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Love and Education Pact, A Mistake That People Make…

English: The photographer's wedding ring and i...

English: The photographer’s wedding ring and its heart-shaped shadow in a dictionary. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have heard real life or read about love stories, mostly of negative ending, of a once firm relationships. The issue of paying for lover’s schooling bills is not new in this era where love defines almost everything in the society.

But now, I have come to realize that not all people who seems genuine in loveeducation and future family are never that serious with that relationship pact. In many occasions,  someone has to pay for his/her stupidity.

In one story  that I heard, a man in my community catered for his lovers education expenses until she graduated with a university degree. But things changed between them after she got a nursing job and eventually got married to her co-worker, a doctor. She even said she was ready to pay back every penny that he spent on her. And to make matter worse, she said there was no love relationship between the two of them and that he was just helping a needy.

In another story, this lady narrated how she met her dream lover. Educated him and later found him with his new girlfriend. The fact that she was a little older than him was the main reason the boyfriend went for a side-chick. She lost just like that!

With many stories suffocating the airwaves, I wonder if there is a positive story about true love that starts with education and ends in a happy marriage relationship.

The opportunists, like taking almost everything for granted, not caring how people would feel when they unleash their true colors. These people only wait for an opportunity and eventually move on with their lives, forgetting everything they have left behind.

In conclusion, people should be very careful in rushing for a deal that has no good future.  It is good to know the person real good before offering to uplift his or hr life. But if love drives you beyond chances to learn a thing or two about your new catch, you might end up loosing your time, money and your lover for good.

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Cheating in National Examinations Still Rampant

In this year’s K.C.P.E results a number of about 35 schools in Nairobi and Muran’ga counties had their results cancelled due to alleged cheating. In the entire country a total of 2709 students were involved in cheating. This is a blow to the affected students and their parents on the other hand since they have nothing to show for their hard work of eight straight years.

Teachers have been blamed to have an upper hand in cheating because they are responsible for looking for the papers that are being sat for in a given examination. They do so to ensure that the children in their school will pass and this in turn increases popularity for their schools.

Parents have also been blamed for supposedly aiding their children to cheat in the national examinations. This is because you will hear a parent bragging how he or she was able to land on an exam leak and thus gave the daughter to do ample revision. So this means that if a parent encourages his or her daughter to cheat, then such an action only shows the child that cheating is normal and the example is right there with the parent.

Then the other issue   is the government neglecting most schools in terms of the resources hence the cheating as the students hope to join the favored schools. For example, national schools are often visited by quality standards officer for inspection while like the day schools rarely get such visits maybe after several years or so. But then if students are sure of getting the best in all schools, then no one would go about cheating in examinations.

Then as far as cheating is concerned, if the C.S is serious about completely curbing cheating, then he ought to start cleaning the mess right in his office .This is so because there are some loopholes somewhere since exam cheating also involves some senior officials in the Ministry of Education who sees this as an opportunity to gain in monetary terms. This means that for any examinations to reach to the general public, and then there is definitely money exchanging hands.

A Healthy Relationship Between The Employer and The Employees Means Success

An employer is an individual who gets an opportunity to own an enterprise and at times is able to employ others who becomes his employees and followers who are under his/her command, jobapplicationpro.com is the website that have collected the best carreer application guides for your reference.

The employer is his own boss and dedicates duties to others. But for such an enterprise to be successful, the owner should be a good employer and a good leader. when to consult with a wrongful termination lawyer in Fresno, then they provide legal service to the employees.

The employer hires the employees after they present their resumes and their police check with a clean record.

The employer trusts the employees to do work on his behalf and expects to get positive yields in terms of profits in returns of the accomplished work. The employer should always recognize the good work from his/her employer. So there can be a repayment in terms of bonuses to the employer as appreciation for the work well done. If you had bad experience about employee management, you can search for Nominak for more information.

Since the relationship of the employer and employee is a personal one, it’s good for the owner to engage the employees freely for the betterment of the enterprise. This means that the employer can discuss issues concerning their day-to-day work and as such identify improvements that can be done to better their working conditions.

The employer should also be ready to listen to any of the employees grievances. This means that the employer is able to know what negative things may be affecting his/her employees. May be the employer can place a suggestion box in the premises and this is a medium through which the employees can write to air their grievances.

Then the employer should be on the look out for any reactions of demotivated employees. This means that the employees should put in place measures to avoid any causes of demotivation from being experienced in the enterprise.

This can be made possible by ensuring that all employers are treated equally since such treatment motivates them to work hard. There should also be good planning and goals established should be smart.