instructions from his peers without questioning about the out come. These people only want to have a place where they would feel at home— even when it means doing wrong things, just to impress his or her peers.

The obedient type youths ends up regretting everything they have done and this might either lead to self change become worse as revenge to those who misled them— usually, the person would wish to negatively influence other people to go astray just because of guilt.

The self seeker,

In this world, we have people who do not really understand why they are alive. If a youthful person does not know the reason why he or she is alive, this may lead the person to start looking for selfness or self worthy in the society. For this person, everything is all about learning the hard way and those things that the society is against becomes the favorite go. If the situation is not kept under control, the feeling of selflessness may lead to disastrous outcome to this person’s life.

The naughty by nature,

Well, these are people who mislead others just to have fun. They have almost everything in life and they use their power to influence others negatively.

These people may not have been raised in a don’t-care family, but something within them pushes them to do all kinds evil.

To them, being in control is part of life and would do anything possible to stay in that chosen lifestyle.

The conservative type,

Now, these are youths who understand the meaning of life. They can’t fall into traps easily because their minds are always searching for answers. These people think more about their future and would be wiling to go an extra mile to reach for their dreams.

This category of youths hates evil and they have no time to entertain it…

Now I guess you understand youths much better. Parents have nothing to do with how their children would behave in later stages in life. Youths choose their destiny due to that inner drive that makes who they are.

Harvesting In Corruption Scandals

A while back, it was just a normal twar, tweef or twitter war between a blogger and his rival popular journalist over an issue that was already trending in Kenya. We forgot about that and moved on because we Kenyans are just so good at that— being so forgetful.

Recently, someone published a number of evidence confirming that the journalist was paid to fight off the blogger who had already convinced his followers that the company in question was defrauding people and engaging in other illegal activities.

Allegedly, the company sought for assistance from the renowned journalist to help turn the heat off and that is how the man who hosts a popular TV show dirtied his hands and stepped into the mess.

Kenyans being so enraged called for his resignation but it seems nothing will be done about it and the big fishes are still free and swimming in bigger waters.

In another story, a Kenyan political activist asked a hotshot lawyer to name one incident where he has represented a common Kenyan in the law court, just like other lawyers.

Because this guy is popular in standing for those people implicated in mega corruptions in the country, he did not have anything to say other than to jump off the fence and act smart.

According to him, he has nothing to say because his line of job demands him to make people walk out of the noose. Moreover, that he has no regrets as long as his clients are happy.

To this lawyer, those who loot public funds are innocent until proved guilty, and he works within legal means to prove that they (corrupt fellows) are innocent.

In these two stories, we realize that being corrupt is just another way of gaining riches. Look at the journalist, instead of digging deeper to seek for the truth about the big scandals involving multi million business firms, he chose to receive a bribe just to silence someone who was asking hard questions.

Now when we come to this lawyer, he is smart that he trades his business in multi million corruption scandals just because he knows there is enough money to the bank. To him, turning a multi-million corrupt individual into bars and get peanuts is not the way to go. He would rather die trying to defend a thief who has money than to go for truth.

Damn! Money and corruption will eventually drown a green country Kenya.

Activism, a job or voluntary Work?

Activists have always been actively involved to issues that most times oppose government actions in things that they believe are not necessary or if it’s not good for the general public and most of all fighting corruption.

Sometime back, I came across a face book post where a popular activist was complaining of being a victim of racial discrimination in a foreign country. As it’s always the case, such a scenario attracted scores of comments and even some sort of heated debate though only in the virtual means. There are some who felt that the activist ought to be appreciated for fighting for human rights. But this was quickly disputed as some commented that his active involvement was only to the monetary gains that he was getting in return.

Claims of activists getting paid to talk out loud and question the government on anything that is deem med not good for the country has always been there in a HR executive search. But I think that activists are just like those politicians in the opposition only that the former somehow represents the common man. I do not have edible evidence that there is money exchanging hands but what if it’s a full time job for the participants? So they need some morale to do some quality job.

Even as there are a lot of controversies surrounding the real reason of being an activist, let’s appreciate that they do something commendable. I remember like the grabbing of a school’s playground, the activists stopped the ill plot of the private developer. Just like in a debate there is always those who propose and then those opposing emerge with both sides giving their reasons for the move, activists also keep the government on check when it comes to governing issues.

So let’s not look at the cash that may be in circulation for activists, lets appreciate the role that they play for our own political well being.

Facebook for our social life but not a solution.

Face book is a social media platform that has really helped us to connect with people of all walks of life. But I think at times there are some people who post impulse updates concerning their real life. I came across a young man who broke up with his wife and posted an update for all his friends to see stating that her infidelity was the reason that he was getting out of their marriage.

So it came to happen that, the lady being targeted in that post came to lay everything in the light. She said that, the man has been so irresponsible the whole time they had been together. She even told the world that her ex is someone who just can’t keep off from chasing skirts. And that she was sorry for what she did but the blame should fall on her man—whose infidelity is beyond control.

Things can turn that ugly if one is not careful about social media updates about real life. You may hurt someone, but in most cases the game changes and the hunter becomes the hunted or worse, haunted!

The truth is such an action would not solve anything and going by the comments, the spectators will always yearn for more info. He is not the first one or the last one to share marital problems in Face book since many others will follow suit and in the end no solution will be forthcoming.

Face book is a media to share and connect but surely let us not make it a shoulder to lean on in case we experience problems even if it is with our spouses. Remember anybody is entitled to his/her privacy and everyone should respect that.

If we live our life gossiping about our close friends and loved ones, we would end up creating so many enemies than how we intent for the world to hear about our relationships and solve some. Love is all about sitting down with that someone and talking sense into each other.

Helped A Non Deserving Senior Citizen

Puddle jumping, rainy day at the Jazz & Herita...

Puddle jumping, rainy day at the Jazz & Heritage Festival, New Orleans. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With a fake smile, she said something like this when translated, “I did not need your help you uncircumcised one.

It is called Nairobi and the rains are accusing havoc especially in areas prone to floods and puddles. As a good citizen of this great nation called Kenya, we do our best to make sure someone is safely across something hindering smooth flow of people.

Yesterday evening, el Nino rains had pounded the area and the land was not fit for walking with support, especially to elder citizens. The night was smiling happily for people and I who were about to cross a certain river through the metal bridge.

But before hitting the bridge, the red volcanic soils mixed with runaway rainy water into a perfect concoction kept beckoning for those who do not have good eyes for the road. There happened to be one perfect person, who in the process of push and pull to access the only solid ground along that puddle way out, stepped in mud and yes! I offered to help out. That was a sad bad mistake that I would live my remaining life to remember!

Just after guiding her through and safely on the bridge she looked at me, gave me a hard stare and later a grin confirmed that she had an issue to settle with me. As a concerned guy, I told her to keep moving because there were other people who were using the bridge. It was then that she broke the bombshell. She spoke a few hurting words in her mother tongue while smiling thinking that I do not understand her language. That was a cheat!

Obviously, I was mad at her. She apologized in switching into Swahili but I was not ready to listen to such a hypocrite.

Why would anyone assume that they are safe to speak evil about someone anyway? Why is tribalism so deep-rooted in our society that we can see only evil in anyone’s deeds? Kenya is such an amazing country, but I hate what some people say about others because ethnicity.